Stranded with a Million Dollars: Where Are They Now?

‘Stranded with a Million Dollars,’ MTV’s riveting survival reality series, made its debut on February 21, 2017, thrusting contestants into a grueling 40-day challenge on a lonely island. The tantalizing twist? A tempting $1 million prize, but with a catch—every survival supply or luxury item comes at an exorbitant cost, meticulously deducted from the final cash reward. As the cast members battled the unforgiving elements, the dramatic highs and lows unfolded against the breathtaking backdrop of the deserted paradise. Faced with harsh choices, from shelter essentials to sustenance, the contestants navigated treacherous terrain, both natural and interpersonal, for a shot at financial glory.

Post-show, the aftermath was as diverse as the personalities that graced the island. Some walked away with a healthy balance in their accounts, having strategically spent and thrived. However, others were left with nothing but the invaluable currency of experience. The island had tested not only their survival skills but also their resilience and resourcefulness. In the wake of their shared struggle, each contestant embarked on their path, carrying the weight of their choices and the unpredictable nature of the island.

Alex Apple is a Reporter Today

Alex Apple emerged from the grueling experience with a transformed perspective on life. Struggling with a 22-pound weight loss and dehydration during the show, he sought solace and reconnection with his roots post-filming. Returning to his family in Nashville, he didn’t let the harsh island conditions deter him from pursuing his career in journalism and public speaking. Continuing as a Multimedia Journalist for WCAX-TV, he showcased resilience. Later, Apple transitioned to Brand Yourself, where he served as the VIP Brand Strategist for a year, showcasing his versatile skill set. A four-year stint as a reporter at WZTV followed until 2022, marking a period of professional growth.

Simultaneously, he embraced a role as Senior Writer, Editorial Content for Professional Media Group, LLC, until October 2023. From there, he seized an opportunity with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, stepping into the role of Deputy Communications Director and Press Secretary, solidifying his presence in the public sphere. As if balancing multiple roles wasn’t impressive enough, he became a reporter for Fox 17 News in Nashville. On the personal front, Apple’s life took a beautiful turn as he tied the knot with Hannah Apple in August 2021. The couple welcomed a baby boy in 2022, adding a new dimension to his journey.

Alonzo Gordon is Now a Singer

Alonzo Gordon, now known as Zoe White, transformed himself into a serial entrepreneur after the show. The author of several books, including ‘Clarity over Chaos’ and ‘The Notebook for Entrepreneurs,’ she displayed a multifaceted talent beyond the island. His clothing line, Confetti Clothing, became a notable venture. Amidst his entrepreneurial endeavors, she took a hiatus to focus on business-related pursuits, paving the way for his return to the spotlight. In the music realm, he teased new releases for 2024, including the album “Why You So Quiet 3” featuring tracks like “Really” and “Facetime.”

Adding to his repertoire, Gordon established Splash Venture Group, an event marketing company that gained prominence. In April 2024, he has planned to host an NFL Combine Conference, further solidifying his presence in the business world. However, his personal life took some unpredictable turns. He also appeared on ‘Divorce Court’ with his wife, Amanda Rodriguez, with whom he shares a child. The current status of their marriage remains unclear but they have reportedly separated. In 2023, Gordon shared photos of himself with a new companion, hinting at a fresh start. Venturing into modeling, he showcased yet another facet of his dynamic personality. He is now settled in Buffalo, New York.

Ashley Mercer Works at Amarr Garage Doors Today

Ashley Mercer found herself shedding more than just pounds on the remote island. Post-show, she embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Lawrence to pursue studies at the University of Kansas. However, the uncertainties of academia led her to leave school, prompting her to find her path outside the classroom. Currently, she is employed at Amarr Garage Doors. Despite the weight loss during the island stint, she gained invaluable lessons about appreciating everyday luxuries and not taking them for granted. Grateful for the life-changing opportunity, Mercer forged lasting friendships through the experience.

Bria Fleming is The Founder of a Beauty Line

Bria Fleming ventured beyond the confines of the show to make a mark in the entertainment industry. Notable for her appearances on various TV series, she features on ‘Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard‘ with a substantial role across eight episodes. Her presence extended to the lively ‘BravoCon Live with Andy Cohen’ in 2023. Adding to her TV repertoire, Fleming made a guest appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ in 2023, showcasing her dynamic persona. Beyond reality TV, she made a foray into acting, portraying Sandy in the 2022 production ‘Room 203,’ showcasing her versatility on-screen. Earlier roles include ‘Heavens to Betsy,’ where she served as a wardrobe supervisor.

Diversifying her portfolio, Fleming emerged as a businesswoman, proudly owning Bria Beauty Cosmetics, House of Louisa, and Bria Skin brands. Not confined to solo ventures, she has engaged in numerous collaborations, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. Adding a personal touch to her public persona,she is romantically involved with Simon Marco, and the couple is known for their extensive travels. Their adventures are complemented by the presence of their pet dog, Milo, adding a touch of warmth to their journey.

