Too Hot to Handle Latino Cast: Where Are They Now?

‘Jugando con Fuego: Latino’ (Playing With Fire), also known as ‘Too Hot to Handle: Latino,’ is a reality dating production that follows the same format as the original American-British version. In this steamy Netflix show, a set of sexually driven singles step onto the shores of a beachy resort, only to be placed under a $100,000 celibacy challenge to help them build deeper connections. It takes time for the contestants to get used to the rules, making them lose a lot of money, but sometimes, this gives way to genuine bonds. So now, let’s find out where they all stand today, shall we?

Carolina and Israel: Still Together

Carolina and Israel are a couple who had the most ups and downs during their stint on this retreat. From sheer physicality to possessiveness on day one itself and from wandering eyes to commitment issues, their union had everything. But gradually, with the aid of open conversations and special workshops, they improved and got to walk away with an official partner in one hand and a total of $25,000 in the other. Thus, we are happy to report that they are, in fact, still together. The Mexican models and public figures do not shy away from sharing their relationship now.

Lilian and Joel: Unclear

Lilian and Joel also paired up on the first day itself, but not everything was sunshine and roses. After a fun night together, Lilian explained her desire to explore other links and went out on another date, while Joel used his time to forge friendships.

Lilian and Joel eventually found their way back to one another, yet there were a few issues related to affection even then. Fortunately, they worked it out, and Joel also spoke of possibly settling down after meeting Lilian’s parents and asking for their permission. Following a $25,000 win, these Mexican fitness models still seem close, but we can’t determine if there is a continued romance between them or not.

Flor and Nico: Unclear

Flor and Nico seemed like the most steady couple in the villa despite their secret rule-breaking and holding back due to past experiences. However, things changed once Flor conceded that she’d fallen in love, but Nico couldn’t say it back. However, instead of talking about it honestly, he acted strangely for days, which led to arguments.

Ultimately, Nico confessed that he adored his partner and wanted to continue their connection, but he just wasn’t on the same page at that point. Flor and Nico showered each other with affection, and in return, they received $15,000. Today, it’s unclear where they stand since they haven’t explicitly confirmed anything, except we know that the artist and model are, at least, still on good terms.

Zaira and Nick: Unclear

Zaira and Nick had a turbulent connection as well. After all, following the first night, where the artist and entrepreneur faked her satisfaction, things shifted for them. The fashion model and cross-fit enthusiast attempted to keep his options open and went on a date with and kissed Lilian, so by the time he recognized that Zaira was who he wanted, she’d put her walls up.

Not only that, but Zaira also went on dates with Locho and Clovis to try and move on. Nevertheless, Zaira and Nick’s bond drew them back in, and they ended up with $5,000 and each other. With Nick in Colombia and Zaira in Spain, it is not easy to ascertain their romance at this moment, but we hope they’ve been able to make it work, even with the distance.


As Lana said in the finale, although Dahiana didn’t find a romantic partner despite her best efforts, she was crucial in the sense that she supported other people and their relationships. Yes, she was interested in Israel, but she didn’t lie or go behind Carolina’s back. In fact, Dahiana had an open and upfront conversation with her to ensure that there was no competition or bad blood between them. That’s why Lana awarded her $2,000. Thus, today, as a resident of Colombia and Mexico, she’s happily single and works as a lifestyle influencer, amateur athlete, model, and lawyer.


As the “treasurer” of ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ Locho’s focus on the money was commendable, even if it got too much at times, and he himself overlooked it when bombshell Jessica walked in. For his pure tenacity, Lana awarded him $5,000 in the end anyway. As for what he is up to today, the resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a singer and public personality who has already featured on a few Canal 9 and NET TV shows. Locho’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are private, so sadly, we do not know much else about him or his profession right now.

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