Servant Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

With Tony Basgallop at the helm, the horror-thriller series ‘Servant’ conjures a brooding ambiance filled with cultist intrigue. The slow-burning drama revolves around Dorothy Turner, an established reporter, and Sean Turner, a “bon vivant.” The story begins as Sean and Dorothy appoint Leanne to take care of Dorothy’s dead baby, but to their astonishment, the baby comes alive after the nanny sets foot in the household.

In the second episode of the third season, Leanne’s paranoia reaches a boiling point, and the third episode, ‘Hair,’ reveals that her paranoia may have a foundation. We shall decode the twist ending, but first, let us give you a quick recap. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode begins with a shot of a worm-infested rotten piece of meat. In the next scene, Julian anxiously looks down into Jericho’s crib. We later come to realize that it is a dream that torments Julian. Outside the Turner household, Julian and Veera talk about Leanne, speculating the origin of the baby. Veera worries whether Leanne would later decide to leave the Turners with her baby, and Julian thinks of legalizing the adoption.

While the Turners have complete faith that it is their baby, Julian is still skeptical. He suggests that Sean do a DNA test of Jericho and Leanne to see if they match. Dorothy dresses up as Marilyn Monroe to cover a Monroe event. Sean wants Julian not to worry about them and takes Leanne and Jericho for a walk. Sean introduces Leanne to Dandelion and tells her that the flower is edible. Meanwhile, Leanne enjoys her time but freaks out to see Sean giving some money to a street kid.

They hurriedly retreat to the Turner household thanks to Leanne’s paranoia. Sean makes Leanne a bowl of Dandelion Soup. Dorothy returns outrageous, since while she is playing the “dead diva,” her colleague Isabelle Carrick is covering a murder case. Dorothy is not hungry, and she passes on the soup. While finishing the soup, Leanne finds a strand of hair in it, possibly hers or Dorothy’s.

The irony entails Julian meeting Roscoe in the next scene in an open-air gym. Julian asks Roscoe for help in collecting Jericho and Leanne’s DNA. He shows Roscoe a swab, urging him to shove it up the baby’s nose. Using the DNA test kit may be a better option, but Julian entrusts Roscoe since the legal process would take some time. While Roscoe agrees to accept the samples to the lab, he denies stepping foot in the Turner household. While talking amongst themselves, Julian and Roscoe catch a sight of the same homeless kid.

Meanwhile, Sean cooks pasta for the homeless kids at the park, becoming a good samaritan. Julian waits outside the Turners as Roscoe urges Julian to hurry to get the samples. After pulling a strand of hair out of Jericho’s head, Julian looks underneath Leanne’s bed for some hair. When Leanne catches Julian in the act, he says that he was looking for a watch he dropped while having sex. Julian plays with Leanne’s emotions, kissing her before pulling some hair out. Later, Julian finds Dorothy’s hairbrush, handing the entire thing over to Roscoe.

The following morning, the homeless person comes to the Turners, hoping to take a leak. While Sean is genuinely generous, Dorothy is distrustful towards them. However, she later ditches the idea of covering the pet parade in Eastwick to do a story on the squatter populace in the park. While the kids seem reluctant to face the camera and even hostile, Sean steals the limelight when he comes to deliver the food. While the family is happy, Leanne convincingly predicts that Sean will be a big star. Julian comes over with some bad news, but he is in for a revelation. Meanwhile, Leanne catches a ghastly sight from her window.

Servant Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: Is Jericho Dorothy’s Baby? What Does The DNA Report Say?

At the end of the episode, Julian comes back with the DNA test result. According to the test result, Jericho is not the child of Dorothy since the DNA does not match. Julian says what he thinks to be the truth to Dorothy since Julian does not want to keep her in the dark. He follows Veera’s advice and says how Jericho died before his eyes. While he is sure of the DNA test results, a crew member from Dorothy’s news coverage team knocks at the door.

She seemingly left her hairbrush – the same hairbrush from where Julian collected the samples. Therefore, as the hair is not Dorothy’s, the test result remains inconclusive. However, following Sean’s assertion earlier, it seems that Jericho is indeed Dorothy’s baby, even though there is no rational explanation behind it. Hopefully, Julian and the reasoning viewers will get their closure sometime soon.

Who Are The Kids From The Park? Are They Cult Members?

The final moments of the third episode reveal another spine-chilling sight. Before going to sleep, Leanne peeps through the window of her room. She finds three figures standing underneath, their gaze fixed on her window. The close-ups reveal them to be the same street kids who Sean is helping. Considering Leanne’s previous assertion, we know that the cult members do not eat the kind of food that Sean makes. And looking at the hostility Sean faces amongst the homeless kids, they may indeed be cult members.

On the other hand, they may be petty burglars looking to rob the household at the dead of night. The latter possibility connects the homeless kids to the string of robberies in the neighborhood. But they could very well be from the cult, which posits a threat to Leanne’s life. Will there be a break-in in the following episode? We have to wait for another week for the answer.

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