Christopher Lacerra is Now a Sales Director

Christopher Lacerra ventured into the world of academia after the intense island experience. After the show, he enrolled himself in Salem State University and pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a focus on Finance and Financial Management Service. His dedication paid off as he successfully graduated in 2020, marking a significant milestone in his academic journey. However, Lacerra’s ambitions extended beyond the classroom. Embracing the realm of acting, he landed a role in the pre-production phase of ‘Daywalk Hills,’ where he is rumored to portray the character of Sheriff. Also, he showcased his acting prowess in the 2020 short film ‘The Haven Project,’ playing the role of Evan.

The diversity of his roles demonstrates Lacerra’s commitment to exploring various facets of the entertainment industry. Outside the realm of entertainment, he has made a mark in the professional world. Since February 2024, he has served as a Sales Representative at Vivint, showcasing his skills in sales and customer relations. Furthermore, his role as Sales Director at Winible, starting in August 2023, adds another layer to his professional portfolio. Not limiting himself to conventional avenues, he has ventured into online commercial business, leveraging the digital landscape for entrepreneurial pursuits.

Cody Dunlap Makes a Living Creating Sports Content

Cody Dunlap charted a unique course after his time on the show. Until 2019, he contributed his expertise to eBay. He now specializes in teaching people how to make a living, creating sports content on social media under the umbrella of Sports Betting Education. Transitioning into the Texas Army National Guard in 2019, Dunlap assumed the role of National Guard Recruiter by blending his military service with his professional journey. His entrepreneurial spirit soared as he delved into affiliate marketing, expanding his footprint in the digital landscape.

Demonstrating a taste for luxury, he made a significant purchase in June 2023—an impressive $300,000 Lamborghini, marking a symbol of his success and achievements. Balancing his online presence, Dunlap manages a flourishing YouTube channel and TikTok account, engaging with audiences on various platforms. His personal life took a significant turn in 2019 when he married Autumn Maurer Dunlap. Welcoming a baby named Forrest in 2023, the Dunlap family resides in Texas.

Eilish Rodriguez is a Powerlifter Today

Eilish Rodriguez transitioned into a life that seamlessly blended strength, resilience, and personal evolution. In 2017, she showcased her acting skills in the short movie ‘Agnostic,’ offering audiences a glimpse of her multifaceted talents beyond the reality TV landscape. Rodriguez, weighing 60kg, also revealed her prowess as a USPA Powerlifter, showcasing her dedication to fitness. She embraces a life immersed in the gym, evolving into a dedicated powerlifter. Actively participating in various events, she became associated with American Strength & Fitness LLC, cementing her presence in the fitness community. Rodriguez, already a mother to her son Shivo, welcomed a daughter in 2017, marking a pivotal moment in her personal life.

Married to her then-husband, Nico, at the tender age of 18, Rodriguez’s journey took an unexpected turn. Recent social media posts have hinted at a separation. Sharing a photo with her new boyfriend, Chance Trujillo, she signifies a new chapter in her personal life. Despite facing challenges, including a car accident in 2020 resulting in a broken nose, Rodriguez exudes happiness and health.

Gina Lam Johnson Keeps Her Life Private

Gina Lam has chosen a more private path. Currently, she resides in San Diego, California. Lam keeps her life discreet, offering minimal glimpses into her personal affairs. Despite the privacy, it’s known that she tied the knot with M. Johnson, adopting the name Gina Lam Johnson in her married life. The specifics of her journey remain guarded, highlighting her commitment to maintaining a low profile.

Michael Schuur is a Model Today

Michael Schuur has carved a niche for himself in the realms of fashion and lifestyle. The year 2020 saw him stepping into the music scene, making appearances in notable music videos such as “On My Body” and “Half Of What You Do.” Beyond visuals, Schuur extends his influence through brand collaborations, showcasing a flair for aesthetics and branding.

While his once-active blog is now dormant, he keeps his digital presence vibrant as the co-host of the podcast ‘Fame Adjacent,’ a platform where he shares insights and engages with a diverse audience. His advisory role at Cheeterz Club, an eyewear industry, further highlights his involvement in the fashion industry. Associated with Sovereign Talent Group, Schuur continues to make waves, seamlessly blending his creative endeavors with a strategic business approach.

Natalie “Makani” Paul Continued to Take Part in Survival Shows

Natalie “Makani” Paul continued to venture into survivalist TV shows. With appearances on ‘Naked and Afraid XL‘ in 2015 and ‘Naked and Afraid‘ in 2019, she showcased her survival skills, earning accolades for her resilience. In 2023, she took on the challenge once again in the TV series ‘Fight to Survive,’ further establishing herself as a seasoned survivalist. Beyond the wilderness, Paul’s artistic spirit found expression through photography, adding a visual dimension to her creative pursuits. Venturing into the world of music, she released her album, “Dreamer and Drifter,” in 2022.

Affiliated with We Are Third Bridge since June 2022, she has seamlessly navigated between her artistic endeavors and business affiliations. She currently resides in Venice and has found love with Cristina Kaiser. Her role as a dog mom to Kashi highlights her affection for her furry companion, representing a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life.

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