The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: How Does Moiraine Get Her Powers Back?

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The second season of Prime Video’s ‘The Wheel of Time’ inches closer to its finale, bringing its protagonists together for the final episode, which is anticipated to be quite explosive. The season starts with Rand and all his friends in different parts of the world on their individual journeys that have led them to discover things about themselves they never knew. However, as mentioned in the last season, they are all inextricably tied to each other, and no matter where they go, they will always end up in each other’s orbit. The Forsaken seem to agree with this, and as their plan unfolds over the season, all five friends are drawn to the same place: Falme. Here’s how the penultimate episode sets up the events of the finale. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Image Credits: Jan Thijs/Prime Video

In a flashback from twenty years before the events of the show, we find Moiraine and Siuan Sanche are young Aes Sedai who are planning their retirement and hoping for a future together. This is when they find out about the birth of the Dragon Reborn. Their duty calls them to leave any plans for retirement and focus on finding and training the Dragon so that he can help them win the war against the Dark One.

In the present timeline, the Amyrlin Seat arrives in Cairhein with fourteen Aes Sedai, including Liandrin, whose truth is still not out. Siuan confronts Moiraine about keeping all these secrets from her. It turns out that Lan has told her everything, from Moiraine being cut off from her power to the identity of the Dragon Reborn. He knew that Moiraine was taking all this on herself when it was clear she couldn’t do it alone. She couldn’t trust him, but he hoped she could trust Siuan.

When Rand is brought in front of Siuan, she is disappointed to discover that he has learned nothing in the past six months. The plan was for Moiraine to teach the Dragon in secret while Siuan prepared the Tower for his arrival. If it was proved that the Dragon was on their side and he was trained to control his power and channel it when necessary, no force would be needed to restrain him.

However, Siuan discovers that Rand is still where he was six months ago, and she decides to do things as they were supposed to according to the rules of the Tower. Rand is imprisoned and shielded, prepared to be taken to the Tower. He reaches out to Lanfear for help because he needs to go to Falme to save Egwene. Meanwhile, Elayne and Nynaeve devise a plan to save Egwene, whose powers are being tested as her training begins as Damane. In the meantime, Mat is also taken to Falme, where Ishamael shows him his past to prepare him for the future.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: How Does Moiraine Get Her Powers Back?

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Discovering that Rand is nowhere near learning to harness his true power, Siuan Sanche decides to keep him shielded at the Tower until the day of the Last Battle arrives, and the Dragon’s services are needed. Moiraine tries to make a case for Rand, but Siuan makes it clear that she is in no mood to entertain her excuses anymore. Rand tells Moiraine that he was trying to go to Falme, where Ishamael has Egwene. Moiraine realizes that the Forsaken are trying to get him there to fulfill the prophecy where the Dragon will reveal his true identity to the whole world.

Meanwhile, Lan visits Logain and asks him what he sees when he looks at Moiraine. The man reveals that Moiraine isn’t exactly cut off from her power. She has not been permanently stilled but is being shielded. To keep her from using her powers, Ishamael tied a knot in her weaves, due to which she could not harness her powers. This means that the knot can be cut off, and Moiraine’s power can be released, but it can only be done by someone much more powerful than her, like Rand. Knowing that they cannot afford to have Rand imprisoned at the Tower, Rand seeks help from Lanfear, calling her to his rescue. She immediately comes to the town and wreaks havoc.

Moiraine and Rand use this chaos to their advantage and find a way out with the help of Verin and Alanna. Verin reveals that there is a Way they can open that will lead them out of the city, but for that, they need to channel the light. Moiraine asks Rand to channel his power, but Lan insists she does it. He tells them about the knot and asks Rand to use his power to cut it. At first, Rand is unsure about it because he is not yet in complete control of his power and worries that he might hurt Moiraine. However, she ensures him that she trusts him, and eventually, he is able to cut off the knot, and Moiraine’s power flows back, allowing her to weave like she used to before.

What Happens to Siuan Sanche?

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Moiraine uses her powers to open the Way, but before they can cross it, Siuan Sanche shows up. She shields Rand and forces Moiraine to close the Way. However, before she can do anything else, Lanfear shows up. She is much more powerful than the Amyrlin Seat and, in one stroke, renders Siuan unable to fight. She intends to kill Moiraine, but Rand stops her. Unable to refuse his request, Lanfear decides to let Moiraine and Lan join them. She also doesn’t kill Siuan, saying that a broken Amyrlin Seat is more useful to her than a dead one.

Lanfear opens the Way, and Rand follows her. Moiraine is torn between following them and staying to help Siuan, but Lan asks her to leave with them. In the end, as a helpless Siuan watches, Moiraine and Lan leave with Lanfear and Rand. While this is not how she had hoped for things to turn out, at least she is left alive to fight another day. Meanwhile, Moiraine will have to find a way to get Rand away from Lanfear once they have helped Egwene.

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