The Betsies: My Kind of Country Sister Duo Now Performs Around South Africa

Image Credit: Katie Kauss/Apple TV+

Whenever you hear country music, it is hard not to tap your foot with the rhythm of this captivating style of singing. In ‘My Kind of Country,’ artists from across the world give their all to show the world just how they have changed this beloved genre through their vision. In season 1 of the Apple TV+ reality series, the attention and praise garnered by The Betsies is nothing to scoff at. Comprising Zel and Landi Degenaar, the duo showed the world exactly why they were chosen to be a part of this competition. Needless to say, their fans have been wondering about just what the two sisters are up to these days.

The Betsies’ My Kind of Country Journey

The sister duo of Zel and Landi shared how they apparently started harmonizing the moment that the former was born. Needless to say, their musical bond was forged over years of companionship, and the two decided to leave their jobs behind about ten years before their reality TV appearance. Instead, they formed a band in order to hopefully make a living as musicians. However, they admitted that their dream might be hard to achieve in their home country of South Africa, and they had wanted to come to the USA for more than a decade.

Image Credit: Katie Kauss/Apple TV+

Working under the banner of The Betsies, the sisters caught the eye of Mickey Guyton, who could not help but be captivated by their unique singing style and the fact that they sang barefoot. For their first showcase, the duo had the opportunity to sing not just for Mickey but also for Jimmie Allen and Orville Peck. The song they performed was “Keep Your Heart Young,” a popular song by Brandi Carlile. Thanks to their beautiful rendition of the same, the sisters were able to proceed to the next round.

For Jimmie Allen’s collaboration workshop, The Betsies got to partner up with Chuck Adams. The combination of their musical and personal sides allowed for a beautiful partnership. In fact, for their performance, Chuck decided to follow the lead of the Degenaar sisters and arrived on the stage with bare feet, something that all the judges were amused to note. Their version of “The Weight” by The Band helped them proceed to the next round.

Taking part in Mickey Guyton’s performance workshop, The Betsies chose to sing an original song called “Drinking Your Kind” and did not take up their in-hand musical instruments in order to be genuinely open and vulnerable. Unfortunately, the stunning performance was still not enough, and the judges had to say goodbye to the sisters reluctantly.

Where Are The Betsies Now?

Though primarily based in Cape Town, South Africa, The Betsies hail from a small town near Johannesburg, South Africa. That being said, they are known for performing in various locations within the two cities and other prominent places within South Africa. Though primarily a duo, they are often given instrumental support by Paul Lodewyk Avenant, Geraint Bojé, and Christo. In fact, the whole group is presently on tour as of writing and is performing for people across their country.

The bond between Zel and Landi Degenaar seems to be going as strong as ever. Even in the Apple TV+ show, they confessed that they are best friends who often forget that they are actually siblings. The two live and create music together, along with having a shared goal of becoming well-known musicians. Interestingly, Zel is a film editor who plays guitar for The Betsies, while Landi is a Banjo Player and a Songwriter. Both of them prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private but are more than happy to share to the public about their musical accomplishments and ventures. Those interested can listen to their original songs on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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