The Ark Episode 3 Recap: Get Out and Push

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a riveting science-fiction drama series that finds its feet in the third episode, delivering some formulaic space adventure but with some fresh twists. The episode, titled ‘Get Out and Push,’ finds the crew of Ark One facing another crisis situation when they are set to collide with an incoming asteroid. Meanwhile, the crew must also find a solution for their ongoing water crisis. On the other hand, the mystery of Malcolm Perry’s death deepens with several new clues and a shocking revelation coming to light. If you are looking for answers about the episode’s unexpected cliffhanger, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Ark’ episode 3! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘Get Out and Push,’ opens with Lt. Sharon Garnet informing the crew of the water shortage on Ark One. She reveals that they only have four days of water left. As a result, each person’s daily water rations will be halved. Lt. Spencer Lane disagrees with Garnet as he believes the news will cause the ship’s crew to panic. While Lane and Garnet argue about the issue, Lt. James Brice intervenes and stops their bickering. As the council discusses solutions to their water crisis, an alarm goes off, alerting the crew about an incoming asteroid.

Meanwhile, Felix confronts Lane about his knowledge of the murder weapon and whereabouts during Malcolm Perry’s murder. However, Garnet defends Lane, and the group focuses on dealing with the asteroid. The ship’s engines no longer work as the power was redirected to recycling water. Hence, the group must find an alternate solution to avoid their impending collision with the asteroid. Elsewhere, Dr. Sanjivni Kabir discovers that vital medicines have been stolen from the med bay. Felix agrees to help Dr. Kabir find the stolen meds.

Angus suggests Brice use a shuttle to push Ark One off its course and out of the asteroid’s way. However, since Angus and Eva stole the parts from the shuttle, Brice is forced to repair it. Garnet orders Angus and Eva to return the stolen parts while Brice prepares to take off and push the spacecraft externally. However, the shuttle fails to start. On the other hand, Lane suggests strategically blowing a hole in the ship, allowing the air pressure to shift the ship’s course.

Angus uses his fertilizers and the corpses to build an explosive. The bomb is planted in the men’s washroom, and the explosion averts the crisis. Brice gets the shuttle working, but the day has already been saved. Felix finds the group of ensigns who stole the meds, and he returns them to Dr. Kabir, while Garnet deals with the culprits with an iron fist. However, it is implied that Dr. Kabir is relying on drugs to keep herself at work. As Alicia watches the ship goes past the asteroid, she realizes it is a comet and can be mined for water.

Alicia explains her plan to Garnet, Lane, and Brice. Brice must pilot the shuttle and tether over the comet to extract water using a hose. Brice’s reputation as a pilot in the GSA makes him an ideal candidate for the task. Brice flies the shuttle and starts extracting water. However, the cable connecting him to Ark One starts to rip. Brice refuses to return without bringing the ship’s water storage to full capacity. Despite the overwhelming danger and low chances of the mission succeeding, Brice completes the task and returns a hero.

After the mission is complete, Eva expresses concern for Brice. Garnet lifts the restrictions on water usage. Later, Cat finds Eva sobbing and takes her to her cabin for a therapy session. During their conversation, Eva blames Malcolm Perry for her lover, Harris’death. Eva implies that Perry deserved to have his throat slit, implying she might be involved in his murder. However, Cat believes that Eva is simply suffering from survivor’s guilt. Meanwhile, Garnet and Lane seemingly resolve their issues and agree to find a better way to serve as co-leaders to guide the ship to Proxima B.

The Ark Episode 3 Ending: What Is In Bulkhead J-22?

After averting another crisis, it seems like Garnet and Lane have learned to work together and resolved their issues. However, all of that changes in the episode’s final moments after Lane receives a confidential message on his watch. The message instructs Lane to check out Bulkhead J-22. Lane searches the bunk and finds a few items stashed away in the wall. One of the items is a chip containing some video footage. Lane plays the footage on his tab and is shocked to see it.

In the video footage, Lane sees Perry describing a woman’s fight with a biker at a bar in Florida. We then cut to the fight as the woman brutally beats down the man. She breaks a bottle and uses the piece of glass to slit the man’s throat. The throat slit appears very similar to the one carved on Malcolm Perry’s dead body. Moreover, the woman in the footage is none other than our very own Lt. Sharon Garnet. The episode ends as Lane replays the footage and tries to make sense of it.

The ending implies that Garnet is responsible for Perry’s murder. However, someone is likely trying to frame her. The mysterious person who shared the footage with Lane could be the actual killer and is using the footage to deflect the blame on Lane. The episode also establishes Eva as a potential suspect in the murder case. However, someone outside the council is likely behind Perry’s murder, and viewers will have to stay tuned to see the whole picture.

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