Quawntay “Bosco” Adams: Where is Criminal Justice Activist Now?

Quawntay “Bosco" Adams// Image Credit: QuawntayBosco/Instagram

Nicholas Manuel Pino’s prison drama film, ‘Bosco,’ brings the real-life story of Quawntay “Bosco” Adams to the screen by adapting his biographical novel, ‘Chasin’ Freedum.’ Within the film, the audience follows Quawntay through his taxing journey after he’s arrested and sentenced to 35 years in prison for attempted possession of marijuana. However, on the heels of the arrest comes news of the upcoming birth of Quawntay’s daughter. As a result, the man becomes hellbent on escaping from the prison with nothing but his own wits and the outside help of a woman from a Lonely-Hearts newspaper advert. In the process, the man undergoes a metamorphic introspective conversation that helps him tap into a new perspective on life and freedom.

The film paints a vivid image, presenting a compelling on-screen rendition of Aubrey Joseph as Quaentay Adams. However, the film’s real-life inspired narrative must have caught the viewers’ attention, igniting their curiosity about the actual man behind the character and his current situation.

Who Is Quawntay “Bosco” Adams?

Quawntay Adams, nicknamed “Bosco,” grew up in Campton, Los Angeles, where he got mixed up with the wrong crowd at an early age and dropped out of school at thirteen. As a result, he landed in juvie a year later, which remained a regrettable stain upon his record to be used in his conviction years later. On January 23, 2004, while Adams was in his early 20s and operating within drug-dealing circles, a deal gone wrong forever changed his life— for worse or for better.

Quawntay “Bosco” Adams// Image Credit: QuawntayBosco/Instagram

In a truck stop at East St. Louis, Illinois, Adams’ associates left a van with a caged cargo compartment full of weed. Since the man was tasked with the duty of picking up the marijuana, he received the keys to the van, but not the cargo compartment— upon his arrival. However, once he tried to turn on the van’s ignition, he discovered that the van was actually disabled and belonged to a reverse sting operation that undercover federal agents were orchestrating.

Thus, Adams saw an arrest, charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Although the man would later argue that he never possessed the drugs since he never had the ability to exercise control over the government-owned substance, his lawyer failed to make the same defense on the day of his trial. Ultimately, he received a thirty-five-year sentence, which many consider to be an outlandish punishment given the offense’s minimal nature.

Nevertheless, in the early 2000s, when the War on Drugs was still going in full force, not many people shared the same opinion. Consequently, Adams ended up in Alton City Jail in Alton, Illinois, to serve his sentence under 24-hour surveillance. “I paid attention to every little thing and started forming an escape plan as soon as I walked through the gates,” Adams reportedly said while discussing his past experiences. The birth of his daughter, eight months after his arrest, played a key role in his motivation to undertake several prison break attempts.

Within the prison, Adams planned his great escape utilizing the CCTV’s blindspot, a rigged-up phone with a helpful single Missouri woman on the line, and a hidden hacksaw blade. On May 2, 2006, the man’s plan came together as he escaped from prison. Nonetheless, within six hours of his escape, the police located Adams and his female accomplice in Wentzville, Missouri, at a Budget Inn Motel. As a result, the man saw his return to prison following another arrest. Yet, the newsworthy story of his audacious escape plan inspired Adams, opening many doors for the man.

Quawntay “Bosco” Adams Is Now a Motivational Speaker and Runs Non-Profits

After Adams’ return to prison, his escape story became national news, inviting the attention of NatGeo, who included his unbelievable story in their documentary series ‘Breakout.’ “I was the first to escape from a secure cell with a camera observing me 24 hours per day,” Adams told San Fransico BayView. “I started getting messages and letters from people who were moved by my story. They wanted to know more.”

Consequently, Adams decided to write a novel, ‘Chasin’ Freedum,’ essaying his life story with a focus on the truth behind his upbringing and his experiences with the criminal justice system. “My book is about a man craving to be free,” said Adams. “Free from not only prison but oppression, poverty, the shackles that have been placed on the minds of the people.” Eventually, the book, self-published in 2017, caught the attention of film producers who were interested in bringing his story to the screen.

For the same reason, Adams realized his story’s true potential and began looking into the entertainment industry while continuing to serve his decades-long prison sentence. Simultaneously, he also started believing he would somehow escape from his situation and return to his regular life despite his current circumstance’s bleakness. Ultimately, 2019 brought several new laws legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, opening more broad-minded conversations about Adams’ conviction.

Thus, in 2020, Adams fired his previous attorney and represented himself in a court of law. As a result, after 16 years of imprisonment, the man finally earned his freedom on his own merit. Afterward, he established his own non-profit organization, the Chasin’ Freedum Foundation, which helps prison inmates with non-violent drug offenses fight for their freedom. Furthermore, he’s also involved in the I-CAN Youth Foundation, which revolves around sports and mentorship to at-risk youth, and performs at public speaking events to motivate and inspire others.

Adams also went on to produce the film, ‘Bosco,’ which brought his story to the contemporary public’s attention. These days, Adams spends his time promoting his various philanthropic endeavors alongside his debut Hollywood undertaking. Outside of professional life, the man strives to spend quality time with his daughter, celebrating milestones and making up for lost time. Likewise, the man recently enjoyed a vacation to Africa, where he visited Lagos, Nigeria. Viewers can learn more about his life and career through various social media channels, including his Instagram, where he frequently updates his fans with new developments.

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