Love is Blind: Are Sarah Ann and Jeramey Together?

Among the various love stories that took place in season 6 of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind,’ the one that blossomed between Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski has really captivated the attention of the viewers. Between broken engagements and controversial text messages, the two formed a connection that has led to many questions. Several of the viewers are especially curious if the two ended up starting a relationship, especially given how things unfolded in the reality show.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey’s Unconventional Path on the Show

For Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski, the Netflix show provided a unique format for finding someone they could see spending the rest of their lives with. In the pods, they found themselves gravitating toward each other and forming a connection based on common interests and a shared sense of humor. However, at the time, Jeramey was also getting closer to Laura Dadisman. Torn between the two, Jeramey had to make a final choice about his betrothed.

In the end, Jeramey decided to talk to Sarah Ann first and told her that he would be proposing to Laura. He claimed that while he found Sarah Ann to be amazing and cherished the connection between them, he had decided to follow his gut and be with Laura in the future. When Sarah Ann questioned if there was anything she could have done to change the outcome, Jeramey assured her that he adored her as she was, and even he did not have a concrete answer as to why he wanted to be Laura instead.

However, this was not the end of the story between Sarah Ann and Jeramey. Not having had the best time during his getaway to the Dominican Republic with Laura, Jeramey returned to Charlotte, North Carolina, and received an intriguing message from Sarah Ann. Through Instagram, Sarah Ann had first him the best for his life and thanked him for the experience. However, she then added, “If there’s ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice, I would love the opportunity to meet you though.”

The message infuriated Laura, to whom Jeramey had shown it. Not long after this, Sarah Ann and Jeramey did end up meeting each other during a night out that went on until 5 in the morning. When Jeramey returned home, Laura was infuriated that he had been out so long, to which Jeramey confessed that he had been with Sarah Ann but maintained that the two had remained in Charlotte’s South End. However, Laura revealed that she knew that Jeramey had been to Uptown Charlotte, where Sarah Ann lives. This seemed to spell the doom of this particular relationship.

Later, when talking to his mother, Jeramey claimed that he had dropped off Sarah Ann at her home but that it was all that had happened. This was a claim that Sarah Ann herself repeated when she joined various other cast members during a get-together. This particular event was a significant one for the two as not only did Jeramey and Luara end things, but Sarah Ann found herself being questioned heavily by Amber Desiree “AD” Smith about why she had sent such a message to an engaged man.

The questions asked by AD seemed to rub Sarah Ann the wrong way, and she later told Jeramey how she did not think she had done anything wrong. He himself claimed that he did not regret having spent time with Sarah Ann. In order to take their mind off things, the two decided to go jet skiing together, which surprised many, given Jeramey’s very freshly broken engagement. Laura herself seemed highly upset with both the involved parties.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey Are Keeping Things Under the Wraps

As of writing, Sarah Ann and Jeramey Lutinski have not shared any updates regarding their status as a couple. With how things unfolded on the show, many are inclined to believe that the two may have decided to rekindle their connection from the pods, especially given that Sarah Ann had already expressed her interest in exploring her connection with Jeramey. For Jeramey, Sarah Ann had been one of his top choices in the pods, and hence, it is highly possible that he might have decided to date her after his relationship with Laura Dadisman ended. However, it should be noted that the two do not follow each other on Instagram.

Despite not talking about his love life, Jeramey did express his thoughts regarding the negativity he has received from some of the viewers of the show, who apparently did not agree with his actions. In his statement, Jeramey stated, “The amount of hate myself and other cast mates have received is over the top.” He went on to add, “While everyone is entitled to their opinions, it’s f—ing wild to make assumptions about everyone without 1) knowing us, 2) being involved in any way, 3) not being apart (sic) of the other THOUSANDS of hours of footage that’s captured. Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then, we all get it.”

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