Survivor 40: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor: Winners at War,’ the 40th season of the hit CBS show, premiered on February 12, 2020, bringing back 20 former winners competing for a record-breaking $2 million prize. Hosted by the iconic Jeff Probst, this all-star season celebrated two decades of ‘Survivor’ history with intense strategy, epic challenges, and nostalgic moments. As we look back on this extraordinary season, let’s catch up with the ‘Winners at War’ contestants today. Where are these ‘Survivor’ legends now, and how has their journey continued after the historic battle for the title of Sole Survivor?

Tony Vlachos Has Continued as a Police Officer

Tony Vlachos, the winner of ‘Survivor 40,’ continues to lead a multi-faceted life. Balancing his role as an American police officer in New Jersey, Tony maintains a low profile for his personal affairs. Married to Marissa, with two children, Constantine Anthony and Anastasia Marie, Tony excels at keeping his family life discreet. Outside of his law enforcement duties, Tony has ventured into real estate, leveraging his ‘Survivor’ winnings to invest in properties. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2020, Tony also shared insights into his post-‘Survivor’ journey, highlighting his successful real estate ventures and the construction of his new family home.

Natalie Anderson Has Found His Soulmate

Natalie Anderson, the resilient runner-up of ‘Survivor 40,’ has undergone a series of life changes. Initially known for her role as a CrossFit trainer, Natalie ventured into reality TV further by participating in ‘The Challenge’ in 2020-2021. However, a sudden pregnancy caused Natalie to be disqualified from the show. In a candid conversation with US Magazine, Natalie opened up about the heartbreak of experiencing a miscarriage after the show.

Amidst these challenges, she channels her energy into being an ardent fitness enthusiast, regularly sharing workout updates and engaging in brand collaborations. Seemingly, Natalie has found love again as she got engaged to Devin Perez in 2021. Additionally, Natalie finds joy in sharing fun moments with her twin sister Nadiya’s kids, adding a touch of family warmth to her journey.

Michele Fitzgerald Currently Works in The Tourism Industry

Michele Fitzgerald has now ventured into the tourism industry, holding the position of Business Development Manager at Palace Resorts since 2018. In her personal life, Michele has been romantically linked with a few ‘Survivor’ contestants, including Wendell Holland, whom she dated before coming to season 40. As per the reports of E News, she also dated Dean Kowalski. Despite her reality TV success, Michele’s journey extended to MTV’s ‘The Challenge,’ where she competed in various seasons, showcasing her versatility.

In 2021, Michele not only took on ‘The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies‘ but also ventured into entrepreneurship by launching a line of scented soy candles in collaboration with Wax Cabin Candle Co. Her foray continued with appearances on CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA 2.’ Currently, Michele appears to be navigating the single life, focusing on her career and varied interests.

Sarah Lacina Delves into the World of Hunting Nowadays

Sarah Lacina has seamlessly transitioned from her strategic triumphs on the island to conquering challenges in the world of reality TV. Sarah’s list of accomplishments extends to her victories in ‘The Challenge: USA’ and participation in ‘The Challenge: World Championship’ in 2022. Balancing her roles as a wife to Wyatt, a mother to son Knox, and a dedicated police officer, Sarah’s life is full of joy and thrill.

In a surprising twist, Sarah is not only a reality TV champion but also a seasoned hunter, delving into the outdoors. Her commitment to fitness pursuits is evident, reflecting her resilience and determination. Notably, in 2018, Sarah undertook the World Marathon Challenge, an extraordinary feat involving seven marathons in seven days across seven continents, showcasing her indomitable spirit. Her multifaceted life showcases the dynamic nature of her journey beyond ‘Survivor,’ making her a force to be reckoned with both on and off-screen.

