Teresa and Justin Keck: Dream Home Makeover Stars Are Thriving in Life Now

Netflix’s ‘Dream Home Makeover‘ is a home improvement reality series that follows Shea and Syd McGee, the minds behind Studio McGee. Primarily set in Utah, the show allows the viewers to see the various projects that the duo takes up. Keeping the vision and requirements of their clients in mind, the McGees and their team transform living spaces in a way that is nothing short of breathtaking. Needless to say, most homeowners that feature in the show have been quite happy with the work.

The fourth season aired recently and featured some very interesting families who were looking forward to having different parts of their homes remodeled. This included Teresa and Justin Keck, who have apparently been long-time fans of the work done by the McGee studio. In fact, Teresa confessed that she admired Shea quite a lot.

Teresa and Justin Keck’s Dream Home Makeover Journey

For Shea and Syd, working on Teresa and Justin Keck’s home was a very important job. As it turned out, Teresa is actually an employee of Studio McGee, and this would be the first time that the McGees worked on the house of one of their team members. Teresa was also quite excited about the prospect, as her admiration for Shea had started long before she started working for her. So having her remodel her home was like a dream come true for the Studio McGee employee. Her husband, Justin, confirmed Teresa’s admiration for the reality TV star.

For the Keck project, the McGees had to remodel the family’s kitchen. Teresa explained that as her family is Mexican, the kitchen is perhaps the most important place in the house. It is not just the place where food is cooked but also where the family gathers and serious conversations take place. Teresa was hopeful that Shea would be able to increase her storage space and decrease the height of the kitchen island. In totality, anything to make the kitchen good was okay with Teresa. The Kecks also explained that they had a formal dining room connected to the kitchen, which was never used.

In order to truly make Teresa and Justin’s dreams come true, Shea reworked one of the walls completely to add more features and storage space. She also decided to design a custom hood, add a hidden refrigerator, and increase storage space as much as possible. The kitchen was reorganized to be more spacious in order to allow the family to host a large number of people. Additionally, the faux french doors were replaced with real ones to increase the lighting and freshness of the area.

The formal dining room was converted into a butler’s kitchen, keeping in mind the need to entertain a large number of people. In such cases, the main kitchen/dining area could be kept relatively mess-free, and all the things could be easily put in the side room. When the homeowners saw their new kitchen, they could not help but exclaim with joy. The room now perfectly suited their requirements and provided them with what they wanted, along with several additional amenities.

Where Are Teresa and Justin Keck Now?

As of writing, Teresa and Justin Keck are happily living in Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area, Utah. As explained in the show, Teresa has been a part of McGees’ team for a long time. She joined Studio McGee/McGee & Co in April 2017 as a Customer Experience Manager. Over the years, she has climbed the ladders within the organization and made a name for herself. In fact, the homeowner was appointed as the Director of Customer Experience in January 2018. She held the position until December 2019, when she was once again promoted, this time to the post of Senior Director of Customer Experience.

Given her work ethic, enthusiasm, and dedication, Teresa was given the title of Vice President of Operations in December 2020, a position she retains as of now. Her role allows her to work closely with Shea and Syd, whom she has admired for a long time. Through her work, she strives to provide the same level of transformation to others that she received as a customer on the show. We wish Teresa and Justin the best in their upcoming ventures and hope their kitchen and house are always full of laughter and happiness.

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