Fire Country Spin-off Sheriff Country’s Filming and Plot Details, Revealed

The filming of the pilot of ‘Sheriff Country,’ a spin-off series of ‘Fire Country,’ is set to begin in Vancouver, British Columbia, this month. The show revolves around Sheriff’s Deputy Mickey Price, whose upbringing in the hills of Humboldt County was shaped by her marijuana-farming hippy parents. Over the years, she has witnessed firsthand the violence surrounding the weed business. When her mentor Fred Watkins retires, Mickey’s relatively tranquil life takes an unexpected turn.

As the narrative progresses, the race for the Sheriff’s position ensues, pitting Mickey against her ex-husband Tim. His family members, the O’Briens, who are renowned for their Edgewater logging wealth, support her candidacy over their son’s. And when a murder rocks Edgewater, what at first seems a cut-and-dried case soon begins to lead Mickey to suspect there’s corruption that runs deep… even inside her own family.

Morena Baccarin is set to play Mickey Price in the potential spin-off after appearing in a second-season episode of the original series. The actress portrayed Marcie Kramer alongside Pierce Brosnan in the crime drama ‘Fast Charlie.’ Baccarin was a part of the cast of NBC’s ‘The Endgame,’ in which she portrayed Elena Federova. She also played Lorena Nascimento in ‘Last Looks‘ and Rebecca McAllister in ‘The Good House.’ The actress is a part of the cast of ‘Deadpool 3,’ in which she is reprising Vanessa after playing the character in the first two installments of the film series.

Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who created the original show with the lead Max Thieriot, penned the pilot of the spin-off. CBS’ decision to consider a spin-off of ‘Fire Country’ doesn’t come as a shock, considering the success of the drama show. The series emerged as the top-performing new broadcast show last season, with an average viewership of 8 million per episode and 10 million in live+35 multi-platform viewing.

In June 2023 at the Banff World Media Festival, CBS President and CEO George Cheeks hinted at the potential for a ‘Fire Country’ spin-off. “We are focused on mass-appeal franchises,” Cheeks told Deadline. “This season’s number one show was ‘Fire Country,’ which completely lends itself to building out a whole new universe… It became very clear that not only was the show special, it really felt like this could be a great example of us building together a franchise from scratch. And so I’m like, ‘you guys, congratulations, you got your back nine. Now let’s start talking about ideas for new extensions.’ They’ve already come up with some great ones,” he added.

Vancouver, the principal location of the pilot, also hosts the original show’s production. The city is featured in popular projects such as ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ and ‘Death and Other Details as well.

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