The Bachelor Season 24 Cast Details

Among the many reality dating shows, it must be said that ‘The Bachelor‘ has managed to capture the imagination of the audiences unlike any other. The show has been on air since 2002, and its popularity keeps reaching new heights as the years pass. This has been possible by keeping the show fresh and exciting over the years by bringing in interesting changes and making sure no two seasons are the same. The series revolves around a man, the “bachelor” of the season,  for whose hand all the participating women fight for. For Season 24 of the series, 28-year-old Peter Weber is the bachelor in question. Peter is actually the second runner-up of Season 5 of ‘The Bachelorette‘, a spinoff series of ‘The Bachelor’.

The Bachelor Season 24 Cast

A total of 30 women are competing for the top prize in ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24. Each of these women is a strong individual, and when they clash for Peter’s hand as the series progresses, things are bound to get more and more interesting.

Jenna Serrano

From New Lenox, Illiois, 22-year-old Jenna Serrano is a nursing student who also plays for her school’s soccer team. Interestingly enough, Season 24 of ‘The Bachelor’ sees a total of five participants from Illinois, with Serrano being one of them.

Maurissa Gunn

An avid traveler, Maurissa is often found heading to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. This patient care coordinator’s Instagram account filled with her vacation pictures tells us that Maurissa likes having a lot of fun!

Kelsey Weier

Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, Kelsey is a former Miss Iowa winner. A professional clothier, Kesley enjoys bike rides during the summer months. She was also a basketball player for her school team.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah comes from Knoxville, Tennesse, and is also a former beauty pageant. Currently, she works as a professional model. The first thing that one notices about Hannah is her gorgeous eyes, something that seems to run in the women of her family.

Avonlea Elkins

A certified scuba diver who loves traveling in her RV, Avonlea hails from Forth Worth, Texas. She is also a great rancher and has grown up on a farm, living the rancher’s life in first person.

Courtney Perry

Cosmetologist Courtney Perry is a 26-year-old from Venice, Florida. She loves a man in cowboy boots, and is looking for a partner to settle down as fast as possible. She believes one can best enjoy a gorgeous view with a glass of wine in hand.

Deandra Kanu

A home care coordinator, Deandra was born in Texas but has spent a lot of time in Nigeria as well. An intelligent and independent personality, Deandra loves trying out new restaurants and being the center of attention in a room (according to her mother). She seems to be having quite a nice time with her fellow participants according to her Instagram post:

Alexa Caves

From Springfield Illinois, Alexa is an esthetician by profession. She operates her own waxing salon, and is the sort of person who is full of opinions and is not afraid to express them. Someone like her who always speaks her mind is naturally a great addition to the show.

Alayah Benavidez

One of the most popular faces among the cast of this season, Alayah is Miss Texas 2019. This 24-year-old is an English student who loves writing poetry. An independent woman, Alayah has made it clear that she wants to be with a man who will be supportive of her dreams and will always encourage her when she wants to follow her heart.

Eunice Cho

Flight attendant Eunice Cho is a sucker for Christmas and the music associated with the festival. Eunice has not had a good romantic relationship till date and is coming to ‘The Bachelor’ with a lot of hope.

Jade Gilliland

Another flight attendant in Season 24’s cast, Jade Gilliland has not had a good experience in her earlier marriage which she ended when she was only 22. Jade is currently learning to be a pilot. Her Instagram suggests Jade has a great bonding with her four-legged friends:

Jasmine Nguyen

Client relations manager Jasmine has a lot of hobbies and interests to keep her busy. She is associated with a book club, loves traveling, and rock climbing. Children are very important to Jasmine in a relationship, as news suggests that she called off her previous relationship since her ex was against having kids.

Kiarra Norman

Social butterfly Kiarra Norman does not enjoy rollercoaster rides that much, especially being stuck on the top of the giant structure. She loves sleeping, fashion, her social life, and hates anything to do with sports.

