Special Ops Lioness: What Happens to Kate? Is She Pregnant?

Paramount+’s ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ presents Lioness program station chief Joe with a new challenge when her daughter finds herself in an unexpected situation. In the series, Joe must train a newly recruited agent to spy on a woman with suspected terrorist ties. Meanwhile, Joe must undertake the grueling parenting challenges as her elder daughter, Kate, goes through a rebellious phase. In the fourth episode, Kate experiences a traumatic accident while breaking a rule set by her mother, complicating the situation. Hence, viewers must wonder what happens to Kate and whether she is pregnant in ‘Special Ops: Lioness.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Kate Gets Into an Accident

Kate is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Special Ops: Lioness,’ titled ‘Sacrificial Soldiers.’ She is the older daughter of Joe, a Lioness program station chief, and her husband, Neal, a doctor. In the series, actress Hannah Love Lanier plays the role of Kate. She is known for her roles in shows such as ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show‘ and ‘The Tiny Mighty Club.’ Lanier’s Kate is fourteen years old, going through a rebellious teenager phase, and often butts heads with her mother. The first episode implies that Kate and Joe share a strenuous relationship as Kate is unhappy with Joe’s sudden return home.

The second episode firmly establishes that Kate dislikes Joe, mainly because of the latter’s extended absences from the family’s house for work-related reasons. Moreover, Joe rules the house with an iron fist, leading to frequent arguments with Kate. In the fourth episode, titled ‘The Choice of Failure,’ Kate goes out for a car drive with her friends while her parents are at work. However, the car ends up in an accident, landing Kate in a hospital. Holly, one of Kate’s friends, dies from the injuries sustained in the accident. On the other hand, Kate is brutally injured and faces risky surgery but survives the accident.

Kate’s Unwanted Pregnancy

The fourth episode already features the shocking revelation of Kate getting injured in a car accident. However, the episode drops a second major revelation when Neal learns that his teenage daughter is actually pregnant. The third episode, titled ‘Bruise Like a Fist,’ sees Joe returning home after work. However, she walks in on Kate, hooking up with her boyfriend. Joe quickly reprimands the young boy and sends him home by kicking him out of the house. Joe then scolds Kate for engaging in sexual activities at such a young age. However, Joe later learns from Neal that he permitted Kate to have fun with her boyfriend as long as they do not have intercourse.

The fourth episode reveals that Kate did not obey her parents, as she ended up pregnant, likely due to a previous sexual interaction with her boyfriend. Ultimately, Neal reveals the news to Kate, who is surprised to be pregnant. However, Neal tells Kate that the shock and trauma of the accident and the impending injury leave the fetus’s chances of surviving very low. Nonetheless, the extremely complex situation arises from Kate’s rebellious behavior. She disobeys her parents and lands in the hospital. However, teenage pregnancy poses a larger problem for Kate as it could change her life. Hence, it will be interesting to see how Kate, Neal, and Joe deal with the crisis the family is facing because of Kate’s ignorance.

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