Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

With Danny J. Boyle at the helm, ‘Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife’ centers on Angie, the wife of a pastor, whose affair causes a chain of disruptive events for the community. Jim Martin is a charismatic pastor who brings everyone together with his sermons on family values. Yet he keeps his own family, including his wife, Angie, at a distance. The pastor’s neglected wife finds comfort in the arms of their new pool boy. However, her secret spreads like wildfire in their neighborhood, and hidden jealousies resurface. The Lifetime drama film introduces us to a seemingly idyllic community whose facade begins to crack with hypocrisy, envy, and resentment.

Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife Filming Locations

Filming for ‘Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife’ took place entirely within Los Angeles County, California. The actors and crew members seem to have had a lot of fun working together on the movie and joked around behind the scenes. “I have never laughed more with a cast and crew,” wrote Jennings Rice in the caption of an image she shared on social media. “Thank you all for being the most amazing team!” Let us take a closer look at the filming destination chosen to bring ‘Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife’ to life.

Los Angeles County, California

Situated in southern California, Los Angeles and its surrounding territories were employed in the filming of ‘Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife.’ The region’s wide variety of backgrounds, particularly in its suburban neighborhoods, were essential in giving a lifelike feel to the community depicted in the film. With its sprawling residential areas and diverse communities, the county provided the perfect setting to capture the intimate, domestic scenes essential to the film’s narrative.

To create the environment seen in the movie, the team likely used filming properties that are geared towards shooting. The beating heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles sees the highest number of movie productions taking place in the country. This has led to the development of an ecosystem that is conducive to any category of filmmaking. From some of the largest film studios in the world to independent homeowners leasing out their properties for shoots, Los Angeles caters to varying budgetary requirements.

Despite the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, the combined entertainment employment in the city has surpassed the pre-pandemic level of 448,000, standing at 470,000 total people employed in the industry by the end of 2023. Boasting 7.3 million square feet of sound stages, the city has the most television and film production space on the North American continent.

Filming in Los Angeles County also provided logistical advantages, including access to a skilled local workforce, and an expansive directory of filming locations. The process is further smoothed out by the California Film Commission, which maintains a vast network of shooting sites, both paid and public, easily accessible on its website. The commission is also known for its Film and TV Tax Credit Program 3.0, which extends generous tax credits to productions based in the state, designed to compete with other emerging filmmaking hubs across the country.

Los Angeles County’s blend of urban and suburban landscapes, iconic architecture, film industry infrastructure, and experienced talent pool have made it a home for Lifetime movies. Some of these include ‘A Model Murder,’ ‘Unfriended: The Dark Web,’ ‘Searching,’ ‘Crowdsource Murder,’ and ‘To Kill a Stepfather.’

Secret Life of the Pastor’s Wife Cast

Jennings Rice and Andrew Fultz feature in the film as Angie and Jim Martin respectively. Jennings Rice is a promising actress who has honed her skills working in ‘Apocalypse Tips with Lester Pipps,’ ‘Botheredm,’ and ‘Trash.’ You may recognize her as Tracy in Lifetime’s ‘Surviving the Sleepover.’ Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Andrew Fultz began his acting career by essaying Andrew in ‘Steam Room Stories’ and ‘#RIPSarahBarker.’ He also appears in ‘Neon Bleed’ as Security Contractor, ‘The Mean One,’ as Dick Santa 2, and in ‘Horchata with Oat Milk’ as Hipster Dad.

Mike Manning brings his talents to the film by acting out Jason. Manning is a seasoned, award-winning actor best known for his performance as Charlie Dale in ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Caleb McKinnon in ‘The Bay,’ and Shane Collins in ‘The Way Out.’ You may recognize him from Disney’s snowboarding movie ‘Cloud 9,’ MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf,’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0.’

Supporting cast members include Harley Bronwyn as Sarah, McKensie Lane as Catherine, Janet Carter as Desiree, Nick Checket as Nathan, and Paisley Grace Glazer as Leila Martin. The movie also stars producer Jacob Horn as Coroner, Mackenzie Hughes as Victoria, Terrance Livingston Jr. as Detective O’ Hara, and Robin Mazer as News Anchor.

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