Is Winter House Scripted? Is the TV Show Fake or Real?

A spinoff of Bravo’s ‘Summer House,’ reality series ‘Winter House’ brings its cast members to a luxurious winter home for a two-week vacation. You can see familiar faces from ‘Southern Charm’ and ‘Summer House’ together for a fun-filled trip with games, parties, romance, and loads of drama. It follows these young castmates and friends as they form friendships and open up to each other in front of the camera. Since the series premiered in 2021, the first two seasons of the show were based in Vermont.

The third season takes them on a journey to a different home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The most exciting part about this getaway is the relationships these participants are able to form. Since some couples have already been together for a while and others are exploring their options, a lot gets said in heated moments. These exchanges can seem overly dramatic, raising questions about how true the show is.

How Much of Winter House is Scripted?

Some incidents in ‘Winter House’ have certainly taken an overly dramatic turn, forcing fans to question if the exchanges are real. Most of these instances have usually been clarified by the castmates themselves on social media or through interviews. ‘Summer House’ regulars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, who are now married and whose relationship has been portrayed extensively over the seasons, are one such couple in a stable relationship in ‘Winter House.’ Since Cooke’s regularity on the show has also made him the official host and organizer of the winter lodge, his ability to influence has been questioned, which he was more than happy to clarify.

“I think there’s a little bit of a misconception that I’m a producer and I have a say in casting. I always have preferences, but I have no say at the end of the day,” he said. There was another incident where Luke Gulbranson left the show temporarily after a spat with Craig Conover regarding how the former made Jessica Stocker and Craig’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, uncomfortable. Since the fight went out of control, it felt staged to a lot of people. However, the production clarified that they found a nearby accommodation for Luke after the spat. Since then, the pair have also maintained a real distance after accepting their differences. Other instances with the castmates also point to the real nature of the show.

Many have admitted that they entered the show with a clean slate, hoping to pick on the vibe and see how things go since they’re expected to depict their real personalities. Austen Kroll and Craig also admitted in a podcast that after ‘Southern Charm,’ they were not used to surveillance cameras in ‘Winter House,’ indicating that there’s a lot of raw footage of them available truly depicting how each of them reacts to things. Being an Instagram influencer, Paige has also been recorded live-streaming brand collaborations to her followers from the house itself, satiating fans’ curiosities about the many packages and boxes they noticed that didn’t make sense.

As the other castmates have also admitted to their relationships and hookups outside the show and even made some stable relationships Instagram official, most accounts seem to suggest that ‘Winter House’ is not scripted. Even the most dramatic instances and fights, like the one between Paige and Craig, have been clarified by the castmates to be a reflection of their real emotions. There are some instances from raw footage with deep conversations that have even surprised the castmates after the episode aired, but it all seems to be a result of the complex dynamic of so many friends stuck in the same place for a certain period of time.

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