Enjoyed Transatlantic? Here Are 8 Shows You Will Also Like

Image Credit: Anika Molnar/Netflix

Even amidst the destructive calls of battle, the solemn sound of music and the languid strokes of brush reverberate loudly. Art, at its epicenter, represents a myriad of things. It is, as such, no surprise that Netflix’s television series ‘Transatlantic’ focuses on how samaritans stood up for artists of all walks, even amidst the menace of World War II. The series is based on Julie Orringer’s book chronicling real-life events. Created by Anna Winger and Daniel Hendler, the series shows how a private relief organization puts the life of its members at stake to help rescue some of Europe’s most prominent artists and thinkers.

Starring Gillian Jacobs, Lucas Englander, and Cory Michael Smith, amongst others, the story follows the life of the Emergency Rescue Committee led by journalist Varian Fry. Along with his associates Mary Jane Gold and Albert Hirschman, the group forms a plan to help more than 2000 refugees escape Nazi-occupied France. The story’s premise is enough to keep viewers riveted and awaken the need to discover more works centered on the taut tension of the Second World War. If the stomach-clenching narrative of ‘Transatlantic’ appeals to you as much as it did to us, here is a list of similar television series that coalesce the elements of drama, sacrifice and war effortlessly.

8. The Halcyon (2017)

Created by Charlotte Jones, ‘The Halcyon’ is set in 1940 London’s five-star hotel. Starring Anabelle Apison, Steven Mackintosh, Mark Benton, Olivia Williams, and Kara Tointon, among others, the series focuses on the impact the war has on the families, politics and relationships of several characters. Showcasing the trepidations of the characters, including the hotel staff, outsiders and even aristocrats, the series follows benevolence, friendship and love exponentially. So, if the camaraderie in ‘Transatlantic’ appealed to you, then ‘The Halcyon’ will be the perfect series to follow.

7. SAS: Rogue Heroes (2022-)

Starring Connor Swindells, Sofia Boutella, Jack O’ Connell, Alfie Allen and Dominic West, the television series created by Steven Knight showcases the origins of the British Army Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers and their journey in the Western Desert Campaign during the Second World War. Based on a true story, the series follows the journey of individuals and their journey into becoming a part of the Special Air Service, a regiment born out of disinformation and the choices of Lieutenant David Stirling. If ‘Transatlantic’ kept you hooked with its resolute resolve in the face of unyielding oppression, then ‘SAS: Rogue Heroes’ will tell you the story of equally unyielding resistance.

6. Atlantic Crossing (2020)

Following the incredibly true story of Crown Princess Martha, the series follows the unlikely friendship forged in dangerous times between the Princess of Norway and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. Starring Sofia Helin, Tobias Santelmann, Kyle MacLachlan, and Harriet Sansom, creator, writer and director Alexander Eik shows the true journey of Princess Martha’s forgotten journey and the events following her dissent against the Nazis. The story tells the evocative journey of Princess Martha after escaping Nazi invaded Norway and the role she played after being taken under President Roosevelt’s wing. Depicting resistance at all fronts, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ will offer you many of the same elements seen in ‘Transatlantic’ and make for the perfect series to follow up on.

5. World on Fire (2019-)

Following the intertwined lives of ordinary people spread across five countries, ‘World on Fire’ showcases how war affects the lives of people in more ways than one. Created by Peter Bowker and starring Julia Brown, Sean Bean, Helen Hunt, Jonah Hauer King, Lesley Manville, Zofia Wichlacz and Brian Smith, the series follows the hidden lives of people in Britain, Poland, France, Germany and the United States during World War II.

With incredible tension between getting captured by the Nazis to the beaches of Dunkirk, the series keeps viewers brimming with anticipatory fear. So, if the intertwined fates of the people in ‘Transatlantic’ interested you, then ‘World on Fire’ will definitely enthrall you.

4. Land Girls (2009)

The series follows the lives of three women who join the Women’s Land Army in Britain during World War II and experience the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens. The titular cast features Summer Strallen, Becci Gemmell, Jo Woodcock, and Christine Bottomley. It chronicles how Nancy, Joyce, Annie, and Bea replace the male workforce and navigate their way through love and life.

Created by Roland Moore, the series encompasses the divisive characters of Nancy, Joyce, Annie, and Bea, who come from different classes and ideals and forge friendships against the raging war. Navigating myriad choices and dealing with issues, the ‘Land Girls,’ whilst a little mellow, shows the same emotions that keep people hooked on the ‘Transatlantic.’

3. Resistance (2014)

Following the lives of Lili Franchet, Jean Frydman, Andre Kirschen and Albert Mulveau in Nazi-occupied France, ‘Resistance’ tells the story of young heroes who fight for freedom against the Gestapo. Starring Pauline Burlet, Tom Hudson, Jeremie Petrus, Cesar Domboy and Stephane Debac, the series created by Dan Franck is based on true events and encompasses the pains of love, life and youth before joining the Resistance against German Nazi occupation. The forging bond and endless striving to attain their goal make ‘Resistance’ a good series to follow up after watching ‘Transatlantic’.

2. The Pacific (2020)

‘The Pacific’ is a mini-series following the lives of three marines in America during the Second World War. Based on the incredible true stories of Marines, Sgt. John Basilone, Pfc’s Eugene Sledge and Robert Leckie, the HBO mini-series retells the story of brevity, courage and undying resolve in the face of a raging war. The attack on Pearl Harbor propels journalists Robert Leckie and John Basilone to enlist for combat. On the other hand, Eugene Sledge, the son of a doctor, cannot enlist because of a ‘heart murmur’ and has to see his friend, Sidney, go into combat without him.

Starring Joseph Mazzello, James Badge Dale, Jon Seda, Tom Hanks, Rami Malek, and Ashton Holmes, the series created by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman reverberates the essence of countless lives lost and pays homage to the numerous people who went into war without a second thought. Following the themes of sacrifice and unending courage, ‘The Pacific’ is the right series to view after watching ‘Transatlantic’.

1. Spies of Warsaw (2013)

Posing as a military attache at the French embassy, Colonel Jean Francois Mercier, a Deuxième Bureau intelligence agent, uncovers the German battle plans and devises a strategy to fight off Nazi and Soviet assassins as he tries to alert both countries of the impending danger. Starring David Tenant, Janet Montgomery and Marcin Dorocinski, the series set in 1938 Poland showcases ingenious spy craft to prevent the disaster that would eventually ensue.

Created by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, the series features intense tension and build-up that keeps viewers on the hook. Therefore, if you love the elements of secret operations in ‘Transatlantic’, this series can become the perfect drama to watch next.

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