The Devil Conspiracy Ending, Explained: Does Lucifer Return to Earth?

Directed by Nathan Frankowski, ‘The Devil Conspiracy’ is a horror fantasy film revolving around the ancient battle between archangel Michael and the fallen angel Lucifer. The film features Alice Orr-Ewing, Joe Doyle, and Peter Mensah, among others, and builds an ambitious world around Biblical mythology. In the modern world, a biotech company with a covert cult of Satanists behind it figures out how to clone historical legends with their DNA samples. In pursuit of freeing Lucifer from his imprisonment in Hell, the ancient beast Liz leads her followers to steal the Shroud of Turin to clone Jesus Christ to be Lucifer’s new host. Once their plan comes to fruition, Michael ascends from heaven to intervene.

If you’re curious to see where this journey leads Michael and how this elaborate plot to bring back Lucifer unfolds, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Devil Conspiracy.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Devil Conspiracy Plot Synopsis

After Lucifer rebels against God’s rule, he gets cast to Hell for eternal damnation. Michael chains him inside the realm with his sword and leaves after Lucifer swears to exact his revenge on his family. As time passes, more demons join Lucifer in Hell while a legion of disciples builds a stronghold on Earth’s gateway to Hell in hopes of the fallen angel returning. In Italy, Laura, a steadfast atheist, studies art history contesting its heavy religious imagery.

When the Shroud of Turin is displayed at an exhibit, Laura’s friend, Father Marconi, provides her with easy access. At the Cathedral, Marconi shows Laura a sculpture depicting the battle between Michael and Lucifer. Fascinated by the sculpture, Laura spends hours making sketches of the archangel and Satan until nightfall. Once the Catherderal closes, an old woman, Liz, arrives, bypassing security systems to steal the Shroud of Turin. Inside the building, Laura hides in a confessional booth and watches Marconi try to stop Liz, urging her to renounce Satan.

Liz runs Marconi through with her sword and steals the Shroud. Before leaving, Liz and her goons notice Laura and decide to kidnap her. In his dying moments, Marconi asks Saint Michael to take over his body and foil Satan’s plans. Michael instantly descends to earth, taking over Marconi’s body as a vessel. Although he tries to chase after the woman, Liz, she successfully drives off in a van with Laura.

In an underground bidding rink, a biotech firm led by Dr. Laurent showcases the miraculous resurrection of Antonio Vivaldi through DNA duplication. As Laurent brings out a newborn Michelangelo Buonarroti for the next bidding, Liz arrives, and the pair leave for Lucifer’s stronghold. Inside the fort, Laura wakes inside a large glass cell alongside three other women. Meanwhile, Michael tracks down the Shroud’s-protector-turned-hermit, Cardinal Vincini. With Vicini’s help, Michael discovers Lucifer’s grand plan to use Jesus Christ’s clone’s body as a vessel.

Vicini leads Michael to a tunnel that leads to Lucifer’s stronghold and parts ways with him. At the same time, Laurent finalizes Chist’s DNA match while Lucifer’s chains in Hell come loose. Laurent implants Laura and another woman Brenda, with fertilized eggs. Later the women are lowered in a cage down Hell’s Gateway in wedding dresses. Lucifer’s spirit circles the cage entering Brenda’s body through the mouth.

However, Brenda’s body isn’t a match for Lucifer, and succumbs to a painful death. Next, Lucifer enters Laura, successfully possessing her as his vessel. Afterward, Liz and her cult welcome Laura, hailing her as the mother of their savior. Liz grounds Laura inside another glass cell with a medical bed inside. A distressed Laura asks Liz what they have done to her, prompting Liz to reveal their plan of rebirthing a better version of Jesus Christ for Lucifer. While the cult keeps Laura trapped inside the fort with the devil inside her womb, Michael finally breaks into the stronghold and retrieves the Shroud of Turin.

The Devil Conspiracy Ending: Does Lucifer Return To Earth?

Lucifer’s cult, led by Liz, has been trying to free Lucifer from his entrapment inside Hell and bring him back to Earth for years. The cult believes Lucifer will be resurrected by innocence like Jesus. Therefore, over the years, they sent countless pregnant women down the gateway to Hell with their babies as offered vessels for Lucifer. Nevertheless, no human is strong enough to accommodate Lucifer’s spirit. Due to the same, the cult starts investing in Biotech, researching cloning through DNA. After successfully cloning many influential historical figures, the cult gains wealth and inevitably steals the Shroud of Turin to clone Jesus Christ.