Katrina Badowski

Katrina Badowski is a professional NBA dancer whose mother is eagerly waiting for her marriage. Katrina is usually a great hostess because of her welcoming nature. Besides her cat Jasmine, the other thing which Katrina completely loves is eating junk food.

Kelley Flanagan

An attorney by profession, Kelley is the type of person who wants her partner to understand her dreams and give her the push required in order to achieve her goals. She wants people to pay attention when she talks since she knows her worth and has the credentials to back herself up.

Kylie Ramos

26-year-old Kylie is an entertainment sales associate who still holds on to her dream of having a rom-com-esque relationship. Hailing from Santa Monica, California, Kylie’s dream holiday is an African safari.

Lauren Jones

Besides having a fashion blog of her own, Lauren is also a marketing executive of a beauty company. Competitive dance is something Lauren truly enjoys. Interestingly enough, she is a big fan of the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Lexi Buchanan

A marketing coordinator by profession, Lexi hails from Jacksonville, Florida and currently resides in New York. Lexi has been to many dates, but has not yet managed to find the right man for herself. Her Instagram suggests Lexi’s immense love for traveling:

Madison Prewett

One of the best players of her high school basketball team, Madison Prewett currently works as a foster parent recruiter. Madison is very particular about her strong religious beliefs and is also of the opinion that charity is something everyone should practice.

Megan Hops

Megan’s love for travel encouraged her to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and mother to become a flight attendant. Megan calls herself a “hopeless romantic”, loves adventure sports like hiking and skiing, and is also extremely close to her mother.

Mykenna Dorn

Car exhibitions and ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ are the things Mykenna swears by. She is a fashion blogger who is very close to her family. Having witnessed her grandparents’ love for each other which has stood strong for 61 years, she wants a man who is a keeper.

Natasha Parker

31-year-old event planner Natasha loves to spend her alone time meditating. She loves disco yoga and her dragon tattoo, but is simply terrified of rats, mice, and spiders.

Payton Moran

Socializing and having fun are the things Payton excels in. A business development representative, Payton loves being outdoors and seeing the world with her friends. She also shares a great bond with her pet dog Louise.

Sarah Coffin

Despite being born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sarah wants to move out of the state as quickly as possible. Cooking, reading, and listening to podcasts are Sarah’s best hobbies. A medical radiographer by profession, Sarah wants a man with whom she shares similar interests.

Savannah Mullins

A realtor from Houston, Texas, Savannah loves roller-skating and feeding turtles at her back porch. Savannah is a person who has mostly spent her life in Texas, and now simply wants a partner with whom she can travel the world.

Shiann Lewis

A girl for the outdoors, Shiann loves traveling the world and enjoys races on a horseback. Sky-diving is a dream yet-to-be-fulfilled for his Las Vegas administrative assistant. Her Instagram tells us that Shiann takes her workout days pretty seriously:


Sydney Hightower

If someone’s favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, you can very well understand how cheesy and romantic that person actually is. Retail marketing manager Sydney Hightower is someone who fits this description perfectly. Sydney, who is from Birmingham, Alabama loves baking and planning imaginary vacations.

Tammy Ly

Tammy is a force to be reckoned with. She managed to find a spot on her school’s boys’ wrestling team and performed there quite successfully. Tammy is someone who always wants to move forward without falling behind in any way whatsoever. A house flipper by profession, Tammy hails from Syracuse, New York.

Victoria Fuller

A medical sales representative by profession, Victoria is a person who is quite friendly with the local community at Virginia Beach (where she lives). Victoria loves listening to country music and wants a man who is very open about his emotions. Her man will also have to love her dog Buxton:

Victoria Paul

A nurse by profession, Victoria Paul hails from Alexandria, Louisiana. Some tough times she went through during her growing up years have made Victoria a mature and independent woman. Victoria wants to give herself a solid chance at finding love, and that is why she is on ‘The Bachelor’ in the first place. Italy is her dream destination for a vacation.

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