The Sinner Season 3 Ending, Explained

‘The Sinner’ is a mystery television series with a leaning towards psychological thrill. Executively produced by Jessica Biel, the show has been described as a “whydunnit.” Each season, it presents a different self-sustaining narrative about a seemingly random crime, building suspense around the reason that the crime was committed as opposed to focusing on who was responsible for it.

The third season advances that mold but avoids becoming formulaic by doing things slightly differently. Matt Bomer plays the character of Jamie who is depicted to be responsible for his friend, Nick’s death since he does not call 911 on time after a car crash. However, soon, he murders two other people, opening up the case to various possibilities.

The final episode of the third season turns out to be quite tense but ends in a rather well-intentioned way. The season makes the case for psychological thrillers with a social message and does so quite effectively.

The Sinner Season 3 Episode 8 Recap:

The eighth episode of ‘The Sinner’ confirms the fact that Ambrose’s superior is dead after Jamie’s attack. An envelope for Ambrose is found in his jacket pocket, left by Jamie. There is a chip chop game inside with the names of Melanie, Eli and Sonya written on it, indicating that Jamie intends on targeting one of those people. Jamie is at Eli’s karate class…

Ambrose calls Sonya to ask her to leave her house while a police officer is sent to protect Ambrose’s daughter, Melanie. However, Sonya stays home and Jamie enters the house through the back door. After talking for a while, Jamie pulls out a knife to kill Sonya. Sonya tells him that she has already called the police and defends herself. The police arrive just on time but Jamie escapes.

Ambrose tells the police officers that Jamie intends on torturing him. Jamie visits Leela. The two share an intimate moment with Jamie outside the house, Leela inside and a glass door between them. After that, Jamie leaves. Ambrose gets a call from Jamie asking him to meet him at his (Ambrose’s) house alone.

Eli is in the house. Jamie hits Ambrose’s leg and makes him put Eli on a chair. Then, he tells Ambrose that Eli’s fate will be decided by a chip chop game. He says three out of the four options on the game would lead to Eli being spared whereas one would cause him to be killed. He wants Ambrose to play but the detective refuses.

At first, Ambrose tries to reason things out with Jamie. However, when that does not work, Ambrose calls out Jamie’s bluff. He shouts and asks Jamie to go ahead and kill Eli. Ambrose asks Jamie what he would do next after killing Eli. Jamie is not able to pull the trigger. Ambrose tackles Jamie. Eli runs away and Ambrose follows him out of the house.

Jamie manages to catch up with Ambrose. However, Ambrose hits him with a stone and returns to his house where he removes another gun. Ambrose and Jamie point their guns at each other after the latter returns. Jamie puts his gun down and challenges Ambrose to call the police. Ambrose shoots Jamie in the stomach and calls for an ambulance.

Jamie is in a lot of pain. Ambrose talks to him and tries to calm him down. He apologizes to Jamie for shooting him and tells him that he is not alone. However, Jamie ends up dying before the ambulance arrives. Ambrose goes to Sonya’s house. Sonya tells Ambrose that she keeps thinking about Jamie. She asks Ambrose what Jamie was like, before he died. Ambrose tells him that he was sad and breaks down…

The Sinner Season 3 Ending Explained: Why Did Ambrose Cry?

As mentioned earlier, the third season of ‘The Sinner’ ends up providing an important social message. It makes the case for psychological thrillers using their psychological element to pass constructive criticism. In that regard, one can say that the third season of ‘The Sinner’ ends on a positive note.

To begin with, many viewers might be wondering why Ambrose cries in the end? Why does he feel sad about Jamie’s death despite him being a criminal and having pulled a gun on his grandson? Well, Jamie is shown to have rubbed off on Ambrose. Jamie shares his struggle to cope up with the idea of death with Ambrose the most out anyone (except maybe Nick).

This does make Ambrose question a lot of things the same way Jamie does, albeit less intensely. Moreover, Ambrose empathizes with Jamie. He understands his pain and why Jamie finds it difficult to share his feelings. He understands, how Jamie, being a man finds it tough to be vulnerable.

Male vulnerability is another fallout of a patriarchal society such as ours. Men are taught that showing/sharing emotion is a sign of weakness. Hence, most males grow up thinking that opening up is never an option. This leads to their emotions being bottled up, causing them more pain.

Ambrose is shown to be struggling to cope up with his loneliness in the entire season. This is the reason he breaks down. He feels for Jamie and thinks that he himself (Ambrose) can end up being as troubled as Jamie if he does not share his feelings with anyone. This is the first time that Ambrose shares his true, innermost feelings with anyone in the entire season.

One indication of the season having the theme of male vulnerability is Sonya’s art. She paints nude portraits of men as she thinks that it shows them at their most natural, most vulnerable state. She tells Ambrose in one of the previous episodes that she feels sorry for men since they cannot share how they feel.

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