Secret Love Triangle: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

With director Kaila York at the helm in the Lifetime movie, ‘The Secret Love Triangle,’ Jessica finds herself wrongly imprisoned for her best friend’s husband’s murder. Determined to prove her innocence, she orchestrates a daring escape from prison. Her husband, Matt, aids her getaway, and they join forces to unravel the truth behind the murder. Their search for justice takes a treacherous turn as Jessica delves deeper into the case. Dark secrets emerge, revealing a tangled web of forbidden desires and betrayal among those she trusted the most. As Jessica uncovers hidden truths, the facade of trust and loyalty shatters, exposing a deadly conspiracy entwined with forbidden passion and deceit.

The movie navigates the gripping journey of Jessica and Matt as they race against time to unveil the real culprit behind the murder while discovering the shocking reality of those closest to them. As the protagonists of the film try to write the wrongs done to them, they travel through a diverse range of locations. From Jessica being held in prison, to going on the run, traversing urban environments, and facing down their hidden foes. All the while we are held by a gripping narrative, and compelling performances by Jonathan Stoddard, Brianna Cohen, Harley Bronwyn, Loren Paul, Terrance Livingston Jr., and Katherine Nunez stand out. As such you may wonder where filming of the mystery thriller took place, and who are the cast members breathing life into it.

Secret Love Triangle Filming Locations

‘Secret Love Triangle’ has very little information regarding its production available. This is probably due to the filming process being kept secretive if it was done around the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, which lasted between July and November of 2023. Principal photography likely took place around Los Angeles and in parts of California.

Los Angeles, California

The Lifetime murder mystery likely saw its film crew set up shop for shooting in and around the bustling metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Situated in Southern California, Los Angeles is the epicenter of Hollywood production, with its numerous studios and backlots as well as natural shooting locations ranging from vibrant cityscapes to serene suburbs. With its historic landmarks like the Hollywood sign, Sunset Boulevard, and the enigmatic allure of neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills and Downtown LA, the city presents filmmakers with a myriad of atmospheric locations suitable for just about any genre of movie. Additionally, the city’s diverse population and cultural richness provide an authentic backdrop for weaving intricate and compelling narratives.

Renowned for its entertainment industry infrastructure, talented professionals, and an array of settings, Los Angeles continues to allure filmmakers seeking to immerse audiences in suspenseful murder mysteries. Its blend of urban sophistication, cultural diversity, and iconic landmarks solidify its status as a prime filming location for gripping and enigmatic storytelling. The city has thus rightfully served as a backdrop for murder mystery movies due to its diverse settings and studios. These include ‘The Killer,’ ‘The Night Walker,’ ‘L.A. Confidential,’ ‘Se7en,’ ‘Promising Young Woman,’ and ‘Gone Girl.’

Secret Love Triangle Cast

The film’s leading couple, Jess and Matt Cochran are essayed by Brianna Cohen and Jonathan Stoddard. Interestingly, the duo are starring opposite each other for the third time with ‘Secret Love Triangle,’ having also partnered up in ‘Nightmare PTA Moms,’ and ‘Love on Retreat.’ Brianna Cohen is an experienced actress, having featured in productions like, ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga,’ ‘Love’s Secret Ingredient,’ and ‘My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend.’

Jonathan Stoddard is a prolific actor who you may have seen in ‘The Young and the Restless,’ as Young John. He has also starred in ‘Black Monday,’ ‘Furry Little Christmas,’ ‘A Royal Christmas Holiday,’ and ‘Falling for a Killer.’ Supporting cast for the Lifetime movie includes Harley Bronwyn as Lori Kelly, Loren Paul as Robert Kelly, Elena Estér as Detective Sheila Rawlins, Terrance Livingston Jr. as Detective Timothy Gary, Jon Briddell as Jim, Katherine Nunez as Michelle, and Jacob Horn, who is also a producer for the film, acts as the D.A. Further cast members include K.J. Phelps as the Judge and also the film’s stunt coordinator, Chris Barry as Corrections Officer Adam, and Kimberley Kim as the Defense attorney.

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