Spellbound Ending, Explained: Does Cece Break the Curse?

Hulu’s ‘Spellbound’ is a teen drama television series created by Jill Girling and Lori Mather. It is a spin-off of the fantasy drama series ‘Find Me in Paris.’ It revolves around the life of Cece Parker Jones, a student who joins the Paris Opera Ballet School in France. However, Cece’s life turns upside down when she discovers she comes from a long line of powerful witches. As a result, Cece is forced to juggle between her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer and magical explorations. Meanwhile, a mysterious threat seeks to steal Cece’s power for their own benefit. As a result, the ending of ‘Spellbound’ raises questions about Cece’s faith. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Spellbound Plot Synopsis

‘Spellbound’ follows Cece Parker Jones, a ballet student admitted into the 3rd year class at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School in Paris, France. On her first day at the school, Cece meets Simone Souter, a fellow ballet dancer from America. She also befriends classmate Jack Ryder and meets Mia Banks and Benoit Ducasse, two overarching ballet dancers. Meanwhile, Cece is living with her Aunt Ginger, who runs the Paris outlet of W Apothecary. Cece discovers from her teacher Armando Castillo that an administrative mix-up has caused the school to admit sixteen students instead of fifteen. As a result, one of the students will be cut from the class.

Cece discovers that she comes from a line of witches known as Wizens, and Aunt Ginger reveals Cece’s mother, Lizzie Jones, cast a spell to get her in the school despite Cece being undertrained in dance. Eventually, Cece manages to secure her position at the school with the help of her new friends. However, she is attacked by an energy of red dust, but Amy and Lola, two Wizens from the UK, help Cece escape. Amy and Lola become apprentices under Aunt Ginger while helping Cece grasp her magical powers. On the other hand, Cece continues to become better at ballet while befriending Mia and developing a crush on Benoit.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cece is the “Wise One,” one of the most powerful Wizens in the world. The red energy dust that attacked Cece belonged to a Mystic, a group of men who sought to steal the Wizens’ magical powers. Adrian, a teenager hired by Aunt Ginger to look after her store, is revealed to be the Mystic. Adrian’s older brother, Kevin, has been trapped inside a pocket dimension, and Adrian wants to free him from captivity. Therefore, Adrian attempts to get close to Cece in hopes of draining her powers and using them to free Kevin.

At the same time, Aunt Ginger, Amy, and Lola discover that Cece’s protective shield has been disabled, and she is susceptible to attacks from the Mystics. Furthermore, Amy and Lola have lost their powers after Adrian secretly drained them. However, Aunt Ginger helps the girls regain their powers, setting Adrian back in completing his goal. Cece moves into the dorms at the school and shares a room with Simone and Mia. Simon learns of Cece’s magical powers and helps the latter balance her life between magic and ballet. Adrian slowly siphons magical energy from the Wizens and formulates a plan to free Kevin once and for all.

Spellbound Ending: How Does Cece Break the Curse?

Toward the end of her first semester at the Paris Opera Ballet School, Armando reveals that the class will perform a ballet rendition of Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth.’ However, a supposed curse on the play seemingly caused every production of it to experience several problematic incidents. Cece uses her magical powers to manifest the dream casting for the play but accidentally casts a curse on her entire class. Eventually, Cece discovers that a traveling Wizen named Juliet Birdman had cursed Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ after the playwright stole her work. As a result, Cece, Amy, Lola, and Simone scramble to find a solution to break the curse.

Eventually, Cece finds Juliet trapped inside a theater as her curse spell is incomplete. She uses magic dust to control Cece and get her to complete the spell. Thus, Cece returns to rehearsing her ballet performance while visions of Juilet plague her mind. On the other hand, Aunt Ginger and Lizzie learn of the threat surrounding Cece. Therefore, they gather the other Wizens in the Paris chapter of their coven to perform a ritual that will protect Cece from the curse and break it.

Ultimately, Cece and her friends perform their rendition of the famous play in ballet form during the midseason showcase. However, when the performance ends, Cece disappears, and the fate of the curse is left unknown. Considering the work of the Wizens and Juliet’s manipulations, it seems Cece broke the curse under Juliet’s control. Nonetheless, it is unclear what completing the spell means for Juliet and how it will impact Cece. In the finale’s closing moments, Cece is dragged away by a mysterious cloaked figure while her friends celebrate their success on the stage.

Do Juliet and Kevin Escape?

In the finale, it is revealed that Juliet has been trapped in her own spell after she tried to destroy Shakespeare’s play for stealing her work. However, she got stuck in limbo and waited nearly 400 years for a Wizen to aid her in escaping the prison of her own creation. With the curse cast by Juliet seemingly breaking, it is likely that she has escaped limbo and could pose a major threat to Cece and the Wizens. On the other hand, the finale also sees Adrian pushing his plan to free Kevin from the dark dimension in the final stage. He uses the siphoned magical energy to turn the ballet dancers into temporary wizards.

When imbued with magical energy, the formation of the dancers created the perfect symbol for Adrian to rupture the dark dimension and free Kevin. However, before Adrian’s plan can succeed, Juliet’s spell is completed by Cece. Therefore, it seems like Adrian failed to free Kevin. It is heavily implied that the dimension in which Kevin is trapped mentally links him to Adrian. Therefore, the ending could imply that Kevin was freed and took over Adrian’s body. The finale ends with Adrian/Kevin dragging Cece away.

Ultimately, the first season ends on a major cliffhanger as Cece finds herself at the mercy of a Mystic. Therefore, she is at the risk of losing her magical powers. Moreover, the finale also sets up Juliet and Kevin as major threats that Cece will have to fight to protect her family, friends, and secret. Therefore, the season supposedly ends with the villains succeeding in their nefarious plots. As a result, the ending sets up an intriguing second installment that will likely see Cece going up against the forces of evil embodied by Juliet and Kevin.

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