Where Was Hulu’s Quiz Lady Filmed?

Blood is thicker than water in Sandra Oh and Awkwafina starrer ‘Quiz Lady.’ The comedy film chronicles the journey of Anne and Jenny, two sisters whose unique personalities coalesce to find solutions in the most absurd situations. Obsessed with games shows, a tightly wound Anne has no option but to join hands with her sister Jenny to pay off their mother’s gambling debts. As the two opposites converge, they embark on a whirlwind journey to rescue Anne’s dog from a kidnapper. However, things are rarely simple for the quiz show prodigy and her sister. Helmed by Jessica Yu, the plot chronicles the sisters’ journey as they navigate unruly adventures. Accentuating their comedic journey are the locations of the movie. Naturally, fans have continued to wonder where the filming has taken place.

Quiz Lady Filming Locations

Familial affection emerges in the form of sisterly bickering in ‘Quiz Lady.’ To display their eclectic mix of skill and acumen for making the best out of the worst, the producers opted to film the movie in Louisiana and California. The principal photography for the movie began on June 7, 2022. The film was wrapped up in the next few weeks, and production was concluded by the end of July. Given the unique premise and surroundings, many wonder about the locations of the movie.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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While Will Ferrell and Jason Schwartzman add another layer of levity to the premise, the story is also enhanced by its scenic locations. New Orleans served as a suitable site for the production team to capture the highs and lows of Anne and Jenny’s journey. The characteristic timelessness of the structures in New Orleans also made a vital difference to the storyline. In the past, movies like ‘Django Unchained,’ ‘The Big Short,’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ have also been shot here. As such, several of the inner and exterior scenes may have been shot around the countless filming locations in the city.

Los Angeles, California

The movie zeroes in on several aspects of Anne and Jenny’s life. From the ghosts of their pasts to the memories they create on a cross-country trip, ‘Quiz Lady’ explores the existential complexities of the two women. The film features flashbacks of the sisters’ youth and how they once lived in Burbank. To depict the distant memories of the past and the present, several locations in Los Angeles came in handy. Many scenes for the film have been shot outside. Naturally, the sunny roads and picturesque sites of Los Angeles served as the ideal backdrop.

Besides this, the movie also displays the inner workings of a studio as Anne decides to use her ken and win the money for her mother’s gambling debt. Seeing the scores of studios present in the metropolitan, the producers decided to shoot the scenes there. As a hub for movie studios and stars, Los Angeles has served as the filming location for renowned productions like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Barbie,’ ‘Not Another Teen Movie,’ and many more. Other locations for the movie include the Humboldt County. With its spectacular views and characteristic buildings, the producers found the location perfect for capturing the essence of familial bonds.

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