Selling the OC: Sean and Austin Did Not Part Ways on Good Terms

Season 3 of Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC‘ saw many animosities becoming more and more prominent. Major among these was the less-than-polite disagreement between Sean Palmieri and Austin Victoria. Amongst rumors of sexual propositions, drugged food, and love interests, the dynamic between the two real estate agents was certainly not one anyone could ignore, let alone those involved in it. The result was various confrontations between the two, including one that certainly seemed to be going south really quickly.

Sean and Austin Had Different Stories to Tell

As shared by both Sean Palmieri and Austin Victoria, they had initially started out on good terms and were planning on working together alongside Tyler Stanaland. However, things changed after a meeting that Austin and Tyler apparently attended but had not invited Sean to, which led the latter to be vocal about his displeasure regarding the same. This seemingly prompted Austin and Tyler to distance themselves from Sean both personally and professionally.

Things became a lot more complicated for Sean and Austin, though, when everyone started talking about a particular price of rumor. The story in question was supposed to have been shared by Sean that he had once been invited to Austin’s house, where Austin and his wife, Lisa, had apparently propositioned him for a threesome after giving him marijuana-laced edibles. When Austin learned about this, he was highly unhappy about it and ended up confronting Sean about it in the office.

As per Austin, things had not transpired as the rumors had claimed. He had apparently not invited Sean to his home expressly. He was angry that Sean could not even think that he and Lisa would do something like that with their children still in their home. He also added that no such proposition had ever taken place or had been thought of. In return, Sean claimed that both Austin and Lisa had been quite sensual in their interactions with him, and hence, he had thought that they were interested in him.

Given the almost physical nature of the confrontation that had taken place between Sean and Austin, the latter was advised to control his temper and actions. As such, Austin decided to try and avoid Sean as much as possible. In fact, towards the end of the events of season 3, Sean tried to approach Austin and Tyler once more and have his side heard. Austin adamantly told him not to talk to him and even walked out of the conversation to not continue the earlier argument regarding what he claimed was an event that certainly had not unfolded as his co-worker was claiming.

Are Sean and Austin Friends Again?

Both Sean Palmieri and Austin Victoria remained adamant that the dinner night that they were talking about had not unfolded how the other person was claiming. Things only got worse for the dynamic of the group when Sean claimed that Tyler Stanaland had also tried to approach him, something that the latter also denied vehemently. Austin himself never expressed any desire to calm down from the anger that he had garnered for Sean after he heard the rumors regarding himself and his wife.

As of writing, Sean and Austin’s professional ties have certainly gotten more brittle. The former is no longer a part of The Oppenheim Group, something that was hinted towards heavily in season 3 of the show. Meanwhile, Austin continues to work for the company’s office based in Orange County, California. They also do not follow each other on Instagram, indicating that they have decided not to maintain any form of an amicable connection with each other, especially in light of their on-screen arguments.

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