7 Shows Like Devil in Ohio You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Devil in Ohio‘ is suspense thriller series created by Daria Polatin based on her novel of the same name. It follows Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a hospital psychiatrist who gives refuge to Mae, a teenage girl with a mysterious past connection to a deadly cult. As the latter’s twisted past comes to light, Suzanne is forced to fear for her family’s safety.

The dark and ominous narrative is supplemented by clever twists that keep viewers hooked till the end. If you enjoyed watching the show, you must be looking for more such options to stream, so we have curated a list of similar recommendations you will surely enjoy. You can watch most of these shows like ‘Devil in Ohio’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

7. Bordertown (2016-2020)

After watching ‘Devil in Ohio’ and its blend of mystery and morality with a small-town setting, viewers will certainly be craving a gritty detective drama. Therefore, we recommend ‘Bordertown,’ a  Finnish crime thriller series created by Miikko Oikkonen that follows Detective inspector Kari Sorjonen, who moves to a remote town hoping to live a quiet family life.

However, Kari’s plans are disrupted by the town’s several gruesome murders and crimes. Like ‘Devil in Ohio’ the series examines the impact of crime in a small town, albeit through detective fiction tropes. Therefore, viewers will enjoy ‘Bordertown’ and its diverse mysteries.

6. I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021)

Created by Sara Goodman, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer‘ is a teen drama series that blends mystery with horror. Based on Lois Duncan’s eponymous 1973 novel, it tells the story of Allison and her friends, who find themselves on the target of a mysterious serial killer following their involvement in a sinister crime. The series is  Similar to ‘Devil in Ohio,’ the series keeps viewers guessing its characters’ motives. Moreover, the narrative includes a cult slowly explored over episodes and unexpectedly factors into the central mystery.

5. The Path (2016-2018)

‘The Path’ is a drama series created by Jessica Goldberg, featuring Aaron Paul (‘Breaking Bad‘) as Eddie Lane, a man from Upstate New York with a wayward past. After he undertakes a spiritual retreat in Peru, he returns home to find himself questioning his beliefs. Soon, Eddie’s crisis of faith brings a whirlwind of changes in his and his family’s lives. While the series isn’t as dark or suspenseful as ‘Devil in Ohio,’ it deals with the same themes, such as faith, family, and spirituality. Therefore, viewers who found ‘Devil in Ohio’ too ominous and twisted will enjoy this hard-boiled drama grounded in human emotions.

4. The Order (2019-2020)

The Order‘ is a supernatural drama series created by Dennis Heaton that centers around Jack Morton, a teenager who joins the mysterious Order of the Blue Rose, seeking revenge for his mother’s death. In the process, he uncovers a dark world of twisted moralities and supernatural threats. The series explores the concept of secret societies, making it comparable to ‘Devil in Ohio,’ but it features elements of mysticism and magic, which set it apart from the show mentioned above. Nonetheless, viewers who enjoy light-hearted mysteries with an abundance of supernatural powers and creatures will love ‘The Order.’

3. The Perfect Mother (2021)

Created by Carol Noble, ‘The Perfect Mother‘ (also known as ‘Une Mère Parfaite’) is a thriller series about Hélène Berg, a police detective and mother trapped in a seemingly complex murder case. After her daughter, Anya, is implicated in the murder case, Hélène does everything she can to prove the latter innocent.

The series is based on Nina Darnton’s eponymous book and is equally dark, gruesome, and suspense-filled as ‘Devil in Ohio.’ Despite the cult aspect being absent from the story, ‘The Perfect Mother’ explores a mother’s quest to protect her family against an unexpected threat, resulting in both shows sharing a similar thematic arc.

2. Midnight Mass (2021)

Created by horror maestro Mike Flanagan, ‘Midnight Mass‘ is a supernatural horror miniseries set on the fictional Crockett Island. It follows Riley Flynn, a young man recently released from prison who returns to his hometown in search of a fresh start. Meanwhile, Father Paul Hill, a mysterious and charismatic young priest, also arrives in the town and inexplicable events occur. The series explores themes of spirituality, faith, religion, and family in much more depth in comparison to ‘Devil in Ohio.’ Furthermore, ‘Midnight Mass’ fully embraces its horror aspects making for an intriguing watch.

1. Servant (2019- )

Servant‘ is a psychological horror series created by Tony Basgallop that revolves around a Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner. Their lives turn upside down after the death of their thirteen-week-old son, Jericho. The grieving mother’s psychotic breakdown is stopped using a reborn doll; however, when a mysterious girl named Leanne is hired as the doll’s babysitter, the Turner household experiences baffling incidents.

Like ‘Devil in Ohio,’ a girl with a hidden past holds answers to several of the show’s central mysteries. In addition, ‘Servant’ features cults, dark backstories, surprising twists, and unexpected character motivations, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Hence, ‘Servant’ is a complete package and the top pick for this list!

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