Hulu’s Such Brave Girls Season 2 Begins Production in England in October

BBC Three and Hulu’s British sitcom ‘Such Brave Girls‘ is gearing up for the production of its recently ordered six-part second season. The principal photography for the upcoming installment will start in England in October. Kat Sadler, who created the comedy-drama, also wrote the second season, with Simon Bird returning to helm the episodes.

The first season finale of the show centers on the funeral of Josie and Billie Johnson’s grandmother before ending on a cliffhanger. The unexpected return of her ex-boyfriend, Seb (Freddie Meredith), complicates Josie’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance of her sexuality. Throughout the first installment, Josie struggles to come to terms with being a lesbian. Pressured by her mother and unable to break up with Seb, she reluctantly gets engaged with another man. As Josie and the family abandon Seb at the gas station in the middle of nowhere and drive away, his appearance at the end indicates that their story is far from over.

The second installment may mainly revolve around the aftermath of Seb’s reappearance in the lives of Josie and her family members. Seb may not take Josie’s betrayal well, which makes us consider the possibility of him further causing trouble in Josie’s life. Josie and Billie may also make a decision concerning meeting their father, especially after their disappointment of not seeing him at the funeral of their grandmother. We will most likely get to know Deb’s true feelings regarding Josie’s sexuality in the sophomore season as well.

As far as the cast of the upcoming installment is concerned, we can expect Sadler as Josie Johnson, Louise Brealey as Deb Johnson, and Lizzie Davidson as Billie Johnson to lead the ensemble. The returnees may include Freddie Meredith as Seb and Paul Bazely as Dev Wilson.

Creator Kat Sadler has admitted to having based ‘Such Brave Girls’ on her personal experiences. The actress and television producer, who won two BAFTA Television Awards for her work on the show, began her career in the late 2010s doing comedy sketches. Sadler’s credits include episodes of the talk show ‘Frankie Boyle’s New World Order’ and the teen drama ‘Tell Me Everything,’ as well as the additional rewrites for ‘Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable.’

Despite being commissioned after a successful pilot episode in 2021, the filming for the first season of the show only began two years later, in May 2023, merely six months before its November premiere. These dates suggest a promising early release of the second season.

The upcoming production is expected to revisit some of the locations previously used for the first season, which mainly include the Merseyside metropolitan county, including Wirral Peninsula and Knowsley. The first installment was also shot in neighboring coastal towns and villages, including Heswall, Gayton, West Kirby, Higher Bebington, and Thurstaston, as well as the Shotwick village of Cheshire ceremonial county.

England is a popular filming destination for globally renowned television shows, including Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton,’ the ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Acolyte,’ and HBO’s historical drama ‘House of the Dragon.’

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