Secret Invasion: Is G’iah Dead? Is Emilia Clarke Leaving the MCU?

Dinsey+’s ‘Secret Invasion’  is the ninth MCU television series that introduces viewers to G’iah, the daughter of former Skrull leader Talos. Actress Emilia Clarke portrays the character caught between two factions as her loyalty to the Skrull rebellion and love for her father are tested. This conflict sees G’iah trapped in a dangerous situation, and viewers must be wondering if it leads to G’iah’s death and Emilia Clarke’s exit from the MCU. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Does G’iah Die?

G’iah is the daughter of Skrull Talos, who is among the first Skrulls to settle on Earth in the aftermath of ‘Captain Marvel.’ In ‘Secret Invasion,’ G’iah has grown up to be an adult with ideological differences with her father. She is working for Gravik, a rebel Skrull leader who has formed New Skrullos, a paradise for Skrulls planning to take over the Earth secretly. However, after learning of her mother’s death, G’iah seemingly aligns herself with Tallos and works to spy on Gravik. She gathers intel about Gravik’s plan to create the Super Skrull through experimentation that will grant the aliens superhuman abilities aside from their shapeshifting powers.

In the third episode, titled ‘Beteryal,’ Gravik becomes suspicious of G’iah’s actions and starts testing her. He leaves coordinates to a missile strike, which G’iah obtains. She relays the coordinates to Talos and Nicky Fury, who attempt to stop the missiles from detonating and starting another worldwide war. Talos and Fury succeed in their quest, and they avert the crisis. However, the attack was merely a ruse as Gravik used it to sus out the traitor among the Skrulls. G’iah’s involvement in the averting crisis situation convinces Gravik that she betrayed him. As a result, Gravik shoots her in the chest, seemingly killing G’iah. Moreover, G’iah turns into her Skrull form, seemingly confirming that she is indeed deceased.

Emilia Clarke Not Leaving the MCU

G’iah is first introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Captain Marvel,’ appearing as a child with actresses Auden L. Ophuls and Harriet L. Ophuls playing the role. Emilia Clarke takes over the role in ‘Secret Invasion,’ portraying an adult G’iah. Clarke is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones.’ Clarke’s portrayal of G’iah comes with a caveat, as her character is a Skrull assuming the identity of a human. Hence, Clarke essentially plays two characters – one Skrull and one human. However, in the series’ first three episodes, we have only seen the Skrull, G’iah, in her human form.

G’iah’s death at Gravik’s hands seems definitive as the character bites the dust at the end of episode 3. However, promotional material for the series features Clarke’s character in scenes not yet appearing in the first three episodes. As a result, some viewers have speculated that G’iah could be resurrected. Moreover, with Gravik’s Super Skrull plan in place, there seems to be an easy route to revive G’iah by subjecting her to the experimentation that will make her a Super Skrull. Meanwhile, there is also the option of Clarke appearing as a human whom G’iah had impersonated. Either way, it does not seem Clarke will exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe playground anytime soon. With three more episodes left in the tank, viewers can certainly expect to see more of Emilia Clarke in ‘Secret Invasion.’ By the time the show wraps, viewers will get a better indication of Clarke’s future in the sprawling MCU.

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