The Ark Episode 4 Recap: We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science fiction drama series that follows the crew of Ark One, a deep space exploration spacecraft on a mission to colonize a distant planet. However, when the crew is forced to awaken from their cryo-sleep, they face unprecedented challenges to ensure their survival. In the fourth episode, called ‘We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake,’ the crew is overcome with hallucinations that continue to drive distrust among them. Meanwhile, the investigation of Malcolm Perry’s murder builds up tension and intrigue while Garnet is forced to make a shocking revelation. If you are looking for an explanation about the game-changing revelations, here is everything you need to know about ‘The Ark’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘We Weren’t Supposed to Be Awake,’ opens with Angus Medford growing his crops using the clean water from the comet. Ark One’s engines are back in operation, and Lt. Sharon Garnet announces the end of the water crisis leading to a celebration with the crew drinking the newly found water. However, Lt. Spencer Lane intervenes and confronts Garnet about the video recording he found. After showing the footage of Garnet killing a man in a Florida bar to Felix, Garnet is confined to her cabin until further interrogation.

Lane tries to convince Felix to deem Garnet as Maclom Perry’s killer and end the case, giving him complete control of the ship. However, Felix decides to follow the protocol and continues his investigation. Felix starts hallucinating about his husband and son, who are back on earth. While Angus works on his crops, Brice visits him. Brice asks Angus to perform experiments on his glove that was damaged by a mysterious substance found when Brice was investigating the ship’s crash. Angus reluctantly accepts the assignment despite not being competent for it.

Felix questions Garnet about the video, but she claims to be in London during the bar fight. Garnet asks Felix to match the time stamps from the video with her duty logs to confirm her alibi. Meanwhile, Brice meets Lane and proposes they brand Garnet as a traitor and take control of the ship. However, we soon learn that Lane is also suffering from hallucinations. Felix meets Cat and discusses his hallucinations, only to learn that the entire ship faces similar circumstances.

After the actual Brice and Lane find a man suffering from hallucinations and physically damaging himself, they take him to the med bay. Dr. Kabir attests to the possibility that the ship is facing an epidemic causing the hallucinations. Alicia and Baylor meet in the canteen, but both are overcome with hallucinations. Baylor sees Commander Susan Ingram, who implores him to rally people to their cause. Her words to Baylor imply that he is on a secret mission and potentially a terrorist. Felix corroborates Garnet’s claim as her alibi checks out.

In her cabin, Garnet explains the situation to Felix under the condition that he keeps the truth a secret. Garnet is a clone developed alongside her twin sister Denise, each with a distinct genome. While Garnet was training in London, her sister was overcome with violence and ended up killing a man at the bar. After learning the truth, Felix clears Garnet from suspicion, and she returns to the bridge, much to Lane’s dismay. However, Garnet quickly takes charge and searches for a cure for the epidemic.

Garnet works with Dr. Kabir to find a cure and reveals her status as a clone. However, Dr. Kabir is already aware of Garnet’s clone status. Meanwhile, Cat hallucinates Eva confessing to killing Malcolm Perry before slitting her throat. However, the real Eva arrives and calms down Cat. Dr. Kabir deduces that the hallucinations result from an LSD-like substance found in the comet water. She uses Garnet’s blood to search for a cure after the latter is unaffected by the substance despite drinking the comet water.

The Ark Episode 4 Ending: Who Attacked the Ship?

In the episode’s final moments, Dr. Kabir falls unconscious while working on the cure. As a result, Alicia steps in and completes the cure. The antidote is passed around the ship, and the crew members soon return to normal. Initially, Eva refuses to take the antidote as she sees Harris in her hallucinations and wants to be with her lover. However, Cat and Dr. Kabir convince Eva to take the cure, and she accepts after realizing Harris will always be with her in spirit. After the hallucination crisis is resolved, the crew is hit with another major revelation that changes the game entirely and raises the stakes.

Angus completes his experiments on the glove given to him by Brice. He reveals that the substance Brice encountered during his search is entirely new for humans. The substance does not exist on earth and likely comes from a planet in space. Moreover, Angus theorizes that the substance was weaponized by someone who used it to attack Ark One. As a result, the episode ends with Garnet, Lane, and Brice grappling with the possibility of not being alone in space. The ending implies the presence of aliens since the substance used to attack Ark One does not exist on earth. Therefore, not only is the Ark One crew likely to encounter aliens the latter will almost certainly be hostile. Thus, the series appears to be embracing its science fiction elements and building upon the tension created by the crew’s unfortunate situation.

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