Ben Driebergen is a Realtor Today

Ben Driebergen, the triumphant winner of ‘Survivor 35,’ has seamlessly transitioned into the world of reality television. After the show, he again competed in reality TV shows like ‘The Challenge: USA‘ and ‘The Challenge: World Championship.’ He now excels as a real estate agent. He shares his diverse interests on social media, including circle track, car racing, gunsmithing, family camping adventures, and a rigorous physical training routine. Ben’s family, including his wife Kelly and their two children, Wyatt and Gracie, play a central role in his life, adding a touch of warmth to his thriving pursuits. The family lives in Boise now.

Denise Stapley is a Mental Health Therapist Now

Denise Stapley has undergone a remarkable transformation since her time on the show. Engaging actively in fitness activities and following a strict regime, Denise has embraced a new chapter in her life. Now on Cameo, she offers personalized shoutouts to fans. Originating from Iowa, Denise holds the distinction of being one of only two American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) certified sex therapists in the state. As the Owner and therapist at Denise Stapley LMHC, PLC, she balances her professional life with personal happiness. Happily married to Brad, Denise is the mother of a daughter named Sydney and shares her life with two dogs.

Nick Wilson is Going To Be a Father Again

Nick Wilson, the winner of ‘Survivor 37,’ has ventured into politics, creating both impact and controversy. Serving as a representative in the Kentucky House of Representatives, Nick faced scrutiny for his support of SB 150, a legislation criticized as anti-LGBTQIA. Defending his vote, Nick explained to The People that the legislation aims to protect minors from life-altering decisions, drawing parallels to the OxyContin epidemic. Despite the controversy, Nick still believes that it’s not ‘anti-trans’ legislation. More recently, he introduced a new bill, HB 269.

An error during drafting led to the omission of “first cousins” from the covered relationships, which stirred the chaos. Nick swiftly addressed the mistake on his official Facebook Account and pledged to refile the bill with the correction intact, which he later refiled. Apart from the political criticism, he has found happiness and calmness in his marital life. He is happily married to his longtime partner, Grizel Vilchez, and the couple welcomed their first child, Malachi, in early 2023. Now one more reason for joy is on the way in Nick’s life, as the couple is expecting another child, a boy in 2024.

Jeremy Collins is Still a Firefighter

Jeremy Collins has continued to serve as a firefighter with the Cambridge Fire Department in Massachusetts, even after the show. He has built a fulfilling family life with his wife Val Collins. Together, they are proud parents of two daughters, Jordyn and Camryn, and two sons, Remy and Lenyx.

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe is The HGTV Designer Today

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, the strategic ‘Survivor’ castaway, has found happiness in her marriage to Bryan Wolfe. The couple shares the joy of raising three children together: Michael Thomas, August Jane, and Walt. Beyond her Survivor success, Kim has embraced a new role as the host of the HGTV series ‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’

Sophie Clarke is Working at Elevance Health

Sophie Clarke is happily married to Robert Shady. The couple has two children together, Robinson Bullard and Teal Georgina. In her professional life, Sophie serves as the Head of Clinical Service Line Strategy & Partnerships at Elevance Health, leveraging her skills honed at McKinsey & Company.

Tyson Apostol is a Podcaster Today

Tyson Apostol now hosts podcasts, including ‘The Ringer’ and ‘Rob Has a Podcast.’ He is happily married to Rachel. The couple shares the joy of raising two daughters, Bergen Rose and Marlowe Maeve. Beyond the world of ‘Survivor,’ Tyson competed on CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA‘ in 2022, finishing in 2nd place. Since November 2023, he has taken on the role of a Brand Ambassador for Imperial, Chubbies Shorts, and FILA, while also serving as a Host at Major League Pickleball.

Adam Klein is Getting Married

Adam Klein, a philanthropist, turned personal tragedy into a platform for noble causes. Following the loss of his mother, Adam’s journey extended to Las Vegas, where he established a successful business and engaged in reality TV casting workshops. He also co-hosted travel shows like ‘Taiwan: Off The Grid’ and ‘Coin Flip Trip.’ He actively participates in charitable endeavors, aligning himself with initiatives supporting Give Kids The World Village and cancer research with the thought of helping those in need. Engaged to Kailey Lynn since 2022, the couple is gearing up for a joyous wedding in 2024, marking the next chapter in Adam’s eventful life.

