Queen’s Blade Season 3: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

When it comes to anime viewers, people are usually drawn to two extreme ends where some may prefer shows that have excessive Ecchi while the others may downright hate it; there’s usually no in-between. So if you’re one of those people who cannot stand the sight of fanservice in an anime, ‘Queen’s Blade’ is certainly not for you. But if you don’t mind watching an anime that has Ecchi along with a decent storyline, this show can have a lot to offer.

Produced by Studio Arms, which is also known for creating other well-known anime ‘Elfen Lied‘, ‘Queen’s Blade’ has one of the most interesting set of characters and sometimes, you don’t need anything more than that.

Queen’s Blade Season 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Queen’s Blade’ season 1 premiered on April 2, 2009 and with a total of 12 episodes, it went on till June 18, 2009. Since then, the series has gained a lot of popularity and has also received several sequels and alternate versions. An OVA, titled ‘Queen’s Blade: Unlimited’, is still airing and many fans of the Ecchi series are hoping that the creators will soon consider it for a new season. The source material of ‘Queen’s Blade’ has several spin-offs and side stories that have not been covered in the anime yet so a sequel could very well adapt those.

Contrarily, ‘Queen’s Blade’ was once quite popular because, despite being an Ecchi, it had a pretty decent plot. But over the years, it has been losing out on its fanbase as it has become more inclined towards its portrayal of cheap fanservice. Since an OVA of the series is already airing, there isn’t much we can say about its sequel unless the Studio behind it confirms it. But considering the anime’s previous release schedule, if a new season is being planned, ‘Queen’s Blade’ season 3 should be announced by Q4 2020. As soon as we get any confirmation, we will update it here in this section.

Queen’s Blade English Dub:

As of now, the English dub of ‘Queen’s Blade’ is not available on any legit platforms but you can still stream it Crunchyroll with its official Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Queen’s Blade Plot:

Set in a fantasy world where the winner of a tournament gets to be the queen, ‘Queen’s Blade’ brings in a myriad of characters who are all determined to reach the throne. In the Queen’s Blade capital, Gynos, various contenders travel from all over the world to defeat the current Queen. Centering Leina, who is the next in line for the throne, the anime follows her quest as she meets several other warriors and competes for her own personal intentions.

Queen’s Blade Characters:


Risty is more or less like the Robinhood of the story as she steals money from the rich and then gives it out to those who need it. While many call her an outlaw, the ones who know her intentions well call her “Benevolent Bandit of the Wilderness.” She uses all of her stolen money to buy clothes and food for war orphans. She has bright long hair and she wears a very tight red jacket as her top. She has two contrasting sides to her personality. As a warrior, she is tough, jovial and shows a lot of heart during her battles and on the other side, when she’s with children, she can be really gentle. She has bracer attached to one of her arms that she uses for attacking her enemies and on the other arm, she yields a sword.


Shizuka, who initially seems to be evil and always opposes Tomoe, later leaves her old ways behind and joins Tomoe to help her win the Queen’s blade throne. She has fair skin, lavender-colored hair and light blue eyes. She wears a short black colored dress and wears brown leather bracers on each of her arms. When it comes to her personality, she is cool and easy-going. She gets really protective of her friend Tomoe and even gets really pissed when someone tries to harm her. There are times when she evens gets a little jealous of Miko’s relationship with Leina. She is known to be a great warrior and her fighting style involves exceptional use of her speed combined with her agility.


Tomoe is a priestess from Hinomoto who only participates in the Queen’s Blade tournament to protect her own homeland. In appearance, she looks really fit and has long jet black hair. She wears the standard clothes of a priestess. Everyone admires her because of her modest personality and she remains calm almost all the time. Though she is a strong warrior and is really good at combat, she tends to hold herself during fights.

Leina Vance

Leina, though she is next in line for her family’s throne, decides to run away from her home to tread the same path as her mother. With a dream of making a name for herself, she enrolls herself in the Queen’s Blade Tournament. Compared to most other characters, she sports a very solid armor all over her body that protects from the most powerful attacks. She really believes in her following her own path and tends to defy others when necessary. But at times, she also starts admiring others for no apparent reason. Like most warriors, she really loves to fight but when overwhelmed, she often wets herself.

Claudette Vance

Claudette is the oldest daughter of the Vance family and because of her advanced combat skills, she is also considered to be one of the top contenders of the tournament. She was a bastard child and she always carries the weight of that with her. Despite being respected by everyone around her, she still feels and lonely and left out all the time. She usually keeps to herself and is quite cold to the ones around her. It also seems like she does not know how deal with her own feelings so she simply bottles up all of her emotions.

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