The Jingle Bell Jubilee: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Christmas film veteran Ernie Barbarash, GAF’s ‘The Jingle Bell Jubilee’ centers on Nicole and her initiatives to expand her Christmas family tradition of regifting items to those in need. Seth is a new city manager returning to his hometown of Larchmont and has to plan this year’s Jingle Bell Jubilee. Realizing he is out of his depth, he seeks the help of his childhood crush, Nicole, in organizing the event.

The event turns out to be the perfect opportunity for Nicole, and she makes “regiftmas” an integral part of the Jingle Bell Jubilee. During its preparation, her friend Allison develops a crush on Seth, while her own ex, Andy, seeks to restart their romance. While watching the heartfelt holiday movie, you might wonder if it was filmed on location in Larchmont and where you may have seen some of its actors.

The Jingle Bell Jubilee Filming Sites

‘The Jingle Bell Jubilee,’ alternatively titled ‘The Christmas Regift,’ was filmed in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba, and not in the city of Larchmont, which is actually located in the state of New York as well as California. Principal photography began on August 28, 2023, and was wrapped up by September 13, 2023. Let’s take a look at the filming location used to set the scenes for the movie.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The filming of ‘The Jingle Bell Jubilee’ took place in Winnipeg, the capital city of the Manitoba province. Located in the heart of the Great White North, it is a vibrant city brimming with cultural diversity and rich history. Its unique blend of urban landscapes and natural beauty offers a captivating canvas for filming enchanting Christmas movies. During the festive season, Winnipeg transforms into a wonderland, featuring snow-covered streets, charming neighborhoods adorned with festive lights, and bustling markets exuding holiday cheer. The city’s iconic landmarks, such as The Forks and its historic buildings, provide a nostalgic backdrop for heartwarming narratives.

Winnipeg’s welcoming community and diverse settings make it an appealing filming location, encapsulating the warmth and magic of the holiday season. Some Christmas movies lensed in the city include, ‘A Christmas in Tennessee,’ ‘Shoe Addict’s Christmas,’ ‘Violent Night,’ ‘Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure,’ and ‘Christmas at the Plaza.’ The city has also attracted filmmakers from a variety of genres, with some prominent films being made in the area. These include, ‘Alien: Resurrection,’ ‘Nobody,’ ‘Fractured,’ ‘Silent Hill,’ and ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’

The Jingle Bell Jubilee Cast

‘The Jingle Bell Jubilee’ is led by Erin Agostino and Marshall Williams as Nicole and Seth. Both actors have had prior experience with Christmas films. Erin Agostino is an actress and writer from Montreal, who has starred in multiple Christmas movies, portraying characters such as Juliet in ‘Christmas by Candlelight,’ Lily Jansen in ‘Christmas on Windmill Way,’ Julianne in ‘A Christmas Masquerade,’ and Morgan in ‘Christmas Encore.’ Her other works include playing the part of Nina Bloom in ‘Murdoch Mysteries’, Marley in ‘How to Find Forever,’ Christina Onassis in ‘The Kennedys After Camelot,’ and Merry in ‘Good Witch.’

Marshall Williams is a seasoned actor based out of Vancouver and Los Angeles. His Christmas movie personas include Kam Westin in ‘Christmas Class Reunion,’ Theo in ‘Fixing Up Christmas,’ Nate in ‘Amazing Winter Romance,’ and Mike Bronski in ‘Pete’s Christmas.’ He has starred in prominent films and shows such as ‘The Ice Road,’(Supervisor Tully) ‘Exile,’ (Officer Cole) ‘How to Build a Better Boy,’ (Albert Banks), and ‘Glee’ (Spencer Porter). Other Cast members include John B. Lowe, Samantha Kendrick, and Kristian Jordan.

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