Snowfall Spin-off Wanda Starts Shooting in September

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

A spin-off series of ‘Snowfall,’ FX’s ‘Wanda’ is set to start its shooting in September 2023. Los Angeles, California, serves as the principal filming location of the series which follows Wanda, the wife of Franklin Saint’s best friend Leon Simmons. Even though the production of the project is slated to begin, the same can be affected by the ongoing WGA strike.

Image Credit: Joe Alblas/FX

The series will begin as the continuation of the original show’s narrative, revolving around the gangster rap business that emerges after the end of the crack cocaine epidemic. Although Gail Bean’s Wanda serves as the main “connective tissue” between the original and the spin-off shows, other main characters of ‘Snowfall’ are expected to feature in the latter series. However, FX hasn’t issued a statement concerning the remaining cast and characters of the series.

“It did feel like there’s a reason to continue the story of South Central and what happened once the cocaine dried up in the early 1990s and how hip-hop exploded,” Snowfall co-creator and executive producer Dave Andron told TVLine about the spin-off series. “She [Wanda] came back from Africa at the very end [of ‘Snowfall’], and even though we don’t see her we hear about her from Leon, she’s back and she’s got a dream. She’s gonna have a whole life and she’s found something she’s passionate about, something she wants to be a part of. This for me goes back to the Wanda whom we first met,” Andron further revealed to Deadline about the series.

Malcolm Spellman is at the helm of the spin-off series. He will serve as an executive producer of the series and the writer of the pilot. Spellman is the creator, co-writer, and one of the executive producers of Marvel Studios’ ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ and co-writer of the upcoming film ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’

Other executive producers of the spin-off series include Andron, Trevor Engelson (Underground Films), Michael London (Groundswell Productions), and Tommy Schlamme and Julie DeJoie (Shoe Money Productions). Snowfall co-creator Eric Amadio and producer Evan Silverberg will also be a part of the project. Gail Bean will be headlining the cast of the series after portraying Wanda in ‘Snowfall,’ Robyn in ‘Robyn Hood,’ Roulette in ‘P-Valley,’ Gynnifer Green in ‘Paradise Lost,’ Caitlin Freeman in ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Quanisha in ‘Games People Play,’ etc. In the upcoming months, we can expect additions to the cast of the series.

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