Survivor Season 2: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Far from the comfort and ease of the urban world, ‘Survivor’ features sixteen participants who put their mental and physical acumen to the test to survive on a deserted island. Stranded without any amenities and necessities, the contestants are divided into tribes and try to locate water, food, and shelter on their own. With each season upping the ante, the reality television show features numerous exhilarating and tense moments. Also known as ‘Survivor: The Australian Outback,’ season 2 of the show brought several twists and turns.

Tina Wesson is Embracing New Adventures in Her 60s Today

After walking away with the prize, the 40-year-old nurse from Tennessee went on to explore the horizons of her abilities and interests much more. The star went on to work in hospitality and travel to places like Africa and London and stayed at the base camp of Mount Everest as well. She reappeared on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ and starred in ‘The 3.’ Now in her 60s, the mother of two continues to embark on new adventures with her family, friends, children, and husband. Tina also occasionally reconnects with her former cast members and eagerly looks forward to new challenges.

Colby Donaldson is Balancing Ranch Life and Production Work

Vying for the prize, Colby ultimately lost the title to Tina. Nevertheless, the aspiring actor continued to climb the ladder of success and returned to the show again. After his appearance in season 2, Colby appeared on ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ and ‘Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains.’ Aside from his jaunt on reality television, he has hosted, ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Butcher,’ ‘Alone,’ and ‘Top Shot.’ The TV personality currently lives at his ranch in Montana but also dabbles in production and works as a steel designer. He consistently enjoys outside activities and dedicates time to his friends and family.

Keith Famie is a Globetrotting Chef and Award-Winning Filmmaker Now

After losing out the top spot and coming in third, Keith continued to climb the heights of success as a director, producer, writer, chef, and restaurateur. After exiting the show, he quickly became a globetrotting chef for the Food Network and directed human interest documentaries for PBS. Over the years, the filmmaker has been awarded twelve Michigan Emmys for his movies like ‘Those on the Front Lines of Alzheimer’s & Dementia’ and ‘Those on the Front Lines of Cancer.’

Keith is also an author and has written ‘Living Through the Lens’ and ‘Papa’s Rules For Life.’ The reality TV star continues to create new memories with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Keith’s latest work includes, ‘Detroit: City of Hot Rods and Muscle Cars.’

Elisabeth Filarski is Focusing on Family and Authorship

After placing fourth on the show, the graduate from Boston College starred in famous productions like ‘Entourage,’ ‘Made of Honor,’ ‘Madea Goes to Jail,’ and ‘Ugly Betty.’ Elisabeth later married NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck and was a host for shows like ‘The View,’ and ‘Fox and Friends.’ She has since taken a step back from the media and continues celebrating life with her husband and three children. Elisabeth is also an author; her works include, ‘Point of View,’ ‘Flashlight Night,’ and ‘Deliciously G-Free.’ The reality TV star is devout and regularly shares wisdom on social media.

Image Credit: Elisabeth Hasselbeck/Instagram

Rodger Bingham is Serving the Community and Running The Barn at Belle Hills

Winning viewers’ hearts as a well-liked father, Rodger made the ultimate sacrifice when he asked to be voted off the show so that Elisabeth Filarski could accede. Since then, the Kentucky-based father took up a job with the state’s Department of Agriculture and even built a wedding venue on his farm known as The Barn at Belle Hills. The star remains an integral part of his community and is even a recurrent speaker at his local church.

Amber Brkich is Enjoying Parenthood and Marriage

Despite her early exit from ‘Survivor: Australian Outback,’ the Pennyslvanian-based reality TV contestant had returned to ‘Survivor: All Stars’ and walked away with the prize and title. Besides, Amber competed on ‘Survivor: Winners At War’ and has since married fellow castmate Rob Mariano. The couple are now parents to four daughters.

Nick Brown is Focusing on Family Life Now

Coming in seventh on the show, Nick left the Australian outbacks and continued his studies in law. Since then, the dynamic leader quickly entered the world of politics. After becoming the first Federal Prosecutor as a Black man, the star was later appointed to the Senate by President Joe Biden. Since his exit, the former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington has enjoyed his life with his wife, Tessa M. Gorman, and his family.

