What Does Romain Bonnet Do? What Is His Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘ is a reality series like no other. Of course, it checks all the necessary boxes to be entertaining – the catty individuals, the personal drama, the fights, and the tears – but the peppy soundtracks and the glamorous lifestyles are nothing like we’ve ever seen before. Along with all the, let’s say, controversial real estate agents which the series chronicles, we also get to see some personalities who prefer to focus on their work and their ambition rather than all the petty drama. And, one of them, is, of course, Mary Fitzgerald.

In the three seasons that have aired till now, her constantly moving storyline has us all entrapped. But, more than that, because she also has a younger beau by her side – who stands by her and loves her like no one else – we are also invested in who he is and what he does. Ever since the series has premiered, there have been a lot of questions revolving around his profession and net worth. So, we’re finally here with some concrete answers for you.


What Is Romain Bonnet’s Job?

During the very first season itself, Mary mentioned that she met her now-husband for the first time in a professional setting – while working for a client who was moving a few French pastry chefs to the area. Mary had picked Romain up from the airport to show him some places where he could stay, and within two days they had begun dating. The 27-year-old French man’s occupation was the topic of that famous conversation between Chrishell and Davina as well, which, in fact, kickstarted the whole drama in the first place. And, even with limited screen time, Romain managed to make an impression that has lasted for a long time.


But now, it seems like the baker has left that job to pursue a modeling and acting career in Hollywood. His Instagram bio states that he is signed with the Wilhelmina Model Agency and that he works in both New York and Los Angeles to ensure his financial stability. Apparently, he has already modeled for brands like Tommy Hackett and Celeste Bright. And, we’ll be honest, with his looks, physique, and nature, it seems like he’s made to be on camera. You can check out his social media to see what we mean. The best part, though, at least for us, is that even on there, he seems completely captivated with his wife.


In addition to this, in season 3, you must have noticed that while Mary and Romain are looking for a house to buy and possibly flip, she mentions that Romain can do most of the work inside. She didn’t just say that because he would have some idea about what to do, she said it because Romain actually has professional experience in the field. He currently also works as a project manager and takes care of the remodeling houses in the Hollywood Hills.


Romain Bonnet’s Net Worth

With his experience as a pastry chef, his income from his modeling career, and the earnings that he generates from being a project manager, it’s evident that Romain doesn’t need the wealth of his wife to get by and that he has his own ambitions as well. He is not the guy who he was painted out to be in season one. He may have an older and richer wife, but he is with her because he loves her, not for any other benefits. According to some estimates, Romain Bonnet’s net worth is close to $2 million.

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