Pizza Pack Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ is a beloved reality show that serves as a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country. The series features a panel of investors looking for new investment opportunities. As a business owner, one must convince at least one of the investors, AKA Sharks, why their company is worth their time. While some ideas on the show have become pretty successful, others have been shut down instantly.

Season 14 of the show started in a manner different from its predecessors, given the presence of a live audience. The companies featured in the particular episode have been a point of interest for many, but none better than Pizza Pack. The collapsible pizza container impressed the Sharks and the audience and helped owner Tate Koenig bag an impressive deal. Naturally, fans of the show are curious to know more about the company and what it is up to these days. If you are in the same boat, we have your back!

Pizza Pack: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Pizza Pack originated from the mind of Tate Koenig, who is known for his innovative products and has been on ‘Shark Tank’ earlier for his Cheese Chopper. Through Pizza Pack, he offers customers a solution to a long-time problem in average American households- efficiently storing pizza. The most common way to store one’s pizza is by keeping it in the same box it came in. However, the gigantic boxes often occupy unnecessary space in one’s refrigerator.

Furthermore, not every container in the market saves pizza from getting soggy. So, if you have been looking forward to solving your pizza storage problems, Pizza Pack’s collapsible pizza container is just what you need. The container can fit up to five slices of an 18-inch pizza and has five microwavable divider trays. They keep your portions separate from one another and can also be used as pizza plates. Whether you want to heat a single slice or the whole container at once, Pizza Pack is the best solution.

The container’s collapsible mechanism allows you to regulate its height depending on how many slices you want to store. The snap-on airtight lids allow for perfect conditions to store the pizza slices. Besides, the containers have an optional air vent that reduces condensation and prevents sogginess. Pizza Pack started selling the containers in April 2022 and has gained many satisfied customers.

Pizza Pack: Where Are They Now?

Pizza Pack is thriving as a company and has garnered much customer praise. Between April 2022 and Tate’s appearance on Shark Tank, he had apparently sold products worth over $250,000. Albeit, the patent for the design of the collapsible pizza container is still pending. Presently, Pizza Tank is only selling products through its website and the online portals of Amazon and Walmart. The company’s website has additionally started selling The Cheese Chopper, the same product that Tate pitched to the sharks during his first appearance on the show.

A Pizza Pack container is available in six attractive colors and will set you back by $22.99, while The Cheese Chopper is available for $34.99. Additionally, the company offers interesting products like cheese-themed t-shirts, coasters, collapsible meal containers, and mini food dicers. To expand their business, Pizza Pack appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ with the initial offer of $100 thousand for a 10% equity.

The product certainly impressed the audience and the Sharks, with Tate being offered various lucrative deals. Ultimately, he decided to go for Lori Greiner‘s offer of $100,000 for 13% equity, contributing immensely to the company’s sales and popularity in the coming days. We wish Tate, his business partners, and everyone else affiliated with Pizza Pack the best in their lives and hope that their ventures see immense success in the future.

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