Liked Anthracite? Here Are 8 Shows You Will Enjoy

‘Anthracite’ or ‘‘Le mystère de la secte des Ecrins’ is a Netflix miniseries that follows three strangers as they converge on a remote town in the Alps where ritualistic murders begin to take place. Ida, a shunned policewoman; Giovanna, an eccentric looking for her father; and Jaro, a former delinquent who is blamed for the murder, are all linked to events by their past. Under the creative direction of Fanny Robert, Maxime Berthemy, and Mehdi Ouahab, the French-language mystery thriller is highlighted by its remote Alpine setting and the practices of an unsettling cult becoming the driving force behind the crimes. If you enjoyed the investigations surrounding a deadly, mysterious cult, here are some more shows like ‘Anthracite.’

8. Devil in Ohio (2022)

Psychiatrist Suzanne Mathis brings home Mae, a teenage girl who escapes a deadly cult. Her family is unsure but accepts the arrangement, as Suzanne assures them she will only be staying for a few days. Jules, the elder daughter, begins to suspect Mae of having ulterior motives when the girl displays parasitic behavior and seems to harbor secrets about her association with the cult. Crafted by Daria Polatin based on the book of the same name by her, ‘Devil in Ohio’ may interest fans of ‘Anthracite’ with its teen drama, mystery, and cult elements. The series features tropes familiar to the horror and thriller genres, making for a lighthearted watch with friends or family.

7. Aquarius (2015-2016)

‘Aquarius’ is a gripping crime drama series created by John McNamara. Set in the late 1960s, it centers around LAPD detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny), who becomes involved in the hunt for Charles Manson, a charismatic cult leader responsible for the disappearance of a young woman. As Hodiak delves deeper into the investigation, he traverses the tumultuous social and political landscape of the era, including the rise of counterculture movements and the Vietnam War. The show offers a compelling exploration of the complex dynamics between law enforcement, criminality, and societal change. Much like with Ida in ‘Anthracite,’ Hodiak’s pursuit of the cult organization leads him to confront inadequacies within the police department and grapple with demons from his past.

6. The Wall (2019-)

Written by Frédéric Ouellet, ‘The Wall,’ or ‘La faille,’ transports us to an isolated Quebec mining town where a young stripper is found murdered. Seasoned detective Céline Trudeau is assigned to the case and has to face someone from her past while narrowing down suspects in the highly interconnected town. Much like ‘Anthracite,’ ‘The Wall’ is a French-language mystery thriller that investigates the murders taking place in a remote, freezing town. Those who liked the character of Ida will immediately take a liking to Céline Trudeau as an uninhibited and capable policewoman who gets things done and is often hindered by her superiors.

5. The Valhalla Murders (2019-2020)

With Thordur Palsson at the helm, ‘The Valhalla Murders’ takes us to Iceland, where the county’s first case of serial killings has emerged. Detective Kata, a tough officer in charge of the investigation, is on the edge due to being snubbed for a well-deserved promotion. She is partnered up with profiler Arnar, who is returning from Oslo with a heavy burden of guilt. Their search leads them to a desolate boy’s home named Valhalla, where a horrifying incident that took place 35 years ago may be the key to solving the murders. Like ‘Anthracite,’ ‘The Valhalla Murders’ follows an investigation in a remote and icy landscape headed by a no-nonsense female detective, which connects back to troubling occurrences in the past.

4. The Sinner (2017-2021)

Created by Derek Simonds, ‘The Sinner’ introduces us to Detective Harry Ambrose, who seems to enjoy the company of nature over people and is more interested in why someone committed a crime, even if it seems like an open and shut case. His unusual, empathetic tactics are put to use when a seemingly ordinary woman commits a gruesome murder out of the blue. Enthusiasts of mystery shows like ‘Anthracite’ will be drawn into its riveting narrative that relies on brilliant storytelling methods and its twist of the detective genre. Additionally, the show features unsettling symbolism and a mystery leading up to an elusive cult.

3. The Following (2013-2015)

Conceived by Kevin Williamson, ‘The Following’ is a psychological thriller series that explores the chilling cat-and-mouse game between former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and the enigmatic serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Carroll is in prison, put there by Hardy, after he murdered 14 girls. Hardy is reluctantly pulled back to the case when a group of cultlike followers of Carroll begin to commit crimes across the city. As Carroll’s twisted plans unfold, Hardy must put an end to his continued streak of brutal murders and manipulation. Those who liked ‘Anthracite’ for its thriller and cult elements will find plenty of both in ‘The Following,’ with each episode leaving one wanting more, leading to a binge-worthy experience.

2. The Third Day (2020)

The Third Day’ is a psychological thriller show created by Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett that immerses us in a haunting tale of isolation, mysticism, and the dark secrets hidden within a remote island community. The series’ story is narrated in two distinct parts: Summer and Winter. In Summer, Sam (Jude Law), stumbles upon Osea Island, a mysterious enclave cut off from the mainland by the tides. Drawn into the islanders’ enigmatic rituals and traditions, Sam soon becomes trapped in a surreal nightmare that blurs the lines between reality and hallucination.

In Winter, Helen (Naomie Harris) arrives on Osea Island searching for answers about her daughter’s disappearance. As Helen delves deeper into the island’s unsettling history, she uncovers secrets that threaten to consume her sanity. With its eerie atmosphere and gripping storytelling revolving around an island cult, ‘The Third Day’ will thoroughly entertain fans of ‘Anthracite.’ The stories told from two distinct perspectives put together different pieces of the puzzle for us to complete.

1. Under The Banner Of Heaven (2022)

Based on true events, ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ follows devote detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) as he investigates the murders of a woman and her 15-month-old child. Both Pyre and the case’s primary suspect, the husband, grapple with a crisis of faith as the search reveals the murder’s connection to LDS fundamentalism. The series is Dustin Lance Black’s adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s 2003 non-fiction book of the same name.

The show draws parallels with ‘Anthracite’ with its investigation of cult-like practices in a remote community. Featuring stellar performances from its star-studded cast, ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’ will enthrall enthusiasts of ‘Anthracite’ with its twisting mystery that leads us down an unsettling road of faith, fundamentalism, and fanaticism.

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