Where Was ‘The Letter for the King’ Shot?

The Letter for the King Filming Locations

‘The Letter for the King’ is a coming-of-age adventure drama that follows a teenage squire Tiuri, as he embarks upon a dangerous mission to deliver a letter to the King. On the night of the 16-yr-old’s ascension to knighthood, Tuiri has to stay within the chapel, holding a vigil through the night. However, an old stranger comes knocking at the door, begging Tiuri to help him out. Overwhelmed by compassion, Tiuri heads out of the chapel, thus, breaking the age-old tradition.

The old man places a sealed letter on Tiuri’s hands and requests him to hand it over to a knight, who lives in a nearby forest cabin, dons a black armor, and carries a white shield. What seems like an easy task, is actually a road filled with thorns and crossing it might even endanger Tiuri’s life. Will he give up or face the perils to fulfill a promise?

The fictional drama is based on Tonke Dragt’s Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning, which won the best Dutch youth book of the latter half of the 20th century. Developed for the screen by Paul Trijbits and Will Davies, the show was lauded for its medieval costumes, crisp writing, and period setting. In case you’re wondering: Where was ‘The Letter for the King’ filmed? We have got you covered.

The Letter for the King Filming Locations

Principal photography for the show took place in the Czech Republic and some parts of New Zealand. Although Prague is a popular filming destination, New Zealand has secured its name as one of the most prominent and suitable locations for film production. Let’s go through the specific areas were the show was shot!

Queenstown and Auckland, New Zealand

A sovereign island country, New Zealand has doubled up as the filming location for the pop-culture phenomenons like ‘The Lord of the Ring’s trilogy, ‘The Hobbit,’ James Cameron’s magnum opus ‘Avatar,’ and many more. Its stunning locations, diverse casting options, pleasant weather, incentives, and favorable exchange rates, enables it to service multiple film productions.

Located in the south-west of New Zealand’s South Island, Queenstown is a resort town famous for its adventure parks and skiing facilities. It served as the backdrop for many scenes on the show.

Check out the picture of the crew, in their natural habitat.


Here’s a behind the scenes still of one of the intense battle scenes.


Amir Wilson, who plays Tiuri, took to his Instagram to share a breath-taking shot.


Check out the compilation of several behind-the-scenes memories made during filming.


Thaddea shared an appreciation post on her social media handle, thanking the crew for their dedication throughout production.


A few scenes were also filmed in Auckland city, which is located in the north of New Zealand’s North Island.


Here’s Thaddea Graham riding a horse named Bessie, who is also her companion on the show.


Prague, the Czech Republic

The scouting department chose Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to shoot almost half of the series. Why? Well, the architectural structures in Prague bears a resemblance to the European heritage, and the filming department incurs a low production cost. Over the years, Prague has managed to host movies like ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘The Bourne Identity,’ ‘Casino Royale’ and many others. Below is a picture featuring the Steadicam operator on an outdoor shoot in the woods.


Nathanael Saleh, who plays Piak of Dagonaut, shared a behind-the-scenes picture with his body double.


Here’s a video of Nathanael practicing sword-fight, filmed during a fight choreography session.


Nathanael shared a group picture comprising all the cast and crew members, on the indoor set at Prague.


Some scenes were also shot at Kytin, a quaint village, located at Prague-West District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.


Here’s a snap of the The Vltava river, which is the longest river within the Czech Republic.


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