Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story: 10 Similar Shows You Must See

Image Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

The prequel spin-off to Netflix’s hit ‘Bridgerton’ series, ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ focuses on the life of young Queen Charlotte. Loosely based on the real-life Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz from the 18th century, the series will focus on the fascinating life of the Queen and her marriage to King George III. The series is created by Shonda Rhimes and follows a delectable yet heart-aching story that preludes to the eventual tumult that followed in the life of King George III.

The period romance features India Ria Amarteifio, Corey Mylchreest, Golda Rosheuvel, Arsema Thomas, Adjoa Andoh, Ruth Gemmell, Michelle Fairley, Hugh Sachs, Cyril Nri, and Katie Brayben. The series enthralls viewers with its heart-aching romance and painstaking travesties. So if the reverent tone set by the elegance of the period and the piety of emotions appealed to you as much as it did to us, here is a list of shows like ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

10. The Serpent Queen (2022-)

‘Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France’ by Leonie Frieda, ‘The Serpent Queen’ follows the story of a fourteen-year-old teenage princess Catherine de Medici, who is married into the French Valois court. Despite bringing in a fortune in dowry and producing heirs, Medici has to undergo a number of challenges and make use of decisive tactics and maneuvers in order to secure her rule as the Queen of France for 30 years.

Inspired by the life and travails of Catherine de Medici and based on the nonfiction book, the series is created by Justin Hythe and features Samantha Morton, Amrita Achacria, Barry Atsma, Enzo Cilenti, Sennia Nanua and Kiruna Stamell. So, if you loved the role of the titular Queen in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’, then you will find the female prowess in ‘The Serpent Queen’ just as entertaining.

9. The King’s Affection (2021)

Set in the prolific Joseon dynasty, the series features mixed identities, love, and ceaseless political maneuvers. Creators Ki Min-soo and Hong Seok-gu enrapture viewers with the ease and grace of the Joseon era but also pack a punch with the trepidations of young lovers, unrequited affection, and hidden identities. Starring Park Eun-Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon-Su, Choi Byung-Chan, Bae Yoon-Kyung, and Jung Chae-Yeon, the series depicts the power of prevailing love despite gripping tragedies, making ‘The King’s Affection’ a great show for you to watch after finishing, ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

8. The White Queen (2013)

Set in pre-Tudor England, ‘The White Queen’ follows the story of three women, Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, and Anne Neville, whose actions behind the scene prove to be quite instrumental in deciding who reigns and gains the power of the throne. From war and deception to love and lust, the series features a high-stake premise, with each woman relentless in her resolve to secure the throne.

The cast features Max Irons, Rebecca Ferguson, Aneurin Barnard, Amanda Hale, Faye Marsay, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Freya Mavor. So if you found the gripping storyline and romance of ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ enticing, then you will surely find creator Emma Frost’s ‘The White Queen’ equally entertaining.

7. The Great (2020-)

Even with its satirical setting and black comedy genre, ‘The Great’ features the story of Catherine the Great, a woman who became the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia despite being an outsider. The series follows her marriage to Emperor Peter III of Russia and encapsulates a historical vision in a striking manner.

With Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, Phoebe Fox, Charity Wakefield, Adam Godley, Sacha Dhawan, and Freddie Fox, creator Tony McNamara coalesces elements of revolution, history, and politics effortlessly, making this a great series for you to tune into after watching ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

6. Dickinson (2019-2021)

The enabled writer capable of weaving magic with her words, Emily Dickinson, is revered for her work even centuries later. ‘Dickinson’ follows the dramatization of Emily Dickinson’s extraordinary life. The show is set in the 19th century and follows Dickinson raging against the socio-cultural restraints of the time. Creator Alena Smith explores an ironic historical premise and limns a poetic resonance to the plot.

As the show features the great writer’s coming-of-age story, it offers more than just comedy and rebellion. The cast stars Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Ella Hunt, Anya Baryshnikov, Toby Huss, Jane Krakowski, Wiz Khalifa, and Darlene Hunt. So, if you enjoyed watching Queen Charlotte’s unyielding resolve in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’, then you will find Dickinson equally engrossing.

5. Howards End (2017)

Exemplifying the shift from feudalism in medieval Europe, ‘Howards End’ follows the changing landscape of class and society in England through the lives of three families. Adapted by the BBC from E.M. Forster’s novel of the same name, the cast features Matthew Macfayden, Hayley Atwell, Joseph Quinn, Tracey Ullman, Phillipa Coulthard, and Alex Lawther. The series does not just pay homage to a number of pertinent issues also seen in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’, but it also features the idealistic shift in the changing face of England, making this an equally intriguing series to watch next.

4. Anne with an E (2017-2019)

Sent away to live with her aging siblings Marilla and Matthew in the late 1890s, the story follows the life of Anne Shirley, a young, uniquely spirited woman whose imagination and kindness transform the lives of everyone on Prince Edward Island. The series is based on the fiction book ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and features a delightful young woman whose difficult story doesn’t dim her spark.

Starring Amybeth McNulty, Lucas Jade Zumann, Geraldine James, Dalila Bela, Dalmar Abuzeid, Miranda McKeon, and Stephen Tracey, creator Moira Walley-Beckett showcases a story of resilience and the human spirit, mirroring Queen Charlotte’s resolve. As such, this is the perfect series for you to watch after ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

3. The Spanish Princess (2019-2020)

‘The Spanish Princess’ is a dramatization of the Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, whose marriage into the English lineage at the beginning of the 16th century set afoot a number of events that changed history forever. The story follows her marriage to Henry VIII, a powerful ruler known for his ruthless and brutal policies.

The cast features Charlotte Hope, Ruairi O’Connor, Aaron Cobham, Stephanie Levi-John, Nadia Parkes, and Andrew Buchan. Created by Emma Frost and Matthew Graham, ‘The Spanish Princess’ will include all the trepidations of newlyweds and political alliances that made ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ so interesting to watch.

2. Victoria (2016-2019)

‘Victoria’ focuses on the early life of Queen Victoria, an era-defining figure, and her ascension to the throne of England at the young age of 18. The series also follows her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. Creator Daisy Goodwin features the elegance of English history without singularly focusing on drama.

With Jenna Coleman in the titular role and an ensemble featuring Tom Hughes, Peter Bowles, Catherine Flemming, Daniela Holtz, Nell Hudson, Adrien Schiller, Alex Jennings, and others, ‘Victoria’ also packs the same punch as ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’ With a woman in a central role, this series will prove to be just as entertaining and enticing as ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.’

1. The Empress (2021-2022)

The tale of proverbial love and whirlwind romance, ‘The Empress’ follows the story of a Bavarian duchess, Elisabeth, and Emperor Franz Joseph. As the story unfolds against a ravishing setting, Elisabeth finds herself navigating the tough hand her position yields her. From having to navigate the travails of court politics to protecting herself from the scheming family of her husband, the series follows a number of themes.

The cast features Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant, Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nussbaum, Svenja Jung and Elisa Schlott. So, if you found Queen Charlotte’s determination in ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ captivating, then you’ll find creators Katharina Eyssen and Lena Stahl’s 19th-century story equally fascinating.

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