Sylvia Hoeks Cast in Floyd Russ’ The Taming; to be Filmed in the UK

Sylvia Hoeks has joined the cast of Floyd Russ’ period drama film ‘The Taming.’ The filming of the project will start in the United Kingdom on an undisclosed date. The movie, set during the Great Depression in the midwestern states of America, revolves around the life of Robert, a notable faith-healing preacher who gets commanded by Jesus Christ to go back to his hometown and marry Margaret, a farmer’s daughter. Together, the couple have to develop their own church and work towards curing the ill on the family farm of her parents. However, when Margaret almost dies during childbirth, a helpless Robert, to save the life of his wife and their baby, is compelled to make a deal with the Devil. The couple’s faith is tested when the Devil ushers them through terrors of doubt and mistrust that take them further away from Christ.

The two-time Emmy Award-winning director Floyd Russ, who is known primarily for his noteworthy commercials for Apple, Under Armour, Google, Gilette, and Infiniti, is helming the film. Russ directed the documentary series ‘American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing,’ based on the Boston Marathon bombing, for Netflix. He made his feature directorial debut by helming ‘Ayar,’ starring Ariana Ron Pedrique. The film follows a first-generation Latin-American, who is out of work amidst the pandemic. She attempts to reconnect with the daughter she had wilfully abandoned to follow her dreams of stardom years before. Russ also directed the biographical Netflix short ‘Zion,’ an inspirational story that revolves around Zion Clark, an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

Hoeks will play Margaret in the film. The actress portrayed Queen Sibeth Kane, the ruler of the Payan Kingdom, in Apple TV+’s science-fiction thriller series ‘See’ alongside Jason Momoa. In ‘Plan A,’ a film about a group of Holocaust survivors and their desire to take revenge, Hoeks appeared as Anna. The actress also starred in Matthew Hope’s ‘All The Devil’s Men’ as Leigh, ‘A Girl in the Spider’s Web’ as Camilla Salander, and Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Blade Runner 2049’ as Luv.

The United Kingdom, the principal location of the movie, is known for its stunningly diverse architecture, geography, and infrastructure. Several other projects are presently being filmed all across the region. Ryan Reynolds‘ ‘Deadpool 3,’ Idris Elba‘s ‘Above the Below,’ and the second season of Disney+’s ‘Andor‘ to name a few. Several of these productions were shut down when the SAG-AFTRA strike commenced, only to resume after the strike’s conclusion in November 2023.

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