Wendell Holland Has Crafted a Successful Professional Life

Wendell Holland, the victorious winner of ‘Survivor 36,’ has made strides in his professional life post-show. Wendell serves as a Furniture Designer at Beve Unlimited, residing in Philadelphia. He has ventured into hosting by co-hosting ‘Hot Mess House’ in 2020. He also participated in ‘Beach Cabana Royale’ and ‘The GOAT.’ However, Wendell’s personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. After a brief relationship with Michele Fitzgerald, he found love with Chelsea Brooks, resulting in the birth of their son, Wendell Carter, in May 2023. Yet, this joy was short-lived, as Wendell faced controversy over alleged involvement with a new ‘Survivor’ winner, leading to his breakup with Chelsea, which Collider reported. Acknowledging his mistakes, he has now immersed himself in podcasting, co-hosting ‘Brice And Wen Present’ with Brice Izyah. Professionally,

Yul Kwon Works At Google Now

Yul Kwon, former head of Facebook’s privacy program, has taken on the role of VP of Product Management at Google. In 2022, he participated in the USA Network show ‘Snake In The Grass’ alongside other Survivor alums. Yul now shares his life with his wife Sophie and their two daughters, Genevie and Kaylin.

Sandra Diaz-Twine Lives in Washington Now

Sandra Diaz-Twine remains active in the reality TV scene after season 40 ended. She participated in Australian ‘Survivor: Blood VS Water’ and ‘The Traitors’ season 2. Apart from a successful professional career, she has a strong household too. Sandra now enjoys her life with her husband Marcus and their two children, Tatiana and Alanna. She is presently a resident of Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Parvati Shallow Has Come Out as Queer

Parvati Shallow, another iconic ‘Survivor’ figure, has had notable developments in her personal life. In 2021, she filed for divorce from John, citing irreconcilable differences. Parvati co-authored a children’s book, ‘Om the Otter,’ inspired by her friendship with Ethan during their time on the show, In September 2023, Parvati joined the cast of the second season of the Peacock reality competition series ‘The Traitors.’ She announced the finalization of her divorce from John in the first episode. Additionally, Parvati came out as queer on December 30, 2023, and is currently in a relationship with comedian Mae Martin.

Ethan Zohn is a Philanthropist Today

Ethan Zohn, a prominent figure known for his resilience and philanthropy, is currently married to interior designer Lisa Heywood. He is a staunch animal rights advocate and co-founder of Grassroot Soccer. An international keynote speaker, Ethan has survived cancer twice and played in the 2023 Pan Am Maccabi Games. He celebrated his 50th birthday in November 2023. He was also recognized in “The Jewish 100,” under Tel Aviv Institute’s Top 100 Most Influential Jewish Voices, in 2023.

Danni Boatwright is The Owner of a Clothing Brand Now

Danni Boatwright, winner of ‘Survivor 11,’ has undergone significant life changes. She is now married to Casey Wiegmann, a former NFL center, and they have two sons, Bo and Stone. Danni owns Official Sideline Chic, a clothing brand, and serves as an on-air personality for 610 Sports KCSP in Kansas City, hosting ‘Sports Rap.’ Additionally, she has contributed to the fantasy football show ‘The Fantasy Show’ on ESPN2.

Rob Mariano and Amber Marino are Still Happily Married

Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano, the iconic ‘Survivor’ couple, continue to thrive in their marriage. They tied the knot in 2005 and remain happily married. As a power couple, they have four daughters together—Isabetta Rose, Adelina Rose, Lucia Rose, and Carina Rose. Rob has recently filmed for the ‘Deal or No Deal Island’ show, set to air soon. He also participated in the WSOP (World Series of Poker) previously. Rob operates a dedicated website where he sells cookbooks, merchandise, and shares family blogs. The Mariano family resides in sunny Pensacola, Florida, engaging in home renovation projects together and releasing apparel under the brand, Mariano Design and Construction.

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