Danielle Olivera: Summer House Star is Single Again

At 35, Danielle Olivera, a familiar face from ‘Summer House‘ season 2, which debuted on Bravo TV in January 2018, has ventured beyond reality TV. In 2023, she showcased her versatility with appearances in ‘Scorched Earth’ and a minor role in the 2018 film ‘Dirt Merchants: Rebelistic.’ Balancing her on-screen presence, Olivera delves into the FinTech realm and shines as the founder of Donne App, a fashion-centric application. While her professional endeavors are thriving, the whispers about her romantic life echo in the air, leaving fans curious about her current relationship status and the mystery behind her significant other.

Danielle Olivera’s Dating Life Has Evolved Since the Show

Danielle Olivera’s romantic journey has been a rollercoaster, filled with twists, turns, and a cast of intriguing characters. The 35-year-old made her first splash on reality TV in 2018, joining ‘Summer House’ season 2 on Bravo TV. However, her dating escapades extend beyond the small screen. In the annals of her dating history, the chapter with Carl Radke opened in 2015. Their brief romance took an unexpected turn when Carl introduced Danielle as his ex-girlfriend and then-friend in ‘Summer House’ season 2. This laid the groundwork for an intriguing dynamic within the house.

Fast forward to 2020, and she found love with Robert, a chef from ‘Summer House’ season 5. The couple embarked on a love-filled journey, exploring places like Cincinnati and reveling in their connection. However, after two and a half years, the pair decided to part ways. The breakup was officially announced in 2022. Speaking openly to E! News, Danielle shared that she had been the first to voice concerns about their relationship. According to her, she expressed unhappiness, and during their conversation, it escalated into a lot more, causing the bubble to burst. The breakup was amicable, with Robert admitting that he couldn’t make her happy at that particular moment.

Addressing the breakup, Danielle acknowledged an emotional connection between Robert and someone he was working with. She admitted discomfort discussing it during ‘Winter House filming,’ indicating that the new girlfriend’s presence was known even before the season started. Even fellow cast member Ciara Miller supported claims of frequent couple arguments. Despite the breakup, she emphasized that there’s no animosity between her and Robert, and they retain love and respect for each other. She did what she said and has not deleted any pictures of him from her Instagram.

Adding another layer to her dating history, she shared a romantic kiss with then-cast mate Luke Gulbranson off-screen before her appearance on ‘Summer House’ season 5. Danielle revealed during the show that she would be dishonest if she claimed not to have had a crush on Luke. She admitted to making a move, explaining that she kissed him. He reciprocated, but then he withdrew, confessing that he still had feelings for his ex. The whole situation, she added, was utterly mortifying.

Danielle Olivera Dated Southern Hospitality Star Joe Bradley For Four Months

Winter House‘ season 3 brought a new romantic interest for Danielle Olivera in the form of ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘ alum Alex Propson. However, by November 2023, she confirmed that she and Alex were no longer together. The dating carousel continued, and in 2023, ‘Southern Hospitality’ star Joe Bradley entered the scene. Their connection blossomed after meeting at BravoCon in November 2023. Joe expressed his adoration for Danielle, highlighting the quick connection that led to multiple visits, including celebrating her birthday week in December 2023.

In an interview on the ‘Not Skinny But Not Fat’ podcast, she delved into the details of her relationship with Joe Bradley. Leva Bonaparte’s endorsement played a pivotal role, and Danielle expressed a desire for something more serious, signaling a shift from casual dating. However, the Joe-Danielle story took an unexpected turn in February 2024. Joe Bradley, during an interview on the ‘Gabbing with Gib’ podcast, broke the news of their breakup. He described it as a mutual decision, citing that he wasn’t ready for dating someone like her.

Despite the split, Danielle has remained resilient, focusing on her journey in ‘Summer House’ season 8, which premiered on February 22, 2024. Post-breakup, it seems like Danielle is not yet ready to address the breakup and appears to be engrossed in the new season of the show. As the season unfolds, viewers will witness whether she finds a new connection or even her soulmate on the reality TV stage. In the realm of love, her story is a captivating tale of highs, lows, and unexpected turns, proving that the quest for love is as unpredictable as the reality TV world itself.

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