Jerri Manthey is Leading Her Production Company and Podcast

Despite her early exit from the show, Jerri came to the arena once more and staged tough competition in ‘Survivor: All Stars’ and ‘Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.’ Aside from her time on television, she exceeded in her career. Jerri is currently managing Jerri Manthey Productions and is the Creative Director for her podcast, ‘Hit The Ground Running With Jerri Manthey.’ Over the years, the reality TV star had dabbled in different industries as a sommelier and chef and even acted in productions like, ‘TMI Hollywood,’ ‘Chloe’s Prayer,’ and ‘Mr. Lucke.’

Alicia Calaway is Advancing as a Personal Trainer in NYC

Renowned for her infamous finger wave at Kimmi, Alicia’s journey post-‘Survivor’ has been just as exciting. The contestant went on to star in the television series ‘Half & Half.’ In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alicia reflected on how she ultimately regretted losing her cool on the show. Nevertheless, she is still progressing as a personal trainer in New York City.

Jeff Varner is Exploring New Ventures and Travel

Jeff’s stint on ‘Survivor: Australian Outback’ became the first of many appearances on the series. In addition to his appearances on ‘Survivor: Cambodia,’ and ‘Survivor: Game Changers,’ the reality TV star has continued to work as a writer. Jeff’s journey in ‘Survivor: Game Changers’ remains infamous. After he outed castmate Zeke Smith as transgender, the star incurred a lot of backlash. Nevertheless, he clarified his stance and profusely apologized for his mistake. While Jeff has since sat out on his role as a journalist, he continues to explore other avenues of success as a Cameo creator and traveler.

Michael Skupin is Motivating Others as a Speaker and Entrepreneur

Aside from his two-time stint on ‘Survivor,’ Michael Skupin accrued legal trouble after his exit from season 2 of the reality show. In 2016, he was charged with counts of larceny and possession of child pornography and sentenced to four years on probation. Ultimately, Michael was released in 2017 on parole and has since continued to work as a motivational speaker and has his own venture dedicated to the same. The reality star speaks at church, youth groups, and camps. He is also the Director of Business Development for VISA/MC.

Kimmi Kappenberg is Embracing Motherhood and Motorcycle Rallies

Outside the Australian outbacks, Kimmi journeyed from a bartender in Long Island to a mother and biker in Houston. Aside from taking care of her children, Karter and Kannon, the reality star, spends her time attending motorcycle rallies. The mother of two has also found love again following her divorce from her husband. The former ‘Survivor’ contestant had made her last appearance on ‘Survivor: Cambodia’ and has since kept her work and life under wraps.

Mitchell Olson is Pursuing Music and Entrepreneurship Amid Challenges

The aspiring singer-songwriter continued to climb the road to success even after his days on ‘Survivor.’ Not only did he fulfill his aspirations as a singer/songwriter, but he also ventured into business and became an entrepreneur. Mitchell additionally works as a Pageant Entertainer. Sadly, despite his success, he has also faced his share of issues. From having to bear homophobic remarks in the supermarket to getting threats in his mail, the star and his husband, Mark Schmidt, have been on the receiving end of several travails. Regardless, the star continues progressing with his friends and partner.

Maralyn Hershey is Enjoying Retirement Now

Image Credit: Maralyn Hershey/Twitter

Maralyn “Mad Dog” Hershey had been one of the first women to do street patrol in the streets of Washington. As a retired Commanding Officer, she had the right skills to help herself through the challenges. However, the officer was booted quite early due to a lack of support from her tribe members. Since then, the reality TV star has enjoyed her retirement with family and friends. In 2007, Maralyn ran for the position of Sheriff for her hometown in Virginia. The star also shares her opinion on politics and other matters on Twitter.

Kel Gleason is Living a Quiet Life Now

After a spat with a fellow cast member, the army officer soon gained the badge of trust. The reality star became known for sewing beef jerky into his shorts and even earned a slew of commercials for beef jerky following his exit. Kel was additionally a model briefly and judged the Miss Universe pageant in 2001. However, aside from his brief renown in the media, the star has largely stayed away from the public and continues living far from media attention.

Debb Eaton is Retired and Maintaining Privacy Now

Having earned the ire of her teammates, Debb was ousted relatively early on the show. Even after she left the show, the star was the center of public consternation when news of her alleged engagement to her stepson, who was 11 years her junior, got out. Nevertheless, Debb refuted the rumors later, and since then, the corrections officer in a men’s prison has retired from duty and continues to keep her life under wraps.

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