The Gold: Where Was the British Series Filmed?

Image Credit: Sally Mais/BBC

Inspired by actual events, ‘The Gold’ is a British crime drama series created by Neil Forsyth that gives us a detailed account of the 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery in which millions worth of diamonds, gold bullion, and cash was stolen from a warehouse. It follows six armed men who enter the Brink’s-Mat security depot near Heathrow Airport and steal £26m worth of gold. Following the biggest robbery in the history of humankind at the time, various criminal investigations were opened to catch the robbers and bring them to justice.

Hugh Bonneville, Dominic Cooper, Tom Cullen, Charlotte Spencer, and Jack Lowden star in the historical show, which unfolds in 1980s London, a time when cheap money and loosened morals worked hand in hand. The interesting use of different locations, including the banks, the beaches, and streets, throughout the British series tends to make one curious about the filming sites of ‘The Gold.’

The Gold Filming Locations

‘The Gold’ is filmed in England and Spain, specifically in London, Surrey, Kent, and Dorset. As per reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the historical drama show commenced in April 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in July of the same year. Now, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that can be spotted in the drama show!

London, England

Since the story is based in 1980s London, it makes sense why the production team primarily sets up camp on location in the capital of England as well as the United Kingdom. The filming unit redecorated various streets, neighborhoods, and establishments to make them look the part in the period show’s debut season. For instance, the historic York House in Twickenham stands in for the main mansion where most of the drama unfolds.

While the St. Helier scenes of season 1 were lensed on Church Street, one of the bank scenes was shot in and around the former Santander Bank at 1 King Street, both in the suburban district of Twickenham. Furthermore, the Whittaker House in the town of Richmond doubles for the Swiss Bank, Zurich, portrayed in the British show. Several other locales across London feature in different episodes of ‘The Gold.’ They are Heron Square in Richmond, Station Road in Hampton, Ship Lane in Mortlake, and Green Lane in Hounslow.

Other Locations in England

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘The Gold’ also travels to other locations across England. To tape the Potts’ Fine Art scenes, they set up camp on West Street in the market town of Dorking in Surrey. During the early stages of the production process of the debut season, in April 2022, the cast and crew were also spotted lensing some key scenes in Surrey Town Center.

On top of it, the scenes involving Kenneth’s house are recorded around West Kingsdown in the Sevenoaks area of Kent. In addition, the production team of ‘The Gold’ reportedly utilized the premises of the HM Prison Dorchester at  7 North Square in Dorchester, Dorset, to make it double for the HM Prison Long Lartin in the first week of July 2022.


Some prominent scenes for ‘The Gold’ are also taped in Spain, possibly on the outskirts of one of the main cities. Primarily situated in Southwestern Europe, Spain also has parts of its territory in the Atlantic Ocean and across the Mediterranean Sea. Besides ‘The Gold,’ locales of Spain have been featured in numerous film and TV projects over the years. Some notable ones are ‘The Invisible Guest,’ ‘Money Heist,’ and ‘The Innocent.’

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