The Assistant Ending, Explained: Who Killed Zafik’s Family?

Netflix’s ‘The Assistant’ is an action thriller film directed by Adrian Teh. It follows Zafik, a commoner wrongly convicted and imprisoned. However, after his release, Zafik seeks revenge for his family’s death. In the process, he meets the unhinged Feroz, who shares a special connection with Zafik’s family. However, the film’s ending turns Zafik’s quest for revenge on his head. Naturally, viewers must be seeking an explanation for the movie’s twist ending. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Assistant.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Assistant Plot Synopsis

‘The Assistant’ opens with Zafik, a convict being released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence. Zafik goes to his old house and relives the memories he has with his wife, Lisa, and son, Zikri. Zafik’s family was mysteriously killed a few years after his imprisonment, and he wants to find the culprit. Zafik meets a strange man named Feroz, who lingers around his house. After Zafik tells Feroz about his quest for revenge, he stays with Kuan, an old man who was Zafik’s cellmate in prison.

Kuan persuades Zafik to give up his search for revenge and seek a job. Zafik meets his longtime friend, Sam, who is now wealthy. Sam works for the Golden Lion Corp, a legal company that serves as a front for the illegal businesses of Mr. Seng, a top-level criminal. Sam offers Zafik a job with the company as a debt recovery agent. However, Zafik refuses and seeks a regular job. Nonetheless, Zafik changes his mind and becomes a recovery agent for Sam. He uses the job to seek information about his family’s killer.

One night, a few goons attack Zafik, and Feroz appears to save him. Soon, Zafik and Feroz start working together to search for Lisa and Zikri’s killer. Feroz and Zafik discover that Zafik was framed by a drug dealer named Rodney. After Feroz kills Rodney, Zafik becomes weary of his new assistant. Nonetheless, the duo continues searching for the killer of Zafik’s family. However, the shocking truth about Zafik’s imprisonment and family’s death unveils Feroz’s true identity. How Zafik deals with the revelations forms the rest of the plot.

The Assistant Ending, Explained: Who Killed Zafik’s Family?

After Sam and his men kill Kuan, it becomes evident that he has been lying about Zafik’s family’s death. Meanwhile, Zafik learns the truth about Feroz. The trauma of seeing Kuan dead unravels Zafik’s psychology, and it is revealed that Feroz is a split personality inside Zafik’s mind. Zafik and Feroz are the same people. Sam and his people capture Zafik, who is dangerously close to learning the truth about Sam’s involvement in the death of Zafik’s family.

In the final act, flashbacks reveal that Sam had been in love with Lisa since their three friends were teenagers. However, Lisa fell in love with Zafik, and they got married. Meanwhile, Sam joined Mr. Seng’s illegal businesses and arranged for Zafik to accompany him. However, after Zafik refused to join the criminal empire, Mr. Seng instructed Sam to frame Zafik out of fear that he would leak the details of his illegal businesses. After Zafik was imprisoned, Sam tried to force himself onto Lisa. Zikri tried to protect his mother leading to a physical altercation. Ultimately, Sam caused the death of Lisa and Zikri in a fit of rage.

After Sam explains the chain of events to Zafik, he shoots his friend in the face. Sam’s men prepare to dispose of Zafik’s body. However, Feroz takes control of the body and fights back. Feroz singlehandedly kills all of Sam’s henchmen and makes his way to the final boss. Sam and Feroz engage in a brutal fight, but Sam gains the upper hand. However, Zafik retrieves his gun and kills Sam. Thus, Zafik finally avenges the death of his family and prepares to move on in life.

Is Feroz Dead?

Feroz is the unhinged and lunatic assistant of Zafik, who helps him in the quest for revenge. However, the film’s final act reveals that Zafik and Feroz are the same people. A flashback reveals that while in prison, Zafik grew angry about his failure to protect his family. The rage and depression led him to suicide. However, Zafik was saved by Kuan, and the incident sparked the creation of the Feroz persona. Feroz exists to be the wild and untamed ally of the simple and law-abiding Zafik. Ultimately, the Feroz persona proves crucial in fulfilling Zafik’s quest for revenge. However, after the task is complete, Feroz fights Zafik for control of his body.

Feroz explains that he is a distinct individual with thoughts and desires separate from Zafik. Feroz wants to take over the Golden Lion Corp, while Zafik refuses to do so. As a result, the two personalities fight for dominance. Ultimately, Zafik realizes that the only way to stop Feroz from taking him down a path of crime is to end his own life. As a result, Zafik jumps from Sam’s office, hoping to die by suicide. However, he survives. While we do not see Feroz again, it is likely that since Zafik is alive, Feroz also exists inside his psyche. The same is confirmed by Zafik during his final conversation with Mr. Seng.

Who Is Yasmine? Where Did She Come From?

In the final moments, Zafik tries to kill himself to stop Feroz from taking over his body. However, he is saved by a mysterious figure. Later, it is revealed that Mr. Seng, Sam’s boss, saved Zafik’s life. After Zafik recovers from his injuries, Mr. Seng offers him the job of CEO of the Golden Lion Corp. During their conversation, Mr. Seng explains that he finds Zafik a useful asset and would like for the man to work with him. However, Mr. Seng expresses confusion about Zafik’s identity, asking him whether he is Feroz or Zafik at the moment.

Zafik brutally kills Mr. Seng and explains that he is neither. In the final scene, Zafik exclaims that he is Yasmine, revealing another personality within Zafik’s psyche. The film ends as Yasmine prepares to take on Mr. Seng’s henchmen. Like Feroz, Yasmine was likely created after Zafik’s second suicide attempt. Moreover, the trauma of seeing his close friend Kuan’s death could also have inspired this third personality.

It appears that Zafik is now in more control of his personalities and can summon them at will. He feels that Yasmine is the best choice to deal with this situation. Hence, he allows the female warrior to take control of his body. It is safe to assume that Yasmine makes quick work of Seng’s goons. Moreover, it was Seng who asked Sam to frame Zafik. Hence, Zafik killing Seng wraps his quest for revenge ending the film on a satisfying note. However, the introduction of Yasmine leaves the door open for Zafik’s story to continue in another installment.

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