Sick Ending, Explained: Who Are the Killers?

Peacock’s ‘Sick’ is a slasher movie directed by John Hyams from a script written by Kevin Williamson and Katelyn Crabb. It is set amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and follows teenagers Parker (Gideon Adlon) and Miri (Bethlehem Million) as they self-quarantine at a remote lakehouse. However, what was supposed to be a peaceful vacation quickly turns into a nightmarish horror stay when a mysterious psycho killer invades their house. Naturally, viewers must be wondering about the killer’s motives and the whether Parker and Miri survive the ordeal. If you are looking for answers about the ending of ‘Sick,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sick Plot Synopsis

‘Sick’ opens during the Covid-19 pandemic as the United States faces a crisis. A teenage boy is buying supplies at a local supermarket when he starts receiving messages from an unknown number. The texts indicate that a stalker is following the boy. When the boy returns home, he is attacked by the stalker. The boy manages to subdue the attacker. However, before the boy can escape, the attacker gains consciousness and kills the boy. The film then centers on Parker, a teenage girl who is preparing to quarantine with her friend, Miri.

The girls drive to a remote lake house belonging to Parker’s parents. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Miri fears that her friend might have the virus, and they decide to spend a few weeks at the lakehouse to recover. The girls arrive at the lake house and quickly become comfortable in their new surroundings. Parker tells Miri about her experiences at the vacation home during childhood. She explains that the nearest house in the vicinity is 2 miles away. Therefore, they can enjoy some quiet time away from the madness of the pandemic plaguing the city.

On their first day at the house, Parker and Miri discuss their high school life. We learn that Miri disapproves of Parker’s boyfriend, DJ. Parker and Dj have been in an on/off relationship. However, Parker is not serious about DJ. Meanwhile, Parker starts receiving texts from an unknown number. She blocks the number and ignores the messages, despite the hint of a stalker’s presence. At night, Parker and Miri are alarmed by the sudden arrival of a mysterious car outside their house.

Parker and Miri are afraid when a man stomps on their door. However, it turns out to be DJ who has followed Parker and Miri to the house. After partying, Parker and DJ have an honest conversation about their relationship. DJ confronts Parker about a video in which she kisses a boy, Benji, at a house party. Parker exclaims that she and DJ are not exclusive and she does not want a serious relationship. DJ is heartbroken and decides to leave the house in the morning.

Late at night, DJ is alarmed when a masked man trespasses on the property. DJ wakes up Parker and asks her to hide inside the car. He follows the masked man inside the house and stops him before the man can attack Miri. DJ fights the man while Miri escapes and finds Parker. Before the girls can escape, the masked man kills DJ. Parker and Miri are shocked but team up with each other to defeat the masked man. Parker crushes the man’s face with a metal bucket, believing their night of horror is over.

However, Miri and Parker quickly realize that two men are intruding into the house and targeting them. The second man laments the loss of his partner before attacking Miri. Parker escapes from the house and crosses the lake to seek help from their neighbor, Mr. Lyon. Meanwhile, Miri’s foot is injured, and she is stuck inside the house. The first man regains consciousness and attacks Miri, while the second man kills Mr. Lyon and pursues Parker into the woods. Miri and Parker are separated and must rely on their own wits to survive the attack on their life.

Sick Ending: Who Are the Killers? Why Are They After Parker?

In the film’s final act, Miri succeeds in killing the masked man attacking her. However, Parker fights for her life as the second masked man pursues her. Her only hope of help, Mr. Lyon, is dead, and the killer is ruthlessly tracking her. However, Parker sees a ray of hope when she meets a woman driving on the road. The woman helps Parker but needs her to put on a mask before allowing her inside the car. The mask makes Parker unconscious, and she finds herself back at the lake house.

The woman identifies as Pamela, revealing she has been working with the masked men all along. Pamela explains that she is the mother of Benji, the teenager Parker kissed at the house party. However, Parker infected Benji with the coronavirus. Beji died a few days later and her parents, Pamela and Jason (the second masked man), blame Parker for their son’s death. Parker exclaims that she does not have the virus. The parents conduct a test on Parker, revealing that she is asymptomatic but has the virus.

Pamela reveals that the virus was passed to Parker through Tyler, another boy she kissed at the party. The family already took care of Tyler by killing him, explaining the film’s opening sequence. She further explains that they had to kill DJ and Miri because they were quarantined with Parker and might have been infected with the virus. Ultimately, Pamela and Jason are the killers targeting Parker and her friends out of a thirst for revenge. Parker realizes that she is responsible for Benji’s death.

The situation is a reflection of the carelessness of teenagers during the pandemic. It highlights Parker’s selfishness, and it leads to her plight. Through the conflict between Parker and the parents, the film underlines the moral implications of one’s actions during the crisis caused by the deadly disease. It examines a person’s accountability and the need to hold people like Parker responsible for their callous attitude. Nonetheless, the parents killing the teenagers presents a dark and twisted opposite perspective on the matter, leading to a complex moral conflict that can only be resolved with the death of one side.

Do Parker and Miri Survive?

The film’s climax hinges on Parker and Miri mounting one final effort for survival, while Pamela and Jason are hell-bent on killing them for the death of their son. Miri is hiding from their parents and tries to get help through her laptop. However, her efforts fail when Jason disconnects the wifi. The parents also realize that Miri is alive, and Jason searches the house for her. Meanwhile, Parker engages with Pamela. She creates an opening and throws Pamela outside the window, effectively killing her. Miri and Parker reunite but are forced to hide when Jason returns.

Jason finds the girls hiding in one room. However, their teamwork and clever planning help Parker and Miri defeat the attacker. They impale Jason on a skull mount killing him. Parker and Miri find a vehicle in the garage and try to use it to escape the house. However, Pamela, who survived the fall, attacks them. In the ensuing tussle, Miri empties a can of fuel on Pamela, and Parker sets her on fire. As Pamela erupts into flames, Parker and Miri escape, only to run into a horde of incoming police cars.

Ultimately, Parker and Miri survive the horrific events of the night and most likely learn their lesson about carelessness. While the girls are alive, it is unlikely that they will get off scot-free. Parker and Miri are responsible for three murders. Although the girls acted in self-defense, they do not have enough evidence to prove that the family attacked them. As a result, the legal implications of their actions could be seen as a punishment for Parker, causing Benji’s death. Nonetheless, the girls surviving the attack on their life itself is a testament to the fighting spirit necessary to survive a global pandemic.

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