BBC’s The Gold Season 2 Begins Production in London and Spain This Month

The production of the second season of BBC’s heist thriller ‘The Gold’ is set to commence in London, England, and Spain this month. Neil Forsyth, known for his work in ‘Guilt’ and ‘Eric, Ernie & Me,’ continues to serve as the writer, with Patrick Harkins, associated with ‘Tin Star’ and ‘Guilt,’ taking on the role of the director

In the first season finale, Palmer faces trial with a weak case against him, only to get acquitted. Cooper, in prison, contemplates cooperating with the task force. Boyce faces disciplinary hearings and external forces aiming to tarnish his image. Brenda struggles with financial difficulties, suspecting that the brotherhood won’t help Noye. Cooper reveals the intricate money trail to the police. The brotherhood attempts to thwart Cooper’s cooperation, leading Boyce to intervene. Gordon intimidates Sienna, forcing Cooper to sacrifice for her safety.

As the first installment concludes, the Lichtenstein accounts are emptied but Cooper provides a list of unsold properties. Jennings faces threats and McAvoy proposes to Kathleen. Boyce tricks Gordon to trace his location, leading to his apprehension. Palmer’s acquittal squeezes his finances, directing his attention to a time-share project. Noye’s trial begins with Boyce facing character attacks. Gordon remains confident, anticipating early release, while Palmer, financially strained, turns to a new venture. McAvoy discovers his share of gold is gone and Kathleen supports his prison exit.

The upcoming second season will delve into the aftermath of the 1983 Brinks-Mat gold heist, focusing on the missing half of the stolen gold not held by the initially convicted individuals. The narrative unfolds as a tense and high-stakes exploration of international money laundering and organized crime, weaving a narrative around dramatic manhunts conducted by the police. The installment promises an engaging portrayal of the extensive investigation undertaken by the Metropolitan Police to unravel the mystery behind the gold they haven’t been able to trace.

The trio of Hugh Bonneville as Brian Boyce, Charlotte Spencer as Nicki Jennings, and Emun Elliott as Tony Brightwell are confirmed to return to the sophomore season. The cast of season 2 also includes Tom Cullen as John Palmer, Stefanie Martini as Marnie Palmer, and Sam Spruell as Charlie Miller. It is uncertain whether Dominic Cooper (Edwyn Cooper), Jack Lowden (Kenneth Noye), Adam Nagaitis (Micky McAvoy), Frankie Wilson (Brian Robinson), and Dorothy Atkinson (Jeannie Savage) will return since their characters get convicted in the first season.

“I am delighted that we have been given the opportunity to tell the rest of the Brink’s-Mat story, which sees the consequences of the robbery and its aftermath grow only more surprising, dramatic, and far-reaching, both in Britain and around the world,” Forsyth said in a statement. The writer executive produces the series with Ben Farrell for Tannadice Pictures, in addition to BBC’s Nick Lambon.

Similar to the first season, the filming of the second season is set to occur in both London and Spain. London, a significant location of last year’s major releases like ‘Barbie‘ and ‘Wonka,’ continues to be a prominent hub for entertainment production. Meanwhile, Spain previously hosted the filming of popular projects such as ‘Berlin’ and ‘Fast X,’ solidifying its role as a captivating backdrop for various film projects.

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