The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

After remembering the location of Coydog’s treasure, Ptolemy Grey retrieves the Black Heart in the fourth episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.’ Grey explains the history of the treasure to Robyn and promises to use the remaining treasure to fulfill Coydog’s dream. Robyn deals with Niecie’s suspicion as officials arrive at Grey’s apartment to ensure that she is not taking advantage of him. The episode ends with a significant development concerning Reggie’s murder. If you are curious to know more about it, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of the show, titled ‘Coydog,’ begins with Grey retrieving Coydog’s treasure from beneath his apartment floor. He explains to Robyn that the treasure comprises fourteen gold coins — chiefly doubloons — stolen by Coydog for the betterment of his fellow African-Americans. Grey reveals that he had to spend most of the coins on Sensia when she had cancer. He also dreams of the day Coydog killed multiple White men who lynched him by sacrificing himself.

Upon making sure that he has considerably regained his memory, he signs the consent agreement regarding Dr. Rubin’s treatment. Grey also buys a new bed for Robyn. Grey and Robyn go to the former’s bank to create a cheque account to deposit the money Grey has been collecting for a long period. They also visit an antique collector to know the price of the gold coins they possess. Roger, Reggie’s friend, comes to see Grey upon knowing about his friend’s death.

Meanwhile, an official, licensed by the city and accompanied by two police officers, comes to see Grey. He explains to Grey that the latter’s niece Niecie has registered a complaint stating Robyn is abusing and taking advantage of Grey to steal his money. Grey convinces the officer that there is no wrongdoing on Robyn’s part. After the encounter with the officers, Grey visits Niecie to inform her that he has allocated $900 for her and her extended family as a monthly allowance and assigned Robyn as the signatory. After leaving Niecie’s house, Robyn finds out that she has passed her GED test.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 4 Ending: Who is Nina’s Ex-Boyfriend? Did He Kill Reggie?

After regaining his memory, Grey sets out to find Reggie’s killer and unravel the mystery behind his murder. He talks to multiple people who knew Reggie for a long time, including Billy and Roger, only to reach a dead end. However, he remembers his last conversation with Reggie, especially about Reggie’s wife Nina’s ex-boyfriend. Grey realizes that Reggie had plans to move from Atlanta to Texas to avoid this unnamed ex-boyfriend, who started to renew his connection with Nina.

Upon remembering the conversation, Grey goes to meet Billy, from whom Grey comes to know more about the man. Nina’s ex-boyfriend was sentenced to imprisonment for twenty years and served twelve before getting released on parole. Even though Reggie had told Billy about the person, he didn’t mention the name or any other details. Upon confirming that his memory regarding the conversation is accurate, Grey deduces that Nina’s ex-boyfriend is connected to Reggie’s murder in one way or another.

Even though there are multiple possibilities concerning the identity of Reggie’s killer, Nina’s ex-boyfriend is definitely one of the suspects. When the man reestablished his connection with Nina, Reggie was worried about losing his wife, which led him to consider moving to Texas. Reggie’s decision to move from Atlanta may have motivated Nina’s ex-boyfriend to kill Grey’s great-nephew.

The anonymous individual’s imprisonment came in the way of his relationship with Nina, leading him to lose her. He may have killed Reggie to not lose Nina again. He can be from an influential background which may have stopped the detectives from fairly investigating the case. In the upcoming episode, we can expect Grey to continue his personal investigation to find out the identity of this mysterious individual and the possible part he has played in Reggie’s murder.

Do Robyn and Roger Get Together?

Yes, Robyn and Roger do get together. Robyn and Roger’s first encounter is accidental. Even though the latter knew the former as Reggie’s family friend’s daughter, Robyn didn’t know Roger before their meeting at a superstore. With his charm and pleasant demeanor, Roger creates sparks in Robyn. Roger’s actions, including his visit to express his condolences to Grey, impress Robyn. When Grey gives him money for the work he had done at Niecie’s house, Roger declines it and makes it clear that he didn’t visit to get the money. Upon witnessing these admirable gestures, Robyn starts seeing Roger.

Roger, like Robyn, is a very independent individual who is still figuring out his life. He does carpentry and designs video games for his financial needs and makes his money fairly and squarely. Robyn admires Roger’s approach to life and the challenges that come in his way. They both share strong independent notions concerning their lives, which makes them compatible. In the upcoming episodes, we may see them strengthening their relationship while helping Grey find Reggie’s killer.

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