Sam and Phill From Squid Game Are Still Friends

While there were many praiseworthy friendships in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ season 1, few were as impactful as the one between Sam Lantz (Player 16) and Phill Cain (Player 451). Part of the top 3, the two were able to weather almost every challenge together, all the while trying to have each other’s back, though not at the cost of their own chance at victory. Given that their on-screen journey came to an inevitable tragic end, the world is now eager to know if this relationship has continued to thrive after the competition.

Sam and Phill’s Squid Game: The Challenge Journey

Sam Lantz and Phill Cain were actually part of a wider group of friends that included people like Jackie Gonzalez. The group tried to remain away from the limelight in order to not become targets during any of the games or tests. The strategy certainly worked wonders for them, as most of them were able to make it to some of the last stages of the competition, barring eliminations due to in-game hurdles. From learning sign language together to getting to know each other, the group of friends became quite close.

(Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Netflix)

However, as expected from the nature of the ‘Squid Game’ spinoff, it was not long before even this friend circle started to shrink, making both Sam and Phill melancholic. However, they did not let their sadness stop them from gunning for the prize money. All the while, they knew they needed to have each other’s backs as much as possible, no matter the game. Hence, the fact that they were able to make it to the top 3 was certainly good news for them.

Meanwhile, Mai Whelan, the third person to be in the top 3, could not help but think that the strong friendship between Sam and Phill might work to her disadvantage. During the finale dinner, when the players were presented with three buttons that would determine who would be in the Top 2, Mai was sure that the duo’s friendship would be a huge factor. “I have no doubt that if Phill and Sam pick the green button and get a choice to pick a player to go into the next game, they would support each other. I know that for a fact,” she explained.

The feeling was not entirely unfounded given that Sam and Phill had indeed told each other that they needed to be in the final two right after the top 3 contestants were decided. The duo was unsure at the time of what to expect from Mai and seemed to trust each other more. Unfortunately, Sam ended up picking the red button that marked the end of his journey, which brought tears to Phill’s eyes.

Sam and Phill Have Been Often in Each Other’s Company

We are happy to share that Sam Lantz and Phill Cain remain good friends. Thanks to the recent release of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ season 1, the two have often been spotted in each other’s company while promoting the series and certainly seem to be enjoying the experience. In the caption for a picture shared by Sam that features Phill and Mai Whelan, the former stated, “These people are part of my chosen family.”

Similarly, Phill has also posted several pictures and videos featuring Sam and other contestants. His attitude towards his fellow finalists seems to be nothing short of joyful, and it seems like the two reality TV stars have refused to let their status as competitors come between them and their friendship. This bond has certainly earned the praise of several fans of the show, especially in light of the high stakes that were involved during the last stages of the show.

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