‘Plan B’ Renewed For Season 3 at CBC

CBC has renewed the science fiction series ‘Plan B’ for a third season, The Cinemaholic has learned. The upcoming installment’s filming will take place in Montreal, Quebec, between September and December 2024. The anthology series, created by Jean-François Asselin and Jacques Drolet, is based on the French-language Québécois series of the same name. Lynne Kamm serves as the head writer of the adaptation, with Asselin, Aisling Chin-Yee, and Maxime Giroux on board as directors.

The show’s premise involves deeply regretful people coming across a mysterious service called Plan B, which transports them into the past to amend their mistakes. Each season introduces us to a new character and their complex world of relations, career paths, and aspirations. The protagonist repeatedly goes back in time to fix increasingly complicated problems.

The first season follows Philip Grimmer (Patrick J. Adams), an aspiring lawyer who wishes to go back in time when the love of his life leaves him because of his ambitions. His wish is obliged, and he finds himself able to travel back in time from anywhere between two days and several years. However, as Philip repeatedly travels back in time to change events, he discovers that altering the past has unintended and often disastrous consequences. Each attempt to fix one problem seems to create new and more complex issues, revealing the intricate and unpredictable nature of fate.

The second installment centers on Mia Coleman (Vinessa Antoine), a dedicated police officer who becomes entangled in a devastating incident. After her intervention in a domestic dispute between Paul and Keri Whitman goes tragically wrong, Mia is haunted by the consequences of her actions. Utilizing Plan B, Mia travels back in time to alter her decisions during the domestic dispute, hoping to prevent the disastrous events from unfolding. However, much like Philip, she quickly realizes that tampering with the past brings about unforeseen and often complicated repercussions.

The second season of the science fiction drama is actually the remake of the third installment of the original French-language series. Thus, we anticipate the upcoming third season to be based on the fourth installment of the original show, which revolves around Jessy, a young man released from prison after three months who seeks to reunite with his family. Instead of changing the past, Jessy seeks to use Plan B to reshape the future.

As the narrative progresses, Jessy travels back a day in time, hoping to pull off a profitable heist and move up in his neighborhood’s criminal hierarchy. However, using Plan B repeatedly puts tremendous pressure on him as he tries to keep track of his criminal partners, support his mother in rehab, lie to his probation officer, and redeem his father’s lost honor. With its stellar crime thriller storyline, we can look forward to a compelling season.

Montreal is also the filming location of the show’s first and second seasons. Other prominent productions featuring the city’s backdrops include CBS’ ‘Ghosts,’ Prime Video’s ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ ‘The Voyeurs,’ and Netflix’s ‘The Recruit.’

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