The Bikeriders: All Locations Where the Movie Was Filmed

Inspired by Civil Rights activist Danny Lyon’s 1967 eponymous photo book about the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and its alleged association with organized crime, ‘The Bikeriders’ invites viewers into the gritty and dangerously competitive world of biker gangs. Set in the 1960s, director Jeff Nichols’ action film follows the rise and transformation of the Vandals Motorcycle Club. Initially a close community of societal rebels, the club gradually finds itself immersed in a dangerous crime syndicate, posing a threat to its original vision and way of life.

Driven by a star-studded cast including Jodie Comer as Kathy, Austin Butler as Benny, Tom Hardy as Johnny, Michael Shannon as Zipco, Norman Reedus as Funny Sonny, and Mike Faist as Lyon, ‘The Bikeriders’ brings to life the intense and dramatic evolution of this outlaw motorcycle club through authentic visuals. With its motorcycles having a one-on-one conversation with the roads, fans can’t help but wonder where these sequences were shot.

The Bikeriders Filming Locations

With its story taking place in Chicago, ‘The Bikeriders’ was entirely filmed in distinct locations across the Midwest, except real locations in Illinois. Principal photography commenced in the city in October 2022 and wrapped up in December 2022. To recreate the historical locations, such as Raymond’s Garage, the production relied on transforming Greater Cincinnati into an ideal replacement. The tri-state metropolitan area encompasses parts of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, the latter two of which comprised all the shooting locations.

Featuring several cities and towns across the area, the production combined real locations with building sets. The decision to film in this region was influenced by the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, which offers a refundable tax credit of thirty percent of total expenses. This incentive, coupled with the accurate landscapes of urban civilization available in Hamilton County, made the metropolitan area an ideal choice for the filmmakers.

Cincinnati, Ohio

An economic and cultural hub, the Ohioan city of Cincinnati contributed the most real-life locations for ‘The Bikeriders’ production. A variety of local spots were utilized to capture the essence of the 1960s. Filming took place at the Northside Yacht Club, located at 4231 Spring Grove Avenue, while an uninhabited farm property in New Richmond further provided the backdrop for outdoor scenes, including a key biker rally sequence.

The production team also filmed at a house on Freeman Avenue in Price Hill, chosen for its partially rehabbed exterior and wrecked interior, perfectly fitting the film’s aesthetic. Further shooting took place at Junker’s Tavern, an actual biker bar located at 4156 Langland Street. In an interview with, director Jeff Nichols recalled his time filming the movie in Queen City, showing appreciation for its architecture, authentic Midwest feel, and welcoming community.

“I’d love to say, “It’s Cincinnati or nothing for me for the rest of my life,” but the truth is it worked for the movie. It worked for the story. I hope to find another story that works for Cincinnati because I sure did like being there,” Nichols said in the interview. He also thanked Film Cincinnati —a non-profit organization that aims to draw film productions to the Queen City — for its crucial role in handling the logistics for ‘The Bikeriders.’

Hamilton County, Ohio

In Hamilton County, an extensive schedule took place in the village of Cleves in Miami Township, where the Edgewater Motor Sports Park was a filming site. Located at 4819 East Miami River Road, the sports complex, thanks to its racing tracks and bleachers, added authenticity to the portrayal of contemporary motorcycle culture and the enthusiasm around it. The production team arrived at The Village Inn restaurant at 447 North 2nd Street in the last week of October, enhancing the film’s period-accurate settings. The crew used a large municipal parking lot near the Becket Paper plant on Dayton Street —widely believed to be the oldest industry in the county — and required security to barricade off the road.

The scouts explored More industrial backdrops, with Mill Street in the village of Lockland adequately delivering an essence of suburban life. Filming also took place outside the urban areas at the iconic Jolly’s Drive-In on 165 North Brookwood Avenue. After extensive discussions and justifying photographs, Jeff Nichols chose the iconic restaurant over Flub’s Ice Cream. Known for its root beer floats, Jolly’s took center stage in a scene featuring actor Damon Herriman, who appears as Brucie.

Middletown, Ohio

The city of Middletown, in nearby Butler and Warren counties of the metropolitan region, hosted the production of ‘The Bikeriders.’ Most sequences in the region included shots of the Lakeside Inn and other downtown locations. The inn was used for pivotal scenes, including a bar fight and fire scene. After wrapping up these sequences, the crew replaced the awning to restore the building’s original appearance. Bike chase sequences were recorded on Tytus Avenue, and entire sections of the neighborhood were blocked off for filming.

Kenton County, Kentucky

The production extended to Kenton County, Kentucky, where the town of Ludlow was utilized for various scenes. The storefront of the Pepper Pod Restaurant at 703 Monmouth Street, Newport, also went through a transition to fit the period setting. The crew also set up a fake stage, band, and concert in an empty plot in Mainstrasse village, adjacent to the city of Covington, demonstrating the film’s commitment to creating an immersive and authentic environment. Furthermore, two of the most notable places in Newport, both the Taylor Southgate Bridge and the Purple People Bridge, make appearances in ‘The Bikeriders.’

Actors Tom Hardy and Austin Butler were frequently spotted in local establishments, including Walt’s Hitching Post in Fort Wright. Tom Hardy, an active jiu-jitsu competitor, shared pictures of his training in a local martial arts facility between filming sessions. This simultaneous filming and training approach further solidifies the significance of the Greater Cincinnati localities by allowing every cast and crew member to prepare smoothly for the action-packed schedule of ‘The Bikeriders.’

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