Who Killed Malcolm Perry in The Ark? Theories

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science fiction drama series that follows the crew of Ark One, a spacecraft sent to colonize a distant planet as humanity’s new home. However, when a calamity forces the crew to awaken ahead of time, the entire mission is jeopardized. Amidst the several problems the crew must solve, they are forced to deal with the mysterious murder of Malcolm Perry. If you are wondering who killed Malcolm Perry in ‘The Ark,’ here are our best theories on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Killed Malcolm Perry?

Malcolm Perry is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘The Ark,’ titled ‘Everyone Wanted to Be on This Ship.’ He is revealed to be an imposter masquerading as Jasper Dades. As a result, Perry is apprehended and imprisoned in a storage cell. Perry reveals that Ark One has the highest chance of colonizing the planet Proxima B. Therefore, he bribed a hacker to create fake documents and installed himself in place of the actual Jasper Dades. Ultimately, Lt. Sharon Garnet interrogates Perry, but he threatens to blackmail her. The first episode ends with Perry being killed and his killer lurking aboard the spacecraft.

4. Lt. James Brice

After the accident awakens the crew of Ark One and kills the superior commanders of the ship, Lt. James Brice becomes the joint highest-ranking officer. He is tasked with the navigation responsibilities of the ship and acts like a second-in-command to Garnet, who serves as a de facto leader. In the second episode, it is revealed that the logs to the cell in which Perry died have been wiped off. As a result, the identity of the last person to visit him remains unclear.

Only the three lieutenants and Eva Markovic have the security clearance to access the logs, implying that one of them is the killer. However, Felix, the Head of Security, was with Brice at the time of Perry’s murder, giving him a clear alibi and removing him from suspicion. Nonetheless, Brice could have somehow tricked Felix into providing him with the alibi, making Brice the killer. However, the chance of such a twist materializing is low.

3. Lt. Sharon Garnet

Lt. Sharon Garnet is the mysterious last-minute addition to the crew of Ark One and one of the three lieutenants left in charge of the ship. Her past is a mystery, and Lt. Lane particularly distrusts her. At the end of the first episode, Garnet interrogates Perry, who seemingly knows about her involvement in a bar fight on earth that led to a man’s death. He threatens to reveal this information if Garnet does not help him.

Moreover, in the second episode, Felix finds garnet tampering with the access logs of the cell. Hence, it is established that Garnet had the motive to kill Perry. It appears as if she is trying to cover her tracks, making Felix suspicious of her. However, Garnet could turn out to be a red-herring, and the real killer might be someone else entirely.

2. Eva Markovic

Eva Markovic is one of the most skilled junior engineers on Ark One. However, she becomes the acting head of maintenance, engineering, and construction on the ship after the demise of the higher-ranking officials. Eva is secretly in a relationship with Harris, a member of her team. In the first episode, Harris dies during the oxygen crisis on the ship. Shortly after his death, the truth about Perry is revealed, and he is killed.

On the surface, Eva does not have any motive to kill Perry. However, he likely knew about Eva’s secret relationship. Eva may also blame the imposter for Harris’ death as the actual Jasper Dades’ presence might have saved her lover. Furthermore, she is the only non-lieutenant rank officer to have access to the logs. Hence, Eva cannot be ruled out as a suspect just yet. However, Eva’s motivation seems weak since the council could have sentenced Perry to death either way.

1. Lt. Spencer Lane

Lt. Spencer Lane is presented as the voice of reason within the crew who fights with Garnet for leadership. Initially, Lane is against Garnet taking unilateral decisions leading to the council’s foundation. However, in the second episode, Lane tries to singlehandedly decide the fate of the corpses on board, hinting he is hiding something. Later, Angus hands over a hunting knife to Felix, which he believes could have been used to kill Perry.

In the episode’s climax, Lane is aware of the murder weapon, implying that he is connected to Perry’s death. Lane also does not have an alibi for the time slot in which Perry was killed. Hence, all signs of suspicion point to Lane being the killer. However, Lane clearly lacks the motive to kill Perry. Moreover, he had the most to gain if Perry appeared in front of the council. As a result, Lane could also be a red-herring and not the actual killer.

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