Are Tabitha and Copan From Surviving Paradise Still Friends?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny when it comes to Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise,’ it’s that Tabitha Sloane played a great, fierce game from the get-go even if it was primarily selfish. However, the one competitor they never spoke negatively about or ever backstabbed was Copan Combs, which is why it’s no surprise he alone wholeheartedly supported them until the very end. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about this duo — with a specific focus on their experiences together as well as their current possible standing — we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Tabitha and Copan’s Surviving Paradise Journey

Although quite cordial from the moment they first came across one another inside a luxurious oceanside villa in Greece, Tabitha and Copan had no concrete connection for at least a couple of days. That’s because while the former was focusing on their alliance with Aaron Chambers and Justin Assad in camp — team TAJ — the latter was free-floating in an attempt to build as many ties as possible. Yet, this changed following the first voting session as they realized they needed more people to really back them, driving them to start a conversation with him that went way beyond small talk.

Tabitha actually asked Copan about his background, dreams, education, and job without mentioning the game or tactics even once since they’d realized he wore his heart upon his sleeves. This worked as the super-kind Oklahoma native was then thinking, “I feel every conversation with Tabitha right now is on a 100% real level. I trust them fully, and I’m here to win $100,000, but these bonds are getting so real, so quick.” Though little did he know their mindset was different: “He might not be in my initial alliance, but I can use him,” they said in a confessional. “If he do esn’t vote for me after this very meaningful chat… I mean, what a heck of a waste of time.”

That’s why Tabitha even voted for Copan to return to the villa in the ensuing session, stating, “This vote is an opportunity to make a statement, and it might persuade him to vote for me,” which it did. So, with his decision locked, they ended up making their way into luxury, where they initially seemed determined to follow team TAJ’s plan of subsequently getting Aaron, Justin, or both to become insiders too for the trio to rise together. But alas, when the time came and they essentially had a golden ticket to allow one individual to step into the villa, they chose Copan instead in the hopes this innately selfless being would reject the opportunity as it would mean switching places.

He didn’t — plus Aaron as well as Justin luckily got separate chances to head into luxury too, which they accepted — meaning Tabitha ended up in camp without any real, trustworthy alliances. Their next move of claiming they could give a fellow TAJ member the boot if need be didn’t work well either, as it indicated to others they were playing solely for themselves, resulting in their downfall. The second this piece of information came to light, everyone except Copan turned against them to such an extreme they nominated them to be eliminated alongside newcomer Gabe Dannenbring, following which their own distrust led to their having to say goodbye.

Are Tabitha and Copan Still Friends?

The truth is Copan still trusted Tabitha because they’d not only gotten to know one another on a personal level, but he also felt a little indebted to them since they were the reason he made it to the villa. He hence didn’t hesitate to voice his candid opinion in the elimination selection process, but to no avail as the majority had spoken – nevertheless, it seems like his actions didn’t go unnoticed as the duo still appears to be on great terms. Tabitha might be based in Indiana at the moment, whereas Copan still resides in Oklahoma, yet their online presence in the form of follows, likes, and comments makes it evident they remain close to this day, and we honestly couldn’t be happier about it since he truly deserves everything.

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