Red, White & Royal Blue Post Credits Scene, Explained

In films and TV shows, mid- and post-credits are used for a variety of reasons. In franchise filmmaking, they offer hints to the fans about where the story is heading and build up anticipation. This is extremely common in superhero filmmaking. In horror and sometimes in thriller films, the mid- and post-credits scenes often reveal that the primary antagonist is still out there, seeking out victims. In some movies and shows, these scenes add an additional layer of conclusion to the story. In other instances, they are just some random comedic additions. Traditionally, romantic comedies don’t have mid- and post-credits scenes, but exceptions do exist, and ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is one of them. Viewers who have sat through the credits of the film know that this scene is there. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does the Red, White & Royal Blue Post Credits Scene Mean?

‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is based on the 2019 novel of the same name by Casey McQuiston. The two main characters first meet at the first night party of the Climate Conference in Melbourne. This was Alex’s first event even as a public figure, and he thought of reaching out to Henry for help. But Henry was dealing with his father’s death at the time, and it had made him asocial. Refusing to deal with Alex or anyone for that matter, he told his security that he needed to get out of there. Alex, who had no idea of the context of his actions, came to believe that the other young man was rude.

It is indicated that they had run into each other a few times since then, and all those interactions were less than cordial. Now, with his mother facing re-election, Alex travels to England to attend the wedding of Henry’s older brother, the heir to the throne. As typical with British royal weddings, it is highly extravagant. As Henry tells his younger sister, the enormous wedding cake costs 75,000 pounds.

During the event, Alex gets drunk and goes to speak to Henry, and the mutual dislike shines through. Alex puts his glass down on the cake, and when he tries to pick it up, a chunk of the cake comes off. Panicking, Alex tries to hide it but ends up putting his hand on Henry’s shoulder. The boys get into an argument, and the situation quickly escalates until the cake falls on them.

The entire thing turns into an international crisis, prompting both sides to rush in to do damage control. As Alex and Henry are forced to spend time together, the enmity turns into friendship before transforming into love.

The film ends with Alex and Henry overcoming the obstacles and ending up together. The post-credit scene is about what exactly happened after the cake fell on them. As the boys, covered in cake, look at each other, Alex asks an exasperated and furious Henry if he thinks anyone has noticed. It’s a beautiful callback to the moment when things began to change between the two of them.

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