Polly and Sean From Selling the OC Aren’t How They Once Used to be

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ follows the realtors at The Oppenheim Group- Orange County, California. This reality show is a spinoff of ‘Selling Sunset‘ and allows the audience to view some of the area’s best properties and what goes behind the business of selling them. One of the most evident friendships seen here was between Polly Brindle and Sean Palmieri at one point, but it all dwindled before season 2 even began, only to later get worse. In fact, by the time season 3 rolled around, it was as if they were strangers.

Polly and Sean’s Selling the OC Journey

Polly and Sean’s friendship was evident from the moment they appeared together at a gathering at Alex Hall’s home in the very first episode of ‘Selling the OC‘ season 1. The two evidently shared a close friendship and often had each other’s back. In fact, when the tensions were at their peak between Polly and Alexandra Jarvis, Sean approached the latter during Gio Helou’s Casino Night and expressed that he wanted things to get sorted so that they could all move on. When Jarvis told him Polly had apparently publicly stated she hated her, he made it clear how the latter was actually the nicest person in the office.

It thus comes as no surprise that during most of the prominent events in the first season of this reality series, Polly and Sean were often spotted by one another’s side, even if they were with other friends. They would usually arrive at gatherings together and support one another in every way, shape, and form at every step of the way. However, everything changed shortly after filming came to an end, as the duo suddenly stopped talking. According to Sean, it was the former who simply refused to speak with him on a personal level anymore for no reason at all.

As per the series, things really took a turn between Polly and Sean during Gio’s 100 million sales party in season 2 as he tried to confront her regarding her behavior in the office considering Tyler Stanaland. They’d apparently made out on the couch in a drunken state following an office party, but as Sean tried to get his point across, his once-friend continued speaking at the same time – so they simply spoke over one another. That’s when Sean went as far as to call her fake because she was attempting to make things seem normal between them, driving her to walk away. And then his ensuing attempt to confront her alongside Kayla Cardona didn’t pan out either, so they left it at that.

Things didn’t improve in season 3 either, especially as Sean then went on to have drama with Tyler Stanaland and Austin Victoria, both of whom are really close friends of Polly. The fact he’d apparently tried to start a rumor that the latter and his wife were swingers before coming at the former for being a generational realtor and his deals being spoonfed didn’t help either. So, when things between the men came to a head during the 2023 Del Mar Derby, Polly obviously took the side of her friends – she even indicated she was sure Sean wouldn’t last in the company for long.

Are Polly and Sean Still Friends?

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if Polly and Sean were able to reconcile. We should mention there were some speculations about the nature of their friendship following the premiere of season 1, but we can confidently confirm the two were close friends and nothing more, and it’s not even that anymore. After all, while the duo often used to go on outings with each other and their other friends, it seems like they’re not even in contact anymore. We used to think Polly and Sean’s friendship would surely be one of the most significant dynamics to follow in this Netflix original, but alas, it looks like time takes its toll on everyone. Nevertheless, we wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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