Once the cult’s medical team impregnates Laura with the clone’s eggs, Lucifer is able to enter her body and use her as a temporary vessel while she carries out her pregnancy. Soon, however, Michael arrives at Laura’s cell and breaks her out. At first, although Laura distrusts Michael since he’s someone else possessing her dead friend’s body, the two quickly come to an understanding and work together to escape. Nevertheless, their escape fails when guards and demons attack them.

Liz takes Laura away, and Michael manages to escape the fort through Hell’s gateway. Back at the fort, Laura remains trapped inside her cell. However, as time passes by, her bond with the baby inside of her strengthens, while Lucifer’s influence over her mind and body increases. Lucifer tries to tempt Laura to his side by stoking her hatred for Liz and influencing her to a violent outburst. After ruthlessly killing a guard, Laura realizes she must kill the evil within her and tries to kill her baby by drinking bleach.

Laura’s efforts go in vain after Lucifer completely overtakes her body. Afterward, Laurent puts Laura’s body inside a high-tech life support chamber to prevent her from trying to kill the baby again. As time passes, Michael remains trapped inside Hell, unable to escape without his sword. Nevertheless, towards the end of Laura’s pregnancy, Michael encounters a group of scavengers in Hell, The Stolen. The kids of the pregnant women previously sent to Hell for Lucifer to possess make up this group, who are all desperate to escape. At first, though they are distrustful of Michael, eventually, they help him locate his sword and return to Earth.

Once Michael returns, he steals Laura’s chamber from her cell but realizes Lucifer has overtaken her body. As a result, a battle breaks out between the brothers. During the fight, Michael reveals to Lucifer that God intended for Lucifer to escape from Hell and possess Laura’s womb. Since Laura’s child carries the DNA of Jesus Christ, Lucifer won’t be able to possess the child, and instead, the child will keep Lucifer entrapped within his body. Soon, Liz and her guards arrive and take Lucifer with them. When Lucifer tries to resist birthing the child, Liz assumes it’s Laura and ignores his commands. In the end, Lucifer’s disciples hold down Laura’s body at the altar as she gives birth to her child.

What Happens To Laura’s Child?

Throughout the film, Michael struggles with understanding God’s decision to free Lucifer from Hell. Michael traps Lucifer inside Hell with his own sword. Therefore, he believes Lucifer will remain trapped in Hell for eternity. As such, Michael is distraught when he finds out about the prophecy of Lucifer’s escape from Cardinal Vicini. Moreover, God never sends Michael down on Earth to intervene in Lucifer’s uprising. Instead, Michael forgoes God’s permission and descends from heaven after Marconi’s death of his own will.

When Michael finds himself trapped inside Hell, Lucifer visits him to taunt him about his defeat. During their conversation, Michael asks Lucifer why God freed him, to which Lucifer arrogantly replies back with claims that God is afraid of him. However, once Lucifer travels out of Hell, Michael realizes this entire incident was God’s plan all along. In his arrogance, Lucifer has chosen the only mortal body that is strong enough to hold him captive. Since Jesus Christ embodies goodness, his cloned resurrected child will be able to overpower Lucifer’s evil preventing him from influencing humans on Earth.

After Laura’s child is born with Lucifer’s spirit inside of him, Liz takes the baby away for baptizing. Instead of holy water, however, Liz baptizes the baby in blood by violently striking down every single disciple. Lucifer does not wish to leave a single soul alive to tell the tale of his rebirth. As such, Liz slaughters her entire cult, including Dr. Laurent. Meanwhile, Michael and Laura track down Liz, and Laura takes her baby from her. Laura drives away to Vicini’s dwelling on Michael’s orders while Michael stays behind and blows up Lucifer’s stronghold, preventing the gateway of Hell from unleashing Hell’s demons onto Earth.

Years later, after Laura has returned the Shroud of Turin to the Cathedral, Lucifer remains captive inside her child’s body. Laura names her child after the angel who saved her, Michael, and raises him with Vicini’s help. Liz, still alive and keeping tabs on Lucifer, can only look at kid Michael from afar. No matter what, Lucifer’s spirit fails to escape from Michael’s body, overpowered by the DNA of Christ.

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