Sinister Seduction: Cast and Guide to Filming Locations

‘Sinister Seduction’ is a fantastic addition to Lifetime’s commendable roster of thrillers. Relationships often turn dangerous because of the passion involved. The premise follows a recently married woman who is initially glad when her son finds a new friend. However, it becomes apparent that the friend is after a different kind of companionship. As secrets begin to emerge, their relationship might end up being her undoing.

Sharon is initially concerned whether Anthony, her son, has trouble fitting in at school. However, her doubts are alleviated when Dylan, the popular school athlete, befriends Anthony. As Dylan starts spending more time at their house, Sharon realizes that Dylan is more interested in her than in Anthony. The obsession turns dangerous, and the woman realizes that Dylan’s advances have sinister motives behind them. He’s motivated by something Sharon did in her past, and buried it there, never expecting it to haunt her in the present.

The intriguing plot makes smart use of locations for the twisted narrative to unfurl. Naturally, you might be curious about where ‘Sinister Seduction’ has been filmed. We have got the details and will walk you through the cast members involved.

Sinister Seduction Filming Locations:

‘Sinister Seduction’ has been filmed in and around Miami, Florida. Apart from the breathtaking vistas, there are economic benefits provided by the state, which makes Miami a popular filming destination. Notably, Sharon and Anthony’s house is situated around Northeast 10th Court and Northeast 89th Street in Miami. Several parts of the movie have been shot in the immediate neighborhood. You can check out an image of filming taking place in Miami, below.

Filming has also taken place at Pembroke Pines in Florida. The city is located in southern Broward County, 23 miles north of Miami. Check out an image of filming taking place at Pembroke Pines.

A cast member has also made it clear that scenes were shot at Pompano Beach, which is just north of Fort Lauderdale. The stunning vistas make it an ideal filming location.

We also know that scenes have been filmed at Southwest Ranches, which is a town in Broward County as well. It is located on the eastern edge of the Everglades. Check out a behind-the-scenes image from when filming took place there.

Sinister Seduction Cast:

The main characters in ‘Sinister Seduction’ are Sharon, Anthony, and Dylan. Kristina Klebe plays the role of the mother, while Sebastian Cabanas appears as Anthony. Tanner Buchanan is seen as Dylan, Anthony’s friend.

Klebe comes from New York City and is a first-generation American. She started taking acting classes when she was in school and continued throughout college. Soon enough, she started practicing her greatest love, that is, theater. However, Klebe transitioned to films and shows and gained an enormous fan base after appearing in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween.’ You can check out Klebe promoting ‘Sinister Seduction’ below.

Tanner Buchanan has mostly made his mark in television shows, which include ‘Designated Survivor‘ and ‘Cobra Kai.’ Finally, we come to Sebastian Cabanas. Born in Pembroke Pines, Sebastian shifted to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actor. He’s been learning drama and honing his craft since he was a kid. Sebastian takes his work seriously, and you can see him posing with his co-stars in the image below.

In conclusion, ‘Sinister Seduction’ has made excellent use of the locations in and around Miami, while heightening the narrative with the help of talented cast members, to deliver an unforgettable